Monday, 13 August 2012

Olympic Closing Ceremony

Was amazing last night!!!!

I was only really watching it for the SPICE GIRLS haha but i watched it from start to finish and it was actually really really good, some right proper WOW moments.

I can honestly say i wasn't at all fussed about the London Olympics but i have been converted and i thouroughly enjoyed every moment of them, i watched sports i would never usually watch, and it actually makes you proud to be brittish even tho i always say im scottish.
I'm proud that so many scottish athletes done it for team GB.

The closing ceremony was so nice, a spectacle if ever there was one.
the lights the pyrotechnics and everything went without a glitch, all be it there was some mediocre performances but still there was so amazing ones!!

The spice girls were great, i don't care what anyone says i grew up with the spice girls and me and my best pal went to see their farewell tour in London, so this was it and it was so worth it to see them all in their trademark gear all be it in a more grown up way and it was just truly brittish.

I'm not a take that fan, never have been but i absolutely commend Gary Barlow for getting up there and doing that after the absolute tradegy his family has just gone through, true gentlemen done the country proud.

And Seb Coe what can you say.. i personally think he is a fine looking older gentleman ;)

So yeah i loved the olympics, looking forward to the paralympics too as those athletes are astonishing, they have such big hearts to go out there and do what they do after suffering.

Roll on Rio2016 for one big carnival...

Arrrrriiiiiiibbbbbaaaa! :)


  1. the ceremony was breathtaking! love Spice Girls too! xD I actually think they look much more better now then 15 years ago! :)

    1. they do don't they! their outfits were the same but more mature to go with them now! Loved it!! :) x

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