Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Disco Pants!!

Hii Lovelies,

So today i got a nice surprise, my Disco Pants arrived!!
So so so excited! is that a bit sad? yeah probably but i don't care.

So i had been wanting to get a pair of these for forever but the money i couldn't justify but i threw caution to the wind and just got a pair.

They arrived half an hour ago and i've had them ripped out the packaging and tried on already ...... they are gorgeous!!!
They fit like an absolute glove and pull and lift you in all the right places, they will definitely be my new favourite item i'm sure of it!

So anyway here is a few piccies. 
P.s excuse the state of me and my room, no make-up and bed hair is not my best look.

so how'd you girls rock your disco pants?


Monday, 30 July 2012

No7 Amazing eyes Pencil review

Hii Girlies,

So its time to review the eyebrow pencil i bought a few weeks ago from No7 at Boots.

so this is the pencil that i bought:

I bought this from the no7 counter at boots.  This called amazing eyes pencil and i think its more of an eyeliner but i don't like it as an eyeliner and i think it works much much better as an eyebrow pencil and that's what i use it for.  Ass illy as this sounds i've only really started using things on my eyebrows as for years i never once bothered because they were quite blonde but now i get them waxed and keep them in check.
So i bought this pencil in shade 10 which is  brown and it's actually a really near perfect match brown as i wary that it may be slightly too dark but the blonde one was far too light on the actual eyebrow pencil, so i opted for this one.
It works well on my eyebrows and just fills in the little spaces and gives it more of a colour as my eyebrows are quite light normally so this defines them without making them look ridiculous, it just makes them match if that makes any sense, although the change is very subtle.

this is what it looks like on:

i applied the pencil to the left eyebrow and although the change is quite subtle it is definitely more coloured and defined.  P.s sorry my eyebrows are at the in between waxing stages!
but it defnitely does give more definiton to the eyebrow.

the pencil applies effortlessly and the little smudger works amazingly it just smudges the colour and works it through the brow and fills in all the little nooks and crannies and just works.

It retails at £7.75 but you can get it for £2.75 with a £5 off no7 voucher and at the price of £2.75 it was a bargain and i would definitely re-purchase!

thanks for reading my lovelies.

Barr M Lip Paint Review.

Hii Girlies,

well i thought i would do a review on the Barry M lip paint that i purchased a few weeks back since i've used it and worn it out now.

So i purchased the Barr M lip paint in shade 144 which is listed as Cerise Pink, i would say it's more along the magenta shade but really its not a major because the shade itself is gorgeous!!

so this is the lip paint here

The colour is lovely and it actually does look quite dark when you first open it but once applied it actually is a lot lighter and is a really lovely wearable shade.  I probably wouldnt wear it out during the day as i think it could be a tad too much but i wore it on a night out and it was perfect definitely a more wearable night out shade!

i swatched it on my hand too before i applied it to my lips to see the difference.

and once i had applied it to my lips too:

as you can see from the photo it applies really well and the pigment of the colour really does come through.
The lipstick itself has a really soft and smooth texture and isn't at all glittery as their is no glitter or shimmer in the lipstick. I would also say it's defininitely moisturising as you lips do not dry out or any point do they feel dry so it's definitely nourishing to the lips.  This also helps the lipstick glide on and the staying power is quite remarkable.  The colour is highy pigmented and it definitely stains the lips and has lasting power, i only re applied it maybe every four hours, and i was drinking constantly and it hardly showed on the glasses which is also great.

Overall it was lovely and moisturising and i don't really have a complaint!
I'd definitely buy more of these and priced at £4.49 that is pretty reasonable!

thanks for reading...

you girlies got any favourite shades?

Saturday, 28 July 2012

International Directory

I am in the directory come join me! http://world-directory-sweetmelody.blogspot.com/

Thursday, 26 July 2012

No7 Nail Polish - Jammy Review

Hey Girlies,

So I thought i would review another No7 nail polish that I finally got around to using.
So this is the one i'm going to review:

This nail polish is called Jammy - 270 and is from the Stay Perfect Summer range of No7 polishes at Boots.

