Thursday, 2 August 2012

Weekly Roundup.

So i thought i would just let you guys know what i've been up to lately.

So apart from shopping and lazing about i've done a few wee things here and there.

Last Friday me and kirst went into town to get the last session of laser hair removal, and to be quite frank  i am not at all pleased with my results as i just feel that the place has ripped us off a bit and they totally tried to rip me of but i told them no more and i would find somewhere new to go and get it done.
so after that calamity we decided to go and see Magic Mike, the film that everyone had been raving about and it appealed to us mostly because Joe Manganelio was in we went into to an almost fully packed screen, with obvious guys whos girlfriends had dragged them along, poor fellas.

So anyway the film itself was okay, not fantastic, but to be fair it had almost naked men parading about pretty much constantly so that itself was the best point.  As much as i like channing tatum, the other guy i wasn't so keen on and i felt the story was just all about those two and kind of left the other guys in the shade which was a bit of a shame.
The story wasn't brilliant behind it but it just relates what life as a stripper is really like and as channing out it "its easy money, its a laugh and there's plenty women" isnt that what every young guy wants? it definitely showed what the behind the scenes of the stripping life is like and its not all pleasant, i know i couldnt deal with it if i was the girlfriend/wife waiting at home.

Overall though the film was good, it was funny and totally cringey at the same time.
There could have been more of the other guys though as they were pretty much in the shade to the two lead guys and OMG i couldnt believe wee eric delco from CSI Miami was in it haha i was like OMG its eric haha that was my shock.
But get a group of your girlfriends and go get a laugh and a good old swatch at some ridiculously good lookin' men as it certainly delivers on that point!!

my weekend was more quiet and then through the week i done some shopping and had some family stuff on and of course watched the olympics.
I honestly couldn't have cared that the olympics were being held in London as it doesn't really affect us here in Scotland but i do like the olympics in general, i watched some of the opening ceremony and was quite surprised that i actually thought it was alright....
Mostly though i've been watching the Gymnastics, Swimming and cycling.
Congrats to wee Bradley Wiggins for taking gold in the time trial and chris froome for getting bronze
When it comes to the swimming i love Micheal Phelps always have done, and then i found out it was his last olympics!! gutted, whom do i stare at now, although most of the guys are ridiculously fit specimens of men whom swim in that pool so im sure i'll manage!

Yesterday me and kirst went upto our friend Nadine's as she just had a new wee baby boy 5 weeks ago called Cruz and he is absolutely adorable he is honestly the cutest wee baby ever and so quiet and content, fell in love!
And then i think i found a fridn in Tiah we played dolls and she brushed my hair haha she is so cute too.
honestly she makes such good looking kids its unreal!

been a good week so far.
now i'm off for a bath then i'll be back to blog!

you girlies enjoying the olympics?


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  3. loving the gymnastics right now x

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