Thursday, 31 May 2012

so pleased!!

for my friend Christine who passed her exams!!!

only her wee re-sits to go and then she'll be into 4th year!!
so happy for her and also mean my Kirsty has some friends to keep her company through 4th year so proud of my friends!! :)

i'm going to be like a proud maw next year when they graduate!!! <3 :)

Soap & Glory Clean on Me

i started using this when i got it as part of a gift set as to be honest i'd never really stopped and looked at soap and glory stuff and it was always a bit more on the expensive side of things....

So i tried this clean on me bath/shower body wash and straight away i was in love with it, it comes in a skooshy bottle so you never waste any and you always just get the right amount.

it's a 500ml bottle which is actually a lot for a shower gel, and is known as a creamy clarifying shower gel, and that is exactly what it is.  It smells delish and its thick and creamy and also it contains moisturiser which is amazing as it leaves you skin feeling all smooth like you've literally just moisturised yourself when in actual fact you've just washed its amazing.

I usually use about 3 skoosh's on my luffa as i like to get a good lather and this gives a really good lather, the first time i used it i only used one skoosh and it didn't really do anything and i was a bit like why isn't this working but i soon realised my luffa was a bit bigger than the normal ones i use and it has to be really wet and he lather comes within seconds it's great, not much effort required at all.

Smells lovely, does a great job and leaves you with silky smooth skin?
perfect really!

also because it has a skoosh top it can be locked and opened so that you never lose any unwillingly.

it costs £5.50 from boots for a 500ml bottle which i thought was pretty steep but it's really not, for one you never use that much in the one go and it actually lasts ages i've had mines for about 3 months now and there is still like a quarter left which is amazing.  Plus boots always have it on the 3 for 2 summer deals so defo stock up along with the other soap and glory goodies.

i'm definitely a convert to Soap n Glory!!

sorry just realised i didn't add a photo...this is it

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


My uni letter came through today.

confirming my Honours degree and giving me my credits for all the modules i've done!!
500credits :)
proud achievement!! :)

wee clothes haul

i bought just a few cheapy things over the past week and decided i would share what i bought :)
Here's my haul !

This is what i've bought in the last week, like i said i didn't have much money, but i haven't bought myself anything in ages so i treated myself to a few little bits and bobs :)

I'll show you the items individually...

This is white sheer blouse i got from Primark for £4, i bought it as the weather had been roasting and i didn't really have any "summer" clothes, so i bought this, it's lovely and light weight and  like that it's long and can be easily worn over leggings as it's nice and baggy, it is pretty sheer though so i still wore a little vest top under neath it just show i wasn't on show haha.

I also bought it in Black for £4

I bought this black sleeveless top from New Look for £3 in the sale.

it's a really nice top, cotton fabric and is long on so again it can be worn with leggings and for £3 in the sale it was a bargain really!!

I bought this little red top from Primark from £4
i already own 4 of these tops in black, burgundy, white and gold and they are great t-shirts, cute little colours and light material so perfect for summer!! they are transparent but not so much that you need to wear anything under it and it's longer at the back so again can be worn over leggings which fits in perfectly with my staple wardrobe haha :) and at this price it's a bargain!!

Turquoise skinny jeans New Look £5 in the sale!

love these!! they are made from soft touch material and are super skinny and fit perfectly and considering the price they were a total bargain!! i got them at this price because the button had fallen off but my dad has sewn it back on and they are as good as new plus i like the colur as a change to my usual blue/black/grey jeans, really comfy on and go with pretty much anything. Perfect bargain!

Zara Skinny Trousers

my mum actually bought me these as i loved them because they were different, red snake skin but they are jersey material and quite thick with black panels down the side of each leg and i loved them when i seen them on the mannequin, they were £15 which is pretty sweet for Zara, so comfy on and i love them!!


these were actually free haha as my aunt sent them over from Canada as i was looking for a pair of warm mittens for the winter but they were usually 10 dollars, they are so cosy and warm and i'm looking forward winter already so i can wear them!!

