Sunday, 30 December 2012

Primark Fashion Nails.

Hey Girls!! :)

So i seen everyone was talking about those Im-Press nails months back but i never got around to getting them but when i was going to work the other day i had some time to waste, so i popped into Primark and low and behold i found my cheapy version of ImPress.

So they come in a little box and they come in about 5 designs i think...
There is french manicure with red glitter tips.
Silver leopard print ones.
Red polka dots
black polka dots
plain red
and that was all i could find.

So i opted for these ones:

So i went for the black nails with the white polka dots. They are super cute and match pretty much everything!
They cost £1 and their is 20 nails of all sizes and a little tub of glue.

Everything comes neatly packed in a little box and it mega easy to use.

Firstly i took out all the nails and measured them up and choose the ones i was going to use on my fingers, i can honestly say they were really well matched as i didn't have to do much trimming at all.
Once i had everything ready, i cut the tip off the glue bottle and dabbed a little bit on the nail pressed onto my nail and held for 3 seconds and them boom, that was it sorted!

I can honestly say that they were super easy to use, not messy or anything, and they look really nice! I was so surprised considering they were only £1

So this is what they look like one straight after i had applied them.  I think personally they look really nice and not too obviously false if you know what i mean?
The only thing i need to do is to trim the tips and round them off, then i'll be good to go.
Overall they are really nice, easy to use and surprisingly good value for money, i would definitely re-purchase these for nights out or new year or a party or something and hopefully they will get moe designs and i shall stock up!!

Here's is them after a day of being out shopping, been in the bath and typing at my laptop and only one fell off which i re-glued on.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Just set up a twitter account specifically for my blog.
So if oyu want chat or whatever add me here.

Also going to try and get into the Blogger chats and stuff now too! :)


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas fellow Bloggers!!
I hope you have all had such a lovely day and got some lovely gifts!
Can't believe that's it almost all over again for another year, it's been a goodie though.

I got some lovely things, had a nice family day and ate wayyyy tooo much.
But alas, i'm working an 8 hour shift tomorrow so it's an early start for me tomorrow at 9am, and i'll be in bed soon too!

Come 11 days time i will be unemployed and hopefully i'll get back to the blog more and get stuff up and running and that! :)

Also just a wee note, Such sad news about the mother and 2 young boys who were killed today in a car crash and another mother too in a seperate one, absolutely tragic news.
And to the less fortunate and those who suffer heartache at this time of year, and to all the troops in Afghanistan who do an amazing job. Love to all.

Presents gave

And Presents received! :) <3

Friday, 21 December 2012

Another year older...

So come tomorrow it's my Best Friend's 25th Birthday!!!! :)
Super excited!!
not about being 25 obvs because that's just awful but just her birthday in general....I need to go to work during the day but i'm going to see her after i finish!!!
Looking super forward to it, because i've hardly seen her lately and when i did it was for like an hour which is just not good enough, so tomorrow i will see her and for more than one hour!!

Hope she loves her presents! :)

I know i'm 2 hours to early but HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY KIRSTY!!

I love you more than you know! here's to 10 years of knowin' you and to a lifetime more!

P.s This is her blog >> go check it out and wish her a happy birthday!

Mwah. x

P.p.s here's what she has to look forward too <3

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Argy Bargy

As much as i love love LOVE Christmas, the shopping element is one that is starting to drive me slightly crazy as i get older.

Today for an instance i popped up to my local town centre just to get my mum and dad and brother's christmas cards and also to get one more roll of paper and a few more tags and an envelope .... that was all i was after, and after 2 hours i didn't even have all that but the rage of a bull so i decided to forget it and just come home.

I'm sorry but where has the love gone? I know it's a stressful time of year but there is no need for the agro everyone gives out.

Firstly i was in an argument with a guy over a car parking space to which i was half in and reversing into when he flew round the corner and almost in to me to declare this was his space.... so after an argument about that i told him to get too locked my car and left.  Honest to god that there spelled disaster.

Anyway sorry this is a rant but omg people need to learn some patience and some manners.
Two things that cost absolutely nothing.

Also people with prams, you don't OWN the pavement people have to walk there too, and stop ramming your buggy into my heels. It pisses me off and my new boots don't appreciate it.
Also people who cut in front of your path then STOP or slow right down, just get out my way i was manouvering just fine before you came along.

People who clearly don't know how to queue. Learn as i am going to punch the next person who queue jumps me.

And Manners, where did they go?
I always says please, thanks and excuse me, but these fall on deaf ears in Motherwell, i'm going to adopt everyone else's so called christmas spirit and start arguments and barge into people etc because apparently that's the code these days.

Over and out.

haha sorry jsut trying to make people realise being like this gets you nowhere fast maybe if people had some christmas spirit, and could abide by three simple rules and use their manners, everywhere and everyone might function more smoothly.

I'm over it, internet is my way.

Anyway my cheer is back now i'm home with a cuppa tea in hand.


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas is coming!!

Only 10 days to go.
So glad i have everything sorted, well near enough, few wee silly things still to get but still all else is good!! :)

Looking forward to chillin' and eating loads on Christmas day! won't be drinking much coz im working on boxing day but still i prefer eating anyway haha :)

Think i went decoration happy this year! :)

here's some photo's.

This also made me laugh...
P.s being single at Christmas is crap.

Merry Christmas Bloggers! :)