Sunday, 22 September 2013

its been a while...


Yes it's been a while since i last blogged, but life got hectic and things have finally just started to settle down so i decided to get back into my blogging, not i think anyone missed me.. but still its therapeutic getting things out there and off your chest sometimes.

So bloggers what has been going on for you guys?

I'll start with what I've been up to, so i finally managed to get myself a job in the NHS (Scotland) i know it sounds daft but its such a hard place to get employed into unless your a nurse obv, but im not so it was quite hard to get into it, its took me a year since graduating to get myself into it finally.
I've been there 3 weeks so far and well to be honest its not what i was expecting, but i'll stick with it in the hope it gets better as i know things take time.

However in me saying it's okay i know that no matter where you go, sometimes even being qualified you still start at the bottom, so the only way is up right?

Oh yeah so i'm a Biomedical Scientist, fancy title, nothing special.  Im hoping to use this job to get myself into the Pathology department as i think this is where i want to be, i say that but if i get there i might hate it so ill keep my options open when it comes to it.
Having started to work in a hospital laboratory you really do see it all, and some days it makes me sad when you see what some people are suffering and you feel bad for moaning that i'm cold.
I enjoy it though, i feel like i meet people even though i dont i just deal with their samples, but you sort of learn their story as you do this, and you see some gorgeous names, i know this sounds ridiculous, but just seeing how names have changed over the years is really nice and how unusual some people's names are it just always makes me smile, also when i see people who are like 97 im like OMG cause seeing someone born in 1915 just seems so crazy to me but its so nice to see them still going :)

As im not settled into any department i do wee bits in them all, and on Friday i had my first day in the Mortuary, and i know this is going to sound like i am a complete weirdo (i promise im not a mass murderer/weirdo) i actually really really enjoyed it, it was not at all what i was expecting, i think too much CSI/NCIS has corrupted my mind haha, it was all just very normal and there was no stainless steel in sight which was quite disappointing, and the major thing i found was that it didnt smell, not even slightly, i thought it would smell of Formaldehyde or something but it smelt of absolutely nothing, i was astounded.
So anyway, I got down to it and went to work at the mortuary and it was honestly such a good experience, i get that its not for everyone and i guess you need to be a certain type of person to be able to deal with it, but i take all positives from it i dont find it creepy or weird, i actually find it really nice.
I take the stance that once someone passes away people often just see it as thats it, they have gone.
its actually not at all like that a lot happens in the mortuary and i think they do a really important job.
I like to think that the job they do is quite critical and also they make your realitves and family ready for you to see, ( if you see them in the hospital before the funeral home) which is important as no one wants to see someone they love in an awful state, therefore making someone presentable to their family for one last time is important and i think people forget sometimes, and just giving someone a little bit of love before they pass on to another place is a nice thing, they are still a human and they still deserve respect.

so anyway getting off the death chat i enjoyed it and i hope the job only gets better :)
Also still working at Debenhams which is still good, love my discount haha :)
Still see my friends, go out for dinner with my Fav <3 and yeah life is getting there!
Plus its Autumn and winter is coming, best time of the year!! here's to birthdays, halloween, bonfire night, christmas and new year!!


anyway im back bloggers so let me know whats been going on!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Gel Nails.

Hii Girls,

So over the last 2 months or so i decided i would start to look after my nails, because i've always had not terrible nails but they weren't really that great either so i decided tomake them pretty once and for all!

So acrylic nails areavailable anywhere, but myexperiences of these honestly haven't been that brilliant, they usually leave my nails in quite bad condition for a good month or so after they have been removed so it's not worth the hassel......
Then i came across gel nails! muchos better all be it that tad more expensive but it preserves your nails more and is much more nails friendly so its a no brainer really.

So i got Grey first time and then a sort of burgundy colour second time and im unsure what to get next time?

here's some photos of the nails themselves.

they are really pretty and really shiny when they are done sorry my poor photo skills don't show this off very well.
They don't chip and i worked everyday in a lab with them and they well full proof so yey for that!
they last around 4 weeks then will probably need re-doing.

Thanks for reading!
any ideas on what colour i should get next?

Monday, 8 July 2013

sale haul

Hey bloggers!

its been a while eh?
well im back, got some spare time these days so i am here to get bloggy back up and running.