Primark Sandals £2 in the sale

i bought these as i only had one pair of sandals and they were sore to wear all day so i needed a new pair for when it was sweltering hot so i found these tucked at the back of the shelf in Primark, perfect fit and for £2 i snapped up that bargain!!

i also got some wee jewellery bits and some earrings but i haven't taken a phot of them but i can if you would like!!

thanks for reading!! :]

tidy tidy tidy

i'm tidying out my uni cupboard since i now have my degree i can put all my stuff up the loft, i never throw it out just incase i ever need to refer to it!! so far i've been here an hour and still haven't got through it all....going to be here a while i think...

proper cleaned loads today!!

wish ebay would have a free insertion weekend soon

i have so many clothes to list!!

just washed my make-up brushes

they needed a good clean i just used baby shampoo as it works just as good as actual make-up cleaner.

gosh my brushes were minging, it makes me shiver when i see what comes out of them i really need to start washing them much more regularly like on a monthly basis!!

boots haul

so today i popped up the street ti get some things i needed and since i have a fair whack of points on my boots card i didn't spend anything just used my points and spent my vouchers too.

here's what i purchased!

Boots cleansing wipes (2x normal and 1 cucumber , i opened my other lue packet hence why its not in the photo)

Boots exfoliating sponge to go with my face wash

Johnsons day cream for dry skin

Batiste dry shampoo, cherry scented.

Cocoa butter

boots volume mousse

No7 creamy cleanser

Vaseline with aloe vera

I've used these boots wipes for about 4 years now and i wouldn't go past them they work a treat i usually stick to the frangrance free wipes but there wasn't 3 packets of them so i got the cucumber ones which are just as good, i started using these because the price of wipes was getting a bit ridiculous and some of the brand name ones broke me skin out so i thought i'd give the boots ones a go and i honestly don't have a complaint, they are soft and not rough they don't break my skin out they stay moist (sorry to use that word i hate it but its the only way to describe them) and they don't dry out when you open the packet, they take my make up as good as make-up remover so all in all they work perfectly for me and at £2 a packet or get them 3 for £3 like i did it's a bargain really!!

I've been using this boots exfoliating sponge for about 2 years now and i use it with my facewash in the morning just to envigorate my skin, when you first use it it does feel a bit rough but after a few uses it starts to ease off but i don't scrub my face mega hard i just lightly exfoliate it in circles to rub my facewash in and that's only when i use it as i think it would be too rough to use just on its own.  it doesn work as it leaves your skin feeling so smooth and it literally feels like you have scrubbed the awful yucky dead skin away!

Johnsons day cream i use the one for dry skin but there is one for normal an one for combination skin too.  I only started using this about a year ago as it was just new out and was on offer in boots and i needed new moisturiser creams. i use both the day/night creams and they come in little glass tubs with screw on lids and they are 50mls and you actually get such a lot of use out of them, they tubs say day and night so you don't get confused the day cream is a nice consistency and is not runny but not tick either and you don't need lots i just dot it on and rub it in and a little goes a long way, it also smells lovely, it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and sometmes if i dont have any primer left i just put this on and my make up on top and it works fine. it was 3 for 2 so i bought  2 of the day creams and the night cream as well since i was getting one free but i only showed one as i opened the other two.

Batiste dry shampoo, love this stuff it's a lifesaver in a can as my hair can get quite greasy at the front coz i touch it daily to sweep it out my face but the rest is totes clean and sometimes i cant be bothered to was it all as my hair is pretty long, so i usually just give it a skoosh with this and ta dah.. it looks as good as the rest which is great!! i'd only use this for two days max though as your hair starts to look a bit limp and sometimes if you don't brush the dry shampoo out right there is wee white flakes, it also gives your hair some volume as mines lacks that completely so if you spray this in and backcomb it a bit it does give it a bit of volume!! plus it smells lovely!! :]

cocoa butter has always been a favourite of mines as it smells great and goes on with ease and does what it says on the tin, it moisturises, i usually use it on my legs when i get out the bath as i find the sun makes the skin on my legs quite dry so i usually always have this in my cupboard as a standby and use it on any wee dry patches that i have and it works a treat, love it!!

