Monday, 13 August 2012

Tasmina Perry - Latest Books

Hey Lovelies,

So i've been a little reading bug lately since i've got no job i don't have much to do besides, sleep, eat, watch tv and read.  I've always enjoyed reading, but sometimes i just don't have the time, but now i have plenty so i've been catching up with the books i hadn't got around too.

So Tasmina Perry.. some of you may never have heard of her, to be honest neither had i until about 4 years ago when i was rifling through the library shelfs and i came across a book that i quite liked the look of.

So i would say she was romance writer of sorts, and to be honest i'm not really a romancey type but the books aren't all soppy they usually have a good back story and it usually involves who murdered who and although sometimes it's guessable sometimes it isn't and it's a good read, to take you away from the heavy crime novels.

So this is her latest book called Perfect Strangers.

What i like about her books is they always come in hardback, and i know thats probably a turn off for people but i like a hard back book to just sit and read and not worry about it getting all tatered.

The book came out on July 27th this year so it's her latest novel, and the one before is known as Private lives.

And before the two latest one she has 6 others known as Gold Diggers, Daddy's Girls, Guilty Pleasures, Original Sin and Kiss Heaven Goodbye.

I've read all her books and can't really say that i have hated any of them.

So when i started reading perfect strangers i honestly hated it.... I just couldn't get into it and i thought oh no its happened i hate this book, but i thought give it a few more chapters and see what happens.

So i'll be honest the prologue sets a scene and then chapter one comes and already i was confused i was like what who are we talking about, was very confused but it does all become clear in later chapters.
I read 3 chapters and still wasn't feeling it and honestly thought about just putting it down and not lifting it up again... but then i read on to chapter 6 and finally it kicked in, the story had started, and from there on the chapters definitily got better.

There are 47 chapters and around 450 pages which is her shortest book as they usually all go over.

But i won't give the story away, but just right before the end there was a little twist that i was 'uhhhh' at haha i never seen it coming.

But if you like tasmina perry this book is good but like i said it does take some getting into and this is the first book of hers that i found that with.

Her other latest book known as Private lives i also just read and it looks like this

This book i did enjoy, there was over 500 odd pages and this book was much easier to fall into, it was slightly more ramancey than her others but it was still good none the less, as the story is good behind it and there is a good mix of both.

The only thing with this book is that when your reading a book you kinda want it to end a certain way and i had kinda pictured the ending and i knew how i wanted it to end but it didn't end that way and i was a bit like wha? but don't get me wrong the ending was a good one but i still think my one was better haha, but this book i really did enjoy and read it in two days!!

how about you girlies? any of you book worms?

any good books i should read?

my next hit is the millenium trilogy and hunger games.

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