So here is just a little quick photo snap of some bargains that i picked up in the recent sales!!

have you guys got any good sale buys lately?

P.S if you have Instagram i'm @ Lozz_7 / twitter @LC_NOIR

Monday, 22 April 2013


Hey Girls.

So I recently rocked this look on my nails and i thought it was super cute but im a fan of polka dots so here it is....

Firstly These were a wee present and they are Nail Wraps from Primark and they were only like a few quid so not the end of the world...
Basically it's like stickers for your nails and you just find the size that fits and then stick it on and trim the end off, and it can sometimes be used again.
Really easy and quick way to do your nails!

This is how they come.... They were red with little white polka dots on them, really cute

This is the stickers that you put against your nail to find the right size 

once they are on you just cut the excess off and file it down, easy peasy and the results are cute and not messy!

Cheap & Cheerful.


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Mini Haul

Hey Girls!

So I've picked up a few wee things over the last few weeks so i thought i'd share some of what i bought, well what i remembered to take a photo of anyway.

* little knuckle rings - £2 Asda.

            *Geometric/Aztec print Dress - £10 H&M                                    *Beauty Goodies **1

                *Tangle Teezer - £10 Boots                                        *Nivea Hydration Primer - £3 Superdrug

          *Superdrug Shampoo & Conditioner - £0.99                             *sleep mask - £0.10 Wilkinsons

                                  *Soft Skinny Jeans - £9 Primark                                               *Stud loafers - £4 Primark
                                        *Navy Leggings - £3 Asda                                            *Crop Tee - £1 Primark

*Jumper - £7 Asda

thats all i got! :)

Sunday, 7 April 2013


Hey Girls!

So I've not blogged in ages, but i've started to get some free time back on the weekends and decided i would start to write up some posts and get them scheduled so i have at least something people can read if they wish, not that i think anyone actually does haha.

Anyway here's a wee quick swatch of my OOTD, for today which i'm off for Lunch with my cousin and my aunty and her two kids and my mum, so since it's still quite cold outide all be it sunny as well i thought i'd go for smart casual and ended up looking sort of preppy/chic. Or at least that's my take on it!

*Soft Grey Skinny Jeans.
* Cream Lightweight Shirt.
*White Vest Top (Under Shirt).
*Black Jumper.
*Studded Ankle Boots.
*Padded Barbour Style Jacket.
*Satchel Cross-Body Bag.

P.s Sorry for my bed hair and no make-up face! I'm just about to go sort that out!!

Have a Good Sunday Lovelies! :)

Sunday, 31 March 2013


Finally got around to making an Instagram for myself.
Only like a year behind haha.

Anyway i'm just starting it so it's boring just now, but feel free to add me:
of leave your name/links below and i shall add you!! :)

Thursday, 31 January 2013

50 facts tag - Get to know me

Hey Lovelies,

So i've seen more and more people doing this little "get to know you" tag so i thought i would do it in my way and share some information so you can get to know me a bit better :)