boots volume mousse, i usually just use the boots one as its only a quid and tobe honest as good a job as the other brand name versions, i got the volume one for a change as i use it usually when i wash my hair as it keeps it wavy and curly with a bit of volume and it doesn't make my hair sticky and it doesn't make it that rock solid way that some do and you don't need to re-wash your hair again as it literally wears away as the day goes on and can just brush it out its perfect for just a days hair do :)

No7 creamy cleanser is something i came round to about 2 years ago and its lovely, a big bottle and cleanser is lovely, creamy not runny and smells nice too, doesnt feel too thikc or anything on the skin and doesnt soak in straight away.. plus it has a skoosh nozzle that can be opened and locked so you only use the right amount which is great as then it lasts you longer!!, it is a bit pricey at £8 but it is No7 and  i used a £5 off No7 voucher so i got it for £3 which i think is a bargain!!

vaseline is just a staple for a girl really i like the aloe vera one and it does for just keeping my lips moisturised in this hot weather.

overall i got 12 products, and used the 3 for 2 on the johnsons creams.
used the £5 off No7 on the cleanser
and got 3 for £3 on the wipes

so i spent.
£3 on the wipes
£3 on the No7 cleanser
£8.16 on the johnsons creams
£2.99 on the batiste
£1.93 on the exfoliating sponge
£3.77 for the cocoa butter
£1.02 on the mousse
£1.80 vaseline

overall : £25.67
i used my double points voucher and my spend £25 so i got a whole load of points back.
not bad for a free spend!! :]

pet hate

people who think they are being totes cool by using a hashtag on facebook.
go away.
it's so annoying, it's a twitter thing and looks utteraly ridiculous on facebook.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Champneys Body Cream

i'm new to using this product as i had heard of the famous Champneys spa and then boots released a champneys range about a year and a half ago now, and one day me and mum happened to be in boots looking for a new bubble bath and i spotted the champneys range my mum took one smell of it and was in love, so for her birthday i bought her a box of campneys treats and the body cream happened to be one of them....  i'm talking about the red one which is known as oriental opulence, there is also a yellow, cream, blue and pruple range but the red one is by far the nicest smelling.

So this came in a trial size but my mum doesn't use body lotion so i took it off her and threw it in my cupboard... but about 3 weeks ago i happened to be rooting through my cupboard and found it and thought i should give it a go, so i use it when i get out the bath and usually just on my arms and legs...

firstly it smells absolutely lush its just gorgeous, its not runny but not pure thick either its just perfectly in the middle... it's an off white sorta latte colour its a funny colour but it works amazingly....

you don't need loads as it goes a long way and it doesn't pure need rubbed in you can literally just massge it on and then it's gone it's not sticky either and literally within about 5 minutes you can put your clothes on and your good to go no sticky mess or anything, and it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth for hours i honestly love this product and even though i've only got a wee travel size one it's lasted me a good 3 weeks already using it at least 3 times a week which is a pretty good deal.

this is it btw..

the larger tub is pretty big 175ml and would last a while it retails at £12 which i know is pretty steep but it's definitely worth a go,plus when it is on the 3 for 2 offer in boots is more likely to be purchased then thats usually when i do it!!

anyway give it go!!



i survived zumba tonight, the wee room was roasting!!

think i sweated out half  my body weight.

bath time!!!

LBD Wanted.

I'm on the hunt fot a Little Black Dress for my Graduation which is only a month away, i have plenty of little black dresses but none appropriate enough for my uni graduation so i'm on the hunt for a nice preferably with some sort of sleeve, as i get cold easily and i can't wear a cardigan or anything...

if anyone has any suggestions on where to try i'd be grateful.

p.s it needs to be cheapish or at least reasonable as i'm short on moneys.

P.p.s it needs to go with these shoes.

