Thursday, 16 August 2012

Random Thought - Boys Clothes.

Hey Lovelies,

So I have been on the hunt for a really good hooded zipper that i can wear under my leather jackets or just jackets in general for the coming winter.
I find that my leather jackets sit quite high up usually just below my waist and they usually don't get much longer, but i always feel that i can get quite cold, so was on the hunt for a good hoodie/zipper that i could use.


Girls zippers are terrible, i always think they are made far too short, like i have tried so many and they never go beyond my hip and it's like come on i want a long one, as most of my zippers sit where my leather jacket sits and ends up a pointless peice of clothing.....So i thought i would hunt down the guys ones, as they are always much more comfy which i know from wearing my brothers when he's done with them or if you have bfs or whatever you always end up sneaking one of theirs.
I found though that although i always wear black i wanted a different coloured zipper just to add some colour under my leather jacket.  So i came across a tip top bargain today when i was out with my dad.  Primark sale rack have always been my love and the guys one today was on top form.  I got a lovely deep red zipper which is so comfy and cosy and is long!!!! Woohoo and it had a hood and was the bargain price of £5.
Love it.

Here it is. Ps terrible BB photos again sorry, its a much nicer red colour!

I just find guys clothes so much more comfy and they have such a better size guide when compared to girls.

you have any favourite guy pieces?


  1. I know what you mean about men's hoodies being so much more comfortable then girls. I have a grey one that I got from Matalan.. it's one I take to festivals and it's so nice and big and warm and comfy!

    1. Totally, they have the cosy factor! :) x

  2. i totally agree, i'm always stealing my dads zippers and hoodies coz they are so much more comfortable. my mum has this zipper in neon orange and i steal that too :) also, loving the edward cullen poster ;P xx

    1. totally!
      haha everyone loves a bit of R-Patz. :) xx

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  4. That hoodie looks so comfortable and wearing it with a leather jacket is such a good idea for fall! Love itttt!

  5. True! I always wear my brother's sweaters and hoodies, because it's just way more comfortable. Girl's hoodies are just too tight.
    Nice colour!


  6. I agree! Guys clothes are much more comfy!

    In fact I'm wearing a mens hoodie right now, perfect for slouching round the house in haha! :)

    Your newest follower!
    Laura xx

    1. haha defo!
      I laze around in my brothers clothes all the time too.
      aww thank you!
      followed back :) xx

  7. I agree!so much cosier xx