Thursday, 30 August 2012

getting there

So the healthy eating is still going strong, been having smaller portions too and i've cut down on my snacking specially crisps i have maximum two packets now and usually i could munch crisps haha.

I've also been keeping to nice snacks, like krisprolls or crackers and stuff, also been eating soup and a much smaller dinner and it keeps me much more full :)

I've not stopped myself from eating anything and i still have my all my carbs and cakes too, and fizzy juice because without that stuff life is boring.  So i don't see the point in locking it away when instead you can just cut it down like one glass of fizzy juice instead of maybes the whole bottle and stuff like that! :)

Still keeping up with the exercising too.  Been Wii fitting it every night at 8pm, and i have the weekends off and i do my work-out DVD on Sundays before i go in the bath. it doesn't sound much but i enjoy it.  So far come this morning i had lost just shy of 3 pounds in 2 weeks which i think is pretty good, like i say i'm by no means overweight i just wanted to slim areas and tone up and it's definitely starting to work, and next week i am going to go join the gym so i can do the classes and stuff but i won't be overdoing it because one i will be a gym bunny and two i do not wish to become stick thin and three after watchin 24 hours in A&E and that poor girl getting her leg muscles chopped out because a spin class left her with poisioned legs i would never touch a spin class again in my life plus the fact last time i did one my arms were bruised for weeks with those stupid bar things you need to rest on.

So yeah just a quick update that health and fitness is going goooooood!!


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