Friday, 31 August 2012

full of the cold

having the cold is one of the most annoying things as i always just end up in bed for days and feeling sorry for myself but i'm finding that pretty hard today for the sole trason that i am watching the paralympics and the athletes are sbsolutely inspirational and it makes me feel terrible that i moan about having the cold when these people almost lost their lifes but they have turned all the negatives into positives and have become complete role models.

So instead i've just got cosy in fluffy jammies popped the decongestion tablets and had a toddy so hopeful i sweat it out in the night and i'll be over it by Monday!!

anyway here's all the luck to the Paralympic athletes!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

getting there

So the healthy eating is still going strong, been having smaller portions too and i've cut down on my snacking specially crisps i have maximum two packets now and usually i could munch crisps haha.

I've also been keeping to nice snacks, like krisprolls or crackers and stuff, also been eating soup and a much smaller dinner and it keeps me much more full :)

I've not stopped myself from eating anything and i still have my all my carbs and cakes too, and fizzy juice because without that stuff life is boring.  So i don't see the point in locking it away when instead you can just cut it down like one glass of fizzy juice instead of maybes the whole bottle and stuff like that! :)

Still keeping up with the exercising too.  Been Wii fitting it every night at 8pm, and i have the weekends off and i do my work-out DVD on Sundays before i go in the bath. it doesn't sound much but i enjoy it.  So far come this morning i had lost just shy of 3 pounds in 2 weeks which i think is pretty good, like i say i'm by no means overweight i just wanted to slim areas and tone up and it's definitely starting to work, and next week i am going to go join the gym so i can do the classes and stuff but i won't be overdoing it because one i will be a gym bunny and two i do not wish to become stick thin and three after watchin 24 hours in A&E and that poor girl getting her leg muscles chopped out because a spin class left her with poisioned legs i would never touch a spin class again in my life plus the fact last time i did one my arms were bruised for weeks with those stupid bar things you need to rest on.

So yeah just a quick update that health and fitness is going goooooood!!


Wednesday, 22 August 2012


So since i haven't signed up to the gym yet i got out my Wii and have been doing Wii fit for the past 4 days and it's actually really good, i honestly should have started doing this sooner.

I'm not overwieht but i have gained weight by just sitting about the house eating so i decided i would lose these pounds and just get fit and tone up, and to be quite frank i'm not a fan of sloggin for hours in the gym, i prefer to go have a full on hour class and even the Wii makes its all really fun.
I prefer the fun way to exercise so that you don't feel like your excerising and your having a good time, as when i go to the gym i'm bored within the hour or actual fact i'm bored after about 10 minutes of watching girls clad in a full face of make-up and tiny shorts prancing around adoring themselves in the mirror, and guys as orange as tango, making ridiculous noise and flexing themselves in the mirror then there is me, a sweaty red mess sans make-up huffin and puffin like a granny in the corner, that just puts me off the gym, so at least in your own home you can look as ridic as you want as it's only you who sees youself and you have no ridiculous people surrounding you and making you feel even more self conscious than you already do.  Plus when i go to the gym i spend more time watching the tvs that are built into the machines than actually doing any exercise.

So i took up the Wii, so far i have been doing an hour a day on the Wii Fit and an hour of Zumba for the Wii each day too, as well eating a bit more healthy than i usually do.

So 4 days ago i was 8st 6lbs and had a BMI of 19.57
Today i am almost down 8st 5, i'm about 3 wee bits over still, and my BMI is down to 19.20
so steady does it as they say.
since i have been doing it each day my muscles don't ache as much as after day one i could hardly lift my arm haha, but i'm all good again.

I have also purchased a work out DVD that i will do on a sunday just to change things up.

plus hopefully my zumba class starts up again soon and i'll get back to that!!

I'm eating healthier too and tring to cut out silly snacks, so instead of crisps i had a krisproll with some ham and cucumber :)

I don't believe in diets i honestly think they just hamper you, yes they work as a quick fix not a life long diet and nutritional plan.  My motto is moderation, everything in moderation.  It's so stupid to cut out treats, because it leads you to want them all the more, so have a treat all be it once day a week or just have a biscuit it's not going to put a pound on, you can eat what you want, you just do it in smaller portions and eat food that will keep you going, slow releasing carbs, yes carbs, they are not the end of the world.
Cut out carbs and you replace it with something else, thats what diets do, cut out one things and pile in loads of other bad things, there is no miracle cure and everything is bad for you these days, so suck it up eat what you like all be it in a sensible manner and do some light exercise everyday even if its half an hour, sitting down you can still exercise so try it.