So the polish itself is a 10ml bottle which is a really good size for a nail polish.  It states that is a pigment rich colour and i can definitely say that it completely delivers on this point.  The colour is a gorgeous colour i would say it's somehwere between cerise and magenta and is more of a darker pink instead of the everyday pale and light pinks that are always available.  The colour is a rich gorgeous pink colour and my photo's really do not do it justice.  

This is what the polish looks like on the nails.

The colour is absolutely lovely on and makes a nice wee difference to an everyday pin, i like the fact it's a summery colour but it's in your face bright it's just quite plain but vibrant.  The polish applies really well and smoothly and the colour is completely opaque within two coats. It also has a like a hue/pearlescent sheen when the colour hits the light, there is a sort of purple sheen that can be seen through the nail polish which is always nice to see, i don't know if that makes any sense but i know what i mean. These polishes have a new flat brush installed which No7 brought out last year and this makes it so much easier to apply the polish onto the nails and the whole nail is covered within three brush strokes.  The only slight complaint i have is that the polish itself can be quite runny and i find that you need to really shake it up before you use it and also make sure you wipe the excess off as i found that sometimes excess polish would run down the brush and i would only notice when it blobbed onto my nail or my hand and then i had lost some polish which is no big deal but still it's better in the bottle than on my hand.

Overall though the polish is lovely, perfect application, gorgeous rich colour and doesn't chip for about 3/4 days.

The nail polish retails at £7 but i got it for £2 with a £5 off voucher and that was a definite bargain!!
I usually stock up on nail polishes when these £5 vouchers come out as a nail polish for £2 is a sweet deal and i stock up when these vouchers are out, i already have 57 different shades of no7 so far and can't wait to add more as they always have gorgeous colours.

Do you girlies have any favourite No7 shades?

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

BBloggers Unite

Weekly blog hop is running over at BBloggers unite Join in here by clicking this button!! BBloggers Unite great way to find new blogs!!

Blog hop.

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Nail Painting

Is always such a decision making task for me.  I have so many colours and so many nail polishes i'm always like what colour will i do, will i do plain or will i jazz it  up, should i mix and match colours. Ahhhh being a girl is such a chore sometimes!!
I know it's summer but today is like the first day of Sunshine that Scotland has seen well particularly where i stay in about a month so i want nice pretty nails but then again it will probably rain tomorrow...

I have various shades of the same colours and i'm debating what colour to go..

any particular shades you girls are loving this summer?

p.s this is my nail polish collection....all 105 of them...

Hmmm. Decisions Decisions.

Illamasqua - Rich Foundation Review

So I done a post about a little haul i gt from the Illasmasqua sale and one of the items was a bottle of Rich Foundation.  Illasmaqua is one of those brands i've heard about but never tried and it's not long came into more departments stores etc as before hand the only place i ever seen it or even heard about it was in Selfridges in Manchester.

So anyway i Bought the Rich Foundation in shade 133 whic is for pale/light skintone, there was also two lighter ones one with pink undertones and one with gold, and call me stupid but i do not understand all this undertone business so i just went for the plain and simple foundation with no undertones as i didn't want to waste money on buying something that turned out not to be right.

This was the one that i bought:

It's a 30ml size bottle and to be honest you really do not need much.

Here is a swatch of the foundation on my hand against my skin colour:

Sorry i know the photo isn't brilliant but you can see the slight colour change where i have applied the foundation.  I would say it's a pretty decent match and it's not too orange and it rubs in quite well, but i am rather pale haha so it's as good as i will get really.