  1. I have no middle name.
  2. I've lived in the same house for everyday of my life (& had the same bedroom, the biggest one)
  3. I had laser eye surgery when i was 7
  4. I've never dyed my hair.
  5. I absolutely hate bananas
  6. I don't cope well with heights.
  7. I hate rollercoasters, and going upside down.
  8. I much prefer silver jewellery to Gold.
  9. I've been on the organ donor list since i was 7 because my brother was ill when he was young.
  10. I love love love tea. - 2 sugar and plenty milk!
  11. I studied Biomedical Science at university.
  12. I'm pale and i don't tan and i never have or will.
  13. I love Tigers, Penguins and tutrles! 
  14. I enjoy being a tourist on holiday
  15. I will eventually own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.
  16. I have quite a big family.
  17. Lasagne is one of my most favourite foods.
  18. I like the colours pink, purple, grey and black.
  19. I got my ears pierced only 7 years ago
  20. I have really sensitive skin
  21. I love boots, i wear them for as much of the year as i can.
  22. I love winter its by far my favourite season, not a fan of the sun.
  23. I love Granny smith apples
  24. I love dressing up, Halloween is the best!
  25. I love fireworks, sparklers are my favourite thing ever.
  26. I love writing lists. Lists and to-do lists are everywhere..
  27. I love the cinema and films. best.
  28. I love cucumbers, i'd eat them like an apple.
  29. Petrol is the best smell ever. Best free habit ever. 
  30. I am pretty immature
  31. I think i'm hilarious
  32. I have a boys sense of humor.
  33. I'm always on time or early.
  34. I love reading, specially since Mercury my kindle came along :)
  35. I've never broken a bone.
  36. I have a younger brother.
  37. Hate needles.
  38. I've known my best pal for 10 years and she's the absolute best.
  39. 7 is my lucky number, i like 13 too as my mum was born on the 13th, So its lucky for me.
  40. I hate all things sea related including fish don't eat any of it.
  41. Vodka is my favourite alcohol drink.
  42. I still live at home.
  43. I like to bake every now and again
  44. I don't like salt or pepper.
  45. I love eating pickles.
  46. Hate change
  47. I love anything acidic. Especially vinegar.
  48. I'm a scorpio
  49. i sleep with earplugs and an eye mask, all the time. Weirdo.
  50. My fingernails never really grown because they grown inwards and not upwards so i get ingrown nails if i don't keep on top of them.
So yeah there is some wee facts!! :)
if any of you have done this tag link me below as i like being nosey and looking at other people's

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder Review

Hey Girlies!

So I decidd that i would review an absolute favourite of mines and well i guess you would call it my old faithful when it comes to pressed powder.
So Rimmel stay matte powder has been around for years, and i can honestly say i've been using it for years as i've never found an alternative.

Being pale, or at least paler than the average girl, make-up colour match has always been one of those annoyingly hard things to get right.  And to be quite frank i only really got properly into make-up a few years ago.  But Rimmel is one of those brands that is well known, well recognised and has been around for a good while now and its definitely stood the test of time as it's still going strong.

So about the powder.  Rimmel make it and they have a few shades 4/5 i think, so i went for the lightest shade which is 001 - transparent.  This shade is actually quite hard to come by as for one, there is never many of them available on the shelf and when there is they seem to sell out really fast, so i usually stock up when they are on offer. Biggers Boots stores have them, but i found that other places have started to bring into their stores now too and not always places you would think. I have seen the transparent one more in Asda and also Wilkinson's stores for the same price, so i know that these little places will have it so if Boots don't i know i can nip there and get them, a little secret i'll share with you guys, always look in the unexpected places!

So that is the powder, now don't get me wrong, it's not the most sophisticated  looking powder but in the end it does what it says on the lid.  The packaging is just plastic, very plain and very simple, but don't get me wrong, the lid isn't the most secure of lids becuase it can come off uite easily, especially when it's in your bag!! so a little note, if you plan on carrying it about in your bag and are like me and carry everything but the kitchen sink in your bag, put it in the zipped compartment or put it in your little make-up bag because it can also break-up if the lid comes off.  So yes the packaging could be improved for the safety aspect, but you get what you pay for in this sense and the price is amazing. it's only £3.99 which is an absolute bargain, and even better is that it actually works!! LOVE IT!!

Now i'm one of those people who is easily swayed with new products, if they say they will work wonders then i'm pretty inclined to buy it because i have pretty awful skin even at 25 my skin is still bloody terrible, its like really? Also i have tried soooooo many powders, high end and low end and the cheapest of the cheap and i can honestly say i've found nothing to match this wee beauty.  I also like the fact it's compressed, because i just cannot get to grips with loose powder and i find that even though i have little dry patches on my face this powder doesn't accentuate them as much as the loose powder would, so again that is such a bonus.
The powder itself is a really good colour match and it definitely works. it says its reduces shine and it does, it says it works for 5 hours, but i can say even after about 8 hours, my make-up was still in place! so yey! it also has good coverage and is definitely build a able in the sense you can put on as much as you like, but i find less is more when it comes to it as i don't want to look "powdery".  It's also good if you have oily skin as it can help to combat that!.

The powder comes in a 14g tub and is £3.99 Bargain!

I just apply the powder with a basic powder brush as i literally just sweep it over my face as i don't put loads on. 

So thats my beest beauty buy. It has been a staple part of my make-up bag for a while now and will continue be in the future!
what's your favourite powder?