This is just a silly post about me trying new exercise things, it's not a moan nor something i intend anyone to follow.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Healthy Side of life...

So i deicded i should probably start doing something with all this time off i have instead of just eating, sleeping and watching terrible tele.
So low and behold i decided i would go and re-join the gym and surprisingly it was actually not badly priced at £20pm.  Plus my brother goes to the gym too, so i can tag along with him, and everyone is getting back to work and uni soon so it will give me something to do during the day plus all the people i don't like won't be there as they'll be at work or whatever so i'll have free rain to go and do what i want and look like a beetroot without any judgement.

So i also thought once i get back to the gym i should probably start eating slightly better, don't get me wrong i don't have a really bad diet, i don't eat takeaways very often actually it's once in a blue moon, even with subway and McD's etc i hardly eat in those places unless it's just a quick lunch and even then it's only a burger and chips as i don't eat the caloric stuffed stuff coz i'm still a bit fussy aha.

So last night i decided there really is nothing better than a stir fry to kick off the good healthy kick and i adore a stir fry, just because you can put in it what you want and you make it to taste, it's just the best, plus you know exactly what you are eating.
Last night i made myself and mum n dad a stir fry and not to boast but it was soooo nice, and they are so easy and quick to make, if anything the preperation takes a while, but i found the easy way out but the pre prepared stuff if you can't be bothered because really it's not that expensive.

This was my stir fry:

So i'll give you guys a quick run down on what i used.

2x bags of beansprouts
2x rolls of straight to wok noodles.
carrots that i ribboned
syboes (salad onion)
1 red onion
4x pak choi, green leaves only
1x red pepper
1xyellow pepper
1xgeen pepper
1 bag of sugar snap peas
1 bag of baby sweetcorn
1 tin of bamboo shoots
1 tin of water chesnuts
1 half of shredded cabbage (white  / red)
2x diced chicen breast
mushrooms ( a handful)

that what was i used,
firstly i put in sesame oil for taste with 2 cloves of chopped garlic and 1 bit of ginger grated, this automatically gives flavour and gives the taste to the oil which will be carried through, add in the veggies in accordance with what takes longest etc, pak choi and syboes last as they just get a swish and no more of they will go soggy, add in soy sauce to add taste, then oyster sauce which coats it and also gives it the full flavour, let it boil through then ta dah Dinner!!

So lets see how long my healthy lasts, but i will still be eating what i want, i don't cut out and i don't diet it's pointless, as when you cut out one thing you pile in other bad things, so moderation its whats it is all about.


Monday, 20 August 2012

Visibly Clear Oil Free Moisturiser Review

Hey Lovelies,

So in my last haul i purchased this moisturiser.

I bought it as it was on offer and also because i have the facial wash and scrub that i've been using and they have been working, so i thought i'll get the moisturiser and keep it all from the same brand. Hmmm yeah i'm not loving it at all so far.
The packaging is pretty and sleek and pink and cute but thats where it ends.
Firstly the box seems huge but the bottle is actually tiny and in all honesty i was totally disappointed, i was just a bit like really £5 for this? so anyway it's a 50ml bottle with a screw on lid.  The tube itself is okay but when the cream is running out you really need to proper squeeze it to get some out.

So it states that it hydrates and refreshes the skin and helps to keep skin clear and soft.
Well firstly the texture is okay but honestly i think it's more like a primer thats the kinda texture it has it comes out white but when you apply it, it goes like clear and invisible and i feel you need a lot of it only because when you dot it on and i dot all over my face by the time you get back  its like really hard to rub in and had become alomost like dry and i hated that, once i managed to rub it in it was okay but nothing amazing, it only started to feel good once i had left it for a few minutes and then applied my actual moisturiser over it then it felt like it kept my skin soft, but i really didn't like it as a moisturiser itself it just felt like it dried way to quick, it was to clear i couldnt remember where i had dotted it and it smelled nice but like yoghurt? if you know what i mean ..yeah it was weird.

I honestly do not rate it and ithought by using it after using the wash it would work wonders but it actually didn't, and it left me a bit bemused if im honest.
i won't repurchase it as i;m halfway through it already and i've only had it over a week, which is ridic.
plus its not the cheapest at £4.99, specially when you need to use as much of it in one go.

whats your girls favourite moisturiser?

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Random Thought - Boys Clothes.

Hey Lovelies,

So I have been on the hunt for a really good hooded zipper that i can wear under my leather jackets or just jackets in general for the coming winter.
I find that my leather jackets sit quite high up usually just below my waist and they usually don't get much longer, but i always feel that i can get quite cold, so was on the hunt for a good hoodie/zipper that i could use.