Summer Nails. (Primark Pastel nail polish set)

so i've been a bit short of money lately but i'm quite obsessed with nail polishes and although i don't have long gorgeous nails, i like to keep mines painted just to make them look a bit nicer than they would if i just left them normal.

so i happened to be in town during last week with my brother and we popped into Primark i didn't plan on buying anything but i ended up buying something, couldn't resist, and since it's been a heatwave in Scotland for the past week which NEVER happens i was on the look out for some new nail polish colours and i came across this little set in Primark.

 so it only cost £2 which is a bargain for 4!
they were only small though 6mls only but still good things come in small packages and all that.  But the size isn't all bad as it means you can carry them in your bag without worry and top up if you chip a nail or whatevs.  So they were actually really good, lids don't stick or jam and the brushes are actually good, not too big, but not too small either and the bristles are all straight so that stops strays putting the polish everywhere!!

they don't have any names or anything on them these were just the summer pastel shades and there were other little sets too, which i think i may go back and purchase since i really like these ones!!

so this is what they look like on my nails..

 the purple one i added just so i didn't have two nails the same and it's just an Avon nail polish.

The nail polishes were easy to apply and not sticky or glupy, they only took 2 coats to look good and gave good colour and coverage, the drying time between coats was actually superfast, by the time i painted my nails the first one was dry and i could apply the second coat straight on top without any smudges or anything.  so far i've had it on for 2 days ^^ and it's not chipped or faded or anything yet which is miarculous for me as i could chip nail polish within seconds, there's no smudge marks or anything either and my hands go though some amount in a day so it's doing darn well to stay put considering i didn't use a base or top coat or anything.

overall i really like these little polishes they give what they say they would pastel nails, no problems encountered and at £2 they were a bargain i think i'll definitely re-purchase and also purchase the other sets too i mean why not?

you can get the neon set
and also a dark black and crackle set.



Friday, 25 May 2012


today i offically passed my uni degree.

hello honours degree in biomedical science!! :)


pleased as punch!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

fucked it.

looking back at old photos

always makes me laugh, had some of the best time with the best people!! :)

need more nights out like these again soon when i get a dreaded job!!

here's just a few, there's hundreds, but this is a few that were on my laptop!!

phone number!

i'm beginning to hate my house phone number as it's almost identical to the Deli phone number in my area well actually it's the exact same except the last digit is different which is ridiculous really.

so for the second time this week, someone has phone my house asking for an order today it was coleslaw haha.

the wee guy on the other end sounded so embarrassed as well haha bless him, but i was polite and just said sorry this isn't the number for Devine's.

Maybe me and my mum should start up our own wee business and plenty people know the number and call here anyway haha.

made my day!

off to make my dinner - spaghetti bolognase pasta bake. :]

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

today was my last day at uni

I was in for a poster presentation to external examiners and it went pretty well actually considering i was so nervous about it, the wee guy was pure nice and we went off talking in a wee tangent which always helps!!

and i found out i don't have to do an oral which is a load off my mind as i absolutely hate public talks.

so hopefully i have passed my exams and it's just graduation to go!!

if not it's re-sits in August then graduation in November!! :)

Monday, 21 May 2012

plastic surgery

watching this programme called 'are my breasts safe' it's mostly about the PIP scandal and how implants can help and hinder people's lifes.

I'm in complete agreement that when your young big boobs are what every girl aspires too.  I know this all to well as i was a pretty slow developer actually i didn't get boobs until i was like 17, and at school this just wasn't cool, guys always trying to unclip your bra and specially in the girls changing rooms at school it was like you were being judged and i didn't appreciate this so i got changed in the shoer room where you could just shut the curtain and be on your own.

But i know myself big boobs was what everyone wanted and it seemed it was all that guys were interested in too, i can say this for sure if i had a spare £5000 when i was 18 i would have went and done it without a shadow of a doubt.  Thankfully though i'm much more wise now that i've grown up and although i don't have big boobs i'm only a wee B cup i don't actually care i'm only a size 6-8 therefore massive boobs would just look utterly ridiculous, so i've grown to love my wee bee stings so i have!!

