Monday, 13 August 2012

Avon Haul

Hey Girlies,

I recently purchased a few things from the Avon and thought i'd share it with you's, so my order arrived yesterday.
I've always been a fan of the Avon, i know some people think it's out of date or old fashioned or whatever but i honestly still really like it and i regularly purchase things from it.

So in my most recent order this what i bought.

I bought 4 different Nail Polishes and 2 new Lipsticks.

I do love the Avon nail polishes, i already own 4 and they are really really good! So I bought these 4 new nail polishes on an offer that was on, i got 4 for £10 which is an absolute bargain as normally they are £6 each so that was me saving £14 which really cannot be sniffed at.

So i bought 4 different shades all new shades in the range, 3 of them are the usual Nailwear + and one is from the Speed dry range.

So first up was the Avon Speed Dry + nail polish.  Sorry the picture is terrible but it's a really nice lime green colour, the actual colour is know as "lime splatter" and i know to a lot of people this colour will be awful and the wrst possible choice, but i really like it and i do like the odd out there colour and at least it will add a splash of colour to a dull or boring outfit.  The speed dry nail polishes are really good and they do actually dry in like 30 seconds. Amazing.

Next up was a nail polish from the Nailwear  Pro + range and it's in the colour of "Pink Creme", it's a nice subtle pink shade. Again this is usually £6 but got in the 4 for £10 deal.

The third shade i got was "naked truth" it's a dark nude shade and i'm looking forward to rocking this in autumn as its a shade to suit the season and i do really like a nude nail that blends with a nice outfit!! This nail polish also comes from the Nailwear Pro + range and retails at £6

The last shade that i got was "Red Reveal" and it's a really deep red almost verging on burgundy which i love as i have been looking for a deeper shade to take me into autumn and to go with some of my more darker clothes but still giving my nails some glam and this is exactly it!  This shade is also from the Nailwear Pro+ range and retails at £6

The nail polishes can be bought directly from your avon representitive or from their online website here

Next up was 2 lipsticks i bought and these were from the colourtrend range within the Avon catalogue, this is the more young hip brand.  Firstly the packaging of the nail polishes is actually really lovely, although it's plain and simple, it's sleek and works.  I like the pink text colour accent which works well off the white, i definitly like it!!When the lid goes on there is also a little clear patch that you can see directly the colour of the lipstick which is always good when the sticker rubs off.  Thoroughly impressed considering it's known as the young cheaper brand.

 The first one i got was a bright Vibrant pink shade known as "Doll Pink" and it's gorgeous, so vibrant and pigmented and really nice and moisturising.  The colour swatch on my hand is just one quick swipe so the colour can obviously be built up to get a really bright vibrant colour.  This will definitely being rocked soon on a night out.

The second lipstick i got was more subtle.

 This was a more subtle colour lipstick and is more of a coral/nude shade and i think i'd definitely wear this shade more through the day.  The colour is listed as "flirty" the swatch on my hand was a few rubs across my hand and the colour as like the pink can be built up to make the colour pop more but i like the subtleness of it.

The lipsticks i got 2 of them for £4 which was a bargain as they retail at £3.75 each and you can get them here.

So that was my little Avon haul thanks for reading <3



  1. I dont think Avon is out of date or old fashioned at all, their products are always really nice and good value as well who can complain about that <3 just been on the site to check out the speed dry nail varnish, I think the offer has changed now as they're £3.50 each now but still a great price. Ill definitely be going back to pick some up x

  2. Same here!
    awk well £3.50 is still a good price! :)
    they are usually always on some kind of offer, i've never actually paid £6 for one. x

  3. I still love Avon!

  4. do u kno what... ive never ordered anything from avon! it's popping up more and more on beauty blogs which i follow though... i may bite the bullet and try one day :)


  5. aww really?
    you should definitly give Avon a try, i think their nail polishes are really good!! :) xxx