Girls zippers are terrible, i always think they are made far too short, like i have tried so many and they never go beyond my hip and it's like come on i want a long one, as most of my zippers sit where my leather jacket sits and ends up a pointless peice of clothing.....So i thought i would hunt down the guys ones, as they are always much more comfy which i know from wearing my brothers when he's done with them or if you have bfs or whatever you always end up sneaking one of theirs.
I found though that although i always wear black i wanted a different coloured zipper just to add some colour under my leather jacket.  So i came across a tip top bargain today when i was out with my dad.  Primark sale rack have always been my love and the guys one today was on top form.  I got a lovely deep red zipper which is so comfy and cosy and is long!!!! Woohoo and it had a hood and was the bargain price of £5.
Love it.

Here it is. Ps terrible BB photos again sorry, its a much nicer red colour!

I just find guys clothes so much more comfy and they have such a better size guide when compared to girls.

you have any favourite guy pieces?

OOTD-street casual

Hey lovelies,

so i thought i would do my first outfit of the day post, today i only went into my local town and did some bits and bobs and went and did some shopping with my dad, i nipped to the bank to sort stuff out, then to get some envelopes and stuff to post my Ebay stuff and picked up a few wee bits and bobs.

I just kept it casual as the weather was still warmish even though it was windy and cloudy but the rain stayed away but still i took a jacket anyway.

So i just stuck to casual and comfy!

Denim Shirt - Ebay - it's quite long so i just tied it to the side :]
White sheer tee - Primark.
Black vest top (under white tee) - H&M
Black leggings - H&M
Ankle Boots - Primark
Zebra Snood - Primark.

Cosy and comfy outfit! :)
I kept the jewellery to a total minimum with just little pink studs and i was carrynig bags and stuff and sometimes my rings, bangles and chains just get in my way so i kept it simple.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Beauty Haul

Hey Lovelies,

So i bought some new beauty stuff in the last week there mostly because it was all on offer, so here's a wee quick swatch at what i got.

Firstly I stopped off at Boots to pick up some stuff, and most of what i got was on offer.

So the visibly clear Pink Grapefruit microclear stuff was on 2 for £5 so I decided to try the cream wash and there was one of the oil free mositurisers left so ipicked that up too, as i already have the scrub face wash.  The fact that were on 2 for £5 was a pretty good deal as usually they are about £5 each so i saved a good bit by buying them on the deal.  Once i try them out i'll get a wee review done on them.

Next up i picked up the Johnsons face care night cream, i had been needing this for ages, but it was £5 just for one tub and i usualy wait until the deal is on so i can get 2 for £5, but i had been waiting ages and the deal was never on so i gave up and was all set to just go pay £5 for it as i still had a spare tub of the day cream, But low and behold my day got better, when i went into boots, there was a reduction on the night creams from £5 to £2.43 Woohooo!! only thing was there was only 1 but stuff it one would do for now so i grabbed it.  I've been using this moisturiser for a good while now and it works for me but i always buy the one for dry skin just so my skin gets the moisture it needs. Bargain.

Next up in Boots i got some Champneys stuff as i needed a new body wash, and i got a wee bubble bath just because it's lovely.  The champneys deal was on 3 for 2 which is amazing.  So i picked up 1 shower gel, and 2 bubble baths.

I love the champneys products, especially this Oriental Opulence range, smells absolutely devine.  Anyway i've already done a review on the bubble bath so you can check them out Here.

Next up from boots i picked up some new facemasks.  I usually always stick to the Mudd facemask, as i've tried some of the other ones but they just break my skin right out which is not desireable.  So I actually wanted to purchase the larger pack of the Mudd but there was none so instead i picked up 3 of the individual picks, as i get two uses from each packet, maybe because i'm just stingy i don't know.

Next up i needed some new face powder, and i was hoping there would be a deal on but there wasn't so i only got what i needed.  I always use the Rimmel stay matte powder in Translucent and it works for me.  It was £3.99 which really isn't that bad.

that was all i bought in Boots then just before i went to pay i thought i would go and have a quick little look at the clearance rack and i found some goodies!!
I got some Trevor Sorbie items for an absolute bargain price.

 The green bottle is Trevor Sorbie beautifylly moisturised super smoother, i think this is now out of shops as the guy said what i got was just what was left of the old stock so i think a new range is out now.
The pink one was a heat defence spray.