The foundation itself is actually really thick although if you don't shake up the bottle first its just liquid that runs out.  You definitely don't need a lot of it to cover your face i just put a little dot on and worked it out with a foundation brush and you definitely need to use a brush as the foundation is quite thick and can take a bit of working, i found i was rubbing it in for a quite a while using my hand, but when i used the brush it seemed to even out slightly more easily.  Once the foundation is applied and it has been thoroughly rubbed in it sits really nicely on and feels so smooth on your skin it actually feel like a second skin.  My skin is pretty atrocious so this actually worked really well for me and gave me pretty much full coverage and smoothed out my skin better than most foundations have in the past.  Although it says full coverage its medium to full coverage and it certainly does do that but it does not look cakey on which is an added bonus as i completely hate the caked on make-up look.  Since it's a thic foundation i would stick to wearing it at night as i think it may be slightly too much for through the day and especially when it is a warm day!
It also has a nice smell to it which i know is completely random to say but it really actually does.

Overall it worked really well for me and it definitly delivered on just about every single point.
Also for the bonus of picking it up for a £10 it's all the more sweeet!!
it's actual price is around £25 but i would definitely pay that price for it as it works for me completely.

You girlies used any Illasmasqua products?
rate them / hate them?

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Chocolate Beetroot Cake

Hii Girlies!
so i thought i would share the chocolate beetroot recipe with you's incase you's fancy trying something different, i've made a cake version a loaf version and little cake/muffin versions with all slightly differing recipes so i'll alter the recipe for them all for you's!

So first is the cake.

You need:
8-9" cake tin
oven at 180C for 45/50 minutes

9ozs cooked beetroot
2 3/4  ozs dark chocolate
4 1/2 ozs butter
10 1/2 ozs soft light brown sugar
3 large eggs
8 ozs SR flour
1 3/4 ozs cocoa powder
1/4 teaspoon salt

1. Grate or liquidise the beetroot whatever takes your preference
2. Melt the dark chocolate
3. Beat together the butter, soft light brown sugar and eggs in a bowl
4. Mix in the beetroot and chocolate to the butter mix and mix well together
5. Sieve in the flour, cocoa powder and add the salt 
6. Pour mix into tin and Bake.

Dust with icing sugar and serve with cream/ clotted cream. 

Enjoy it if you make it!!
and if anyone wants the loaf or little muffin recipe just let me know and i'll post it up too!!

Merry Baking!!


Monday, 23 July 2012

beetroot baking?

so today my mum decided to try something new and make a cake with beetroot, i was like what?
My dad grows his own beetroot and usually we just pick it and pickle it and eat it but my mum wanted to try something new...but a cake to be quite honest i wasn't convinced by where she was going with it.

So anyway we made this chocolate beetroot cake and it actually tasted lovely and you couldn't even tell that there was beetroot in it.  The cake was made using dark chocolate and in all honesty i would day that the beetroot just brought out the chocolate'ness of the dark chocolate as it was so rich too rich for me but i'm not a fan of dark chocolate anyway but still my mum was in heaven, served with some cream or clotted cream and she would have eaten the whole cake haha.

here's the cake!

p.s just let me know if you want the recipe!!

Despicable Me

Is actually one of my most favourite animated films, i only watched it like a year and half two years ago and fell in love with it straight away, it's actually hilarious!!

I bought it on dvd ages ago and i watched it so many times i burnt the disc haha or well i duno it just went black so i got a new one tonight from tesco!!

Sitting with my dad watching it while munching on doritos and dip.
we're both sitting howling with laughter all the way through, honestly i love that my dad has a childish humor like mines he's a wee animated film fan too.  Whereas my mum just doesn't get it she just tuts and walks away haha.

<3 it.

I love loads of other animated films though this is just my favourite can't wait for the second one hurry up next year!!!

you girlies got any favourite animated films?

Primark A/W 2012 Preview Collection.

Hii Girlies!!
Just seen a wee preview of the Autumn/Winter Collection coming into Primark.
Oh My Gosh the stuff is gorgeous!!!
here's a few of my fav's.

Can't wait for all this and more to hit the stores!!
Loving it.