Also most of my friends have massive boobs i'm pretty much the only flat chester on my team haha, but i see their massive jugs and sometimes im envious coz they can wear nice bras and low cut tops and look good in certain dresses/tops/bikinis etc.. but then came the realisation that big boobs aren't all they are cracked up to be either.  Firstly trying to find nice big bras isn't easy and they certainly don't come cheap, one of my friends whom is in the HH sizes has to get hers from one shop with not much choice and to be quite frank they look like a pretty version of a granny bra, the straps are huge and so thick and the the big 3 clip at the back is just crazy compared to my little flimsy things these are a trap!  i didn't realise all the problems that came with having big boobs, the whole cost, the back pain some girls, the sleezing of guys, stretch marks, early saggyness etc..

it came as quite a shock actually as you wonder why this is the dream for most girls when inactual fact the reality is nowehere near the dream.

safe to say i'll never touch my boobs with surgery (except the lump i need to get removed) and i certainly will just stick with my little boobs and i'll be happy with that!!

of course each to their own i know if ever i had to get my breat removed or that i would have reconstructive surgery without a second thought just because i couldnt be confident with nothing, i dont think big boobs makes you confident i just thing having something to wear a nice bra gives you your feminity...

i just think in the world today with the sheer media invasion and fashion pressure and glamour models everywhere you look with huge boobs its something thats seen as the norm when really its not as lots of girls have lovely small boobs that suit them and their frame.. i just think too much pressure and attention is put on women and the whole thing now that plastic surgery is so readily available sometimes doesn't help this matter!!

a cheap boob job and a holiday young girls will jump at this offer and often leads to them being half mutilated..

therefore i think that more information has to be provided at the start of consultations and all the risks need to be layed out there and then its not about just getting poeple and gettin the money it's also about fully informing the client as well as not putting their health at risk.

plastic surgery is also a debate topic but i stand as each to their own i'd never say no as you never know when you might need the help of it, i just don't like the whole ease of it that seems to be now, it's still major surgery and can in events kill you.

inform yourself firstly and take baby steps, never just say yes!!

greys anatomy spoiler..

so i was watching E news last week and they revealed that one of the greys anatomy cast members would be killed off in this seasons finale so i was like oh whom could it be etc?

my thoughts were April coz she failed her boards or maybes owen since he destroyed christina.

but i happened to be on my twitter yesterday and someone obv in america had put up who it was!!


it's Lexie, gutted i quite liked her!!
hope she gets with Mark before she dies!!

Productive Day!!

done my first ever washing, was a success, it's now out drying on the line.

Wrapped up a birthday gift and a baby gift, just a few wee bits and bobs left for the baby gift then it's ready to go.

spoke to the stupid secretary woman and got an appointment organised.

now i need to go and re-read over my dissertation so i know what i'm talking about for this poster thing tomorrow.

waited in on a parcel coming today and it didn't arrive which is the most annoying thing.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

went on a little splurge this weekend

i say splurge but really i mean i spent £20 haha.

i bought a lace jumpsuit from ebay for £1 brand new, total bargain!! will put up a wee picture when it arrives, i also bought some new tights as i'm a bit of a tight fanatic, i also bought some new earrings, a lipstick, a new pair of jeans and an eye corrector pen thing :)

was a good, quiet weekend.

bath and chill time now!! :)

Friday, 18 May 2012


just watching E news and someone is being killed off in Greys Anatomy.

i fucking love Greys Anatomy!! :]
specially this season (10) it's been so so so good!!
they better not kill off someone i like!!
kill off April she annoys me with her stupidity, she reminds me of someone who should be in house...

haha sorry i get so involved in my tv shows sometimes haha

p.s i watch a lot of tv!!!

oooooh maybe its owen!! he became a total knob when he cheated on christina!