They are usualy about £4/5 each but i got the Green/blue bottle for 65p and the pink for 50p honestly couldn't believe my luck! Bargain.

so i got all that was left, i got 3 of the blue/green bottles and 4 of the pink. i got them all for like £6 instead of £20 hello super savers!!

That was my boots haul.

Next up i had a wee visit to the pound shop where i got some moisturiser and some cotton buds and some new face pads.

cotton buds i use for lots of thing so i always just pick them up.
The moisturiser i got because it was a good size for £1 and it smells lovely, plus it's just to put on when i get out the bath and sometimes palmers is getting quite expensive.

The Aapril pads were a random purchase, as they are little cotton face pads with a normal smooth side and a textured side, i use them for my face wash sometimes instead of my exfoliating sponge as i find it a bit harsh to use everyday.
My last 4 purchases were some random little things.
First up some earrings from Primark, random buy but they were only 50p
i thought they were cute and i am not uually one for dangly earrings but i like that they have the stud then the dangly bit and for 50p i thought why the hell not.

Onto Bodycare where i then  got some kirby grips because well a girl can never have enough, i honestly don't know where my kirby grips go, one minute i have a drawer full then the next minute i can't even find one.  these were only 85p so i snapped them up and will get more soon.

 I also picked up some nail polish remover pads as they are just so easy and quick and for £1 bargain, these were also from bodycare

And last up a little MUA purchase from Superdrug, i had seen everyone going about MUA on my blog then my best friend over at the Style Khalessi got some and said it was all good for £1 so i decided to go and give it a try out, but there wasn't much left so i just got one lipstick to try. It is in shade 3 and looks to be a nice vibrant pink

that was my little haul, i shall review once i have used each item.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Avon Haul

Hey Girlies,

I recently purchased a few things from the Avon and thought i'd share it with you's, so my order arrived yesterday.
I've always been a fan of the Avon, i know some people think it's out of date or old fashioned or whatever but i honestly still really like it and i regularly purchase things from it.

So in my most recent order this what i bought.

I bought 4 different Nail Polishes and 2 new Lipsticks.

I do love the Avon nail polishes, i already own 4 and they are really really good! So I bought these 4 new nail polishes on an offer that was on, i got 4 for £10 which is an absolute bargain as normally they are £6 each so that was me saving £14 which really cannot be sniffed at.

So i bought 4 different shades all new shades in the range, 3 of them are the usual Nailwear + and one is from the Speed dry range.

So first up was the Avon Speed Dry + nail polish.  Sorry the picture is terrible but it's a really nice lime green colour, the actual colour is know as "lime splatter" and i know to a lot of people this colour will be awful and the wrst possible choice, but i really like it and i do like the odd out there colour and at least it will add a splash of colour to a dull or boring outfit.  The speed dry nail polishes are really good and they do actually dry in like 30 seconds. Amazing.

Next up was a nail polish from the Nailwear  Pro + range and it's in the colour of "Pink Creme", it's a nice subtle pink shade. Again this is usually £6 but got in the 4 for £10 deal.

The third shade i got was "naked truth" it's a dark nude shade and i'm looking forward to rocking this in autumn as its a shade to suit the season and i do really like a nude nail that blends with a nice outfit!! This nail polish also comes from the Nailwear Pro + range and retails at £6

The last shade that i got was "Red Reveal" and it's a really deep red almost verging on burgundy which i love as i have been looking for a deeper shade to take me into autumn and to go with some of my more darker clothes but still giving my nails some glam and this is exactly it!  This shade is also from the Nailwear Pro+ range and retails at £6

The nail polishes can be bought directly from your avon representitive or from their online website here

Next up was 2 lipsticks i bought and these were from the colourtrend range within the Avon catalogue, this is the more young hip brand.  Firstly the packaging of the nail polishes is actually really lovely, although it's plain and simple, it's sleek and works.  I like the pink text colour accent which works well off the white, i definitly like it!!When the lid goes on there is also a little clear patch that you can see directly the colour of the lipstick which is always good when the sticker rubs off.  Thoroughly impressed considering it's known as the young cheaper brand.

 The first one i got was a bright Vibrant pink shade known as "Doll Pink" and it's gorgeous, so vibrant and pigmented and really nice and moisturising.  The colour swatch on my hand is just one quick swipe so the colour can obviously be built up to get a really bright vibrant colour.  This will definitely being rocked soon on a night out.

The second lipstick i got was more subtle.

 This was a more subtle colour lipstick and is more of a coral/nude shade and i think i'd definitely wear this shade more through the day.  The colour is listed as "flirty" the swatch on my hand was a few rubs across my hand and the colour as like the pink can be built up to make the colour pop more but i like the subtleness of it.

The lipsticks i got 2 of them for £4 which was a bargain as they retail at £3.75 each and you can get them here.

So that was my little Avon haul thanks for reading <3


Shopping Haul

Hey Girlies,

so i thought i'd share some of the stuff that i have purchased over the last few weeks with you's.
It's not much because the job centre doesn't pay me much so i have to be much more money savvy than i am usually as i still have bills to pay!!

so anyway here's some snaps of what i have been buying!! :)
some good bargains!!

sorry about the terrible photos, my BB takes terrible photies.

Firstly i got some new skinny jeans from Primark, i had been looking for new jeans for the inter coming and stuff, and i seen these new supersoft ones i thought i would give them a go as i feel that when you wear leggings for so long having to go back to jeans feels so strange as they can feel really restrictive but these were supersoft and didn't even feel like jeans but looked liked them if you know what i mean.  I also go this charcoal grey colour for a change because i always stick to black and blue and i've always liked grey plus grey also goes with anything so i got these ones, they were £11 which not being too stingy i thought was pricey for primark but going by topshop etc they were a steal.

Next up Disco pants in black, had been longing for a pair of these so went and got them and i love them, i have already done a post on these here if you want to read more about them.

I think this was last seaon A/W at topshop but i don't care about whats trendy when.  I had seen these in the topshop winter sale last year but didn't think they were worth the £20 asking price as to be fair you could spit peas through it, it's just like spider webbing in a jumper... so i hung on and low and behold it popped up on Ebay so i got it for £1.50 hello bargain, and it's cute on and its navy blue but i like thats its a bit different to everyday black and i look forward to wearing it soon!!

These were a shirt i had longed and longed for and i couldn't find them in any Primarks near me so i gave up on getting my hand on one, but again old faithful Ebay came up with them!!

The one on the left which is the one length is actually navy blue and white but it looks really good with the gold accent buttons and stuff it's so nice on and although its sheer you could get away with nothing under it but i'd probs put on a vest top or a bandeau, i got it on ebay brand new for £3 which is a bargain!

The one on the right is a dip hem version of the same shirt but in black and white stripes.
it's much more casual and is the same sheer material, i got that from ebay too brand new for £2 another top bargain honestly couldn't believe my luck when i came across them i love finding stuff like that on ebay so now i know if i hang on long enough i will eventually get it on ebay! Hooray.

This was just a random presumptious buy haha, since i know i need to get a job i thought this could go in my interview clothes haha but it was a nice shirt and is nice on and it was on the £1 rail in primark so i couldn't really say no to it now could I?

This was another shirt from the reduced rack in Primark, sorry i just pulled it out the bag hence why it is so crumpled, its a nice deep red/burgundy colour and i already own one of these shirts and they are just comfy for those days when you want to be baggy and comfy and just layer up perfect! so easy to dress up or down! it was £3 :)

 These were little gutties i picked up from Primark as my other ones are well done. I got red for a change of colour and navy blue instead of black, they are uber comfy and just pretty little things and for just £3 each they were well worth it.


Again i picked these up in Primark just because they were awfy cute and because they were zebra print and i do love zebra print, they were only £3 so i got them, they are comfy comfy too which always helps!

picked this bag up to from Primark because it was on sale and because it had  enough room for all my stuff and i got in tan because i decided i own enough black and if i was wearing all black then this would be a nice accent colour to break it up,

 haha it seems like i only went to primark but i did pop into a few other places!

Lush was my next stop.
i adoreeeeee this stuff, smells amazing!!! and works a treat, i only got a small bottle because my mum was buying me it and the bigger bottle was a bit pricey so i got two things for the price of a big bottle, this was like £3 or something and it'll do me, can't wait to use it and get all nice smelling and glittery.

Next up i got some lip tint

this was a snow fairy lip tint and i had never seen it before but my mum got i when she went to the till, it smells soooooo good and is pink in colour and gives your lips a slight colour so cute!! thats if i can keep on my lips for long enough without licking it back off haha.

 My last stop was H&M but i don't have photos of what i got so i'll take them off the website.

 Black leggings was my first stop as all my others were starting to get a bit yucky so i stopped off and picked up a new pair, i got the thicker than normal ones since autumn is coming and they were £7.99

the top is really nice, and the material is light and airy, and i like that it has little 3/4 length sleeves and more of a dip hem at the back, it was £10 the most i spent was on this top haha but its nice and i will purchase the other ones too because they are also cute!

so that was my clothing haul!!