Primark should really get an online shop, online shopping there would solve so many problems!!

everytime i go to Primark it never has the stuff that other Primarks have and it's always the stuff i want.


so going through my cupboard..

i didn't realise how much bath stuff i had!!

i've got lush, soap & glory, gok wan, ted baker and fcuk haha think i'll need to be taking daily baths to get through it all.

although i was looking into getting some new face masks for when i'm in the bath, i usually just use the mudd pack from boots but i find it sometimes dries my skin out, and i don't really know what to try next as i don't want to go into spending lots of money and then finding that they are no good for my skin and just break me out even more.

so i have dry, kinda oily sensitive skin basically i'm a walking predicament, can never find something suitable for everything that i suffer from.

wish i had better skin... i mean almost 25 i still have ridiculously bad acne and skin, think i'm destined to be a Cameron Diaz with bad skin for life.

going to take a bath later tonight.
lush bath bomb and soap & glory body wash with moisturiser!
i'll be silky smooth!!


Tuesday, 15 May 2012


zumba tonight!!

haven't been in like 2/3 weeks haha it's going to burn!!!

hate when i canny find my wee zumba jumper!!!

Zuuuuuummmmmmmbbbbbbaaaaaaa! :]

Monday, 14 May 2012

hair dilema.

so, i need my hair cut.. it hasn't been cut in like 8 months or something and it's not terrible but it does need a good trim!!

so like i can't decide what to go, i'm currently rocking the long middle parting a la kim kardashian all be it no where near as pretty, but i can't decide if i should keep this look or get my full fringe cut back in, i liked my fringe as i feel like you can throw your har up in a bun and not look like a 7 year old... as aparently i look young for my age i don't see it but whatevs

also need to find a cheap/reasonably priced hair dressers that does a good job before i can get anything done.

so this is my just out the bath hair

 this is my just middle parting slightly styled ^^

 fringed, all be it not a fixed fringe, haha just in out the windy weather!! ^^
my longer fringe sort of starting to wear it to the side! ^^

canny decide what i want..


has been and gone, had a good but busy one!!

Friday i went into Glasgow for a lunch with kirsty, christine and christina, as christina was moving back to ireland on sunday!!  can't believe she's gone after 4 years here!! gutted.

so went for one last catch up and a frewell lunch then i had to hot foot it to uni to finish a poster as my supervisor has absolutely no respect for time deadlines.

saturday i was away running errands and doing bits ans bobs, then saturday night i went up to Kirst;s and we chilled and watched LOTR, not that im a big fan but it was good :) kirsty is devoted to it so its actually not as bad as i kinda always had assumed it was, plus a wee perv maks everything better!!
we just chatted away and ate crap was great havent done that in like 6 months? or something as my life revolved around uni but im glad i can have get my free time back and be a good pal again!! :)

sunday i baked cakes!!
i baked lots of cakes haha

when i woke up on Sunday i found out there had been a murder of a guy stabbed to death two streets down from me, which is a bit close to home! honestly the streets are becoming so unsafe to walk even your own street, so the whole place was cordoned off for hours and we couldn't get out to the bottom of the road and the police were much so it was almost like having a police escort to the shop, crazy, still don't know much yet about the murder but there's lots of rumours going round.

also found out my uncle got beaten up off four polish guys on saturday night too down at the traffic lights at Strathclyde park... he was in his car and they came after him, honestly things are getting ridiculous these days, but thankfully he's alright, just a cut face and a bruised/burst lip and needs new specs.

so it's safe to say my family are now after these 4 cunts and i swear if my dads out driving and sees their car he will flip his lid as that was his wee brother they done in, honestly my dad's a beast when he loses it he'll end up in the fucking nick.

on a more lighthearted note..

today i decided i would clean out my uni boxes and try and get everything organised!! so i'm off to hop to it!!
hope you all had a good weekend and here's to a hopefully good week!!


Thursday, 10 May 2012

watching this programme on hoarders

it's freaking me out.
it's actually horrifying, i'm a bit of hoarder but jeezo i have nothing on these people...
hope i never end up like that!!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


hate that my uni e-mails have changed servers as i only realised today that i hadn't been getting my uni e-mails and randomly and luckily enough i checked them about a hour ago and found my poster was due today and no Friday!! gutted.

so managed to knock up a half decent poster in 20minutes!!