Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Sorry this is just a little rant post.

You know i duno if any of you girls have had this problem but it's a regular occurance in my life.

I have a best pal called Kirsty (Her blog is here check it out.) We've been pals for 10 years now and i met her at school. And we're some of the very few people who have remained friends since school finish and people always question it, even those people who never even took the time to say hey to us. And why? they are the ones who have 3 wains and look terrible. Go live your life and leave us to our own and stop being a nosey person and being so obvious about it, we don't like you and no we don't want to talk or "Catch-up".

But lately more and more so people from school have been adding me on facebook and twitter and it's like, we never spoke word at school, like not a word for 6 years why the hell are you adding me?  Obviously it was for a snoop because both are private and i'm just like no i'm not going to accept you as you've never spoke to me for years at school so why now?
And then you get the people who you hated and they hated you and then they are all like send you a message and all hey how are you etc etc.
Go away you fool, i'm not interested in speaking to you.
Honestly why do these people feel the need to try and be friends now, well news to you it's not going to happen i've got my pals and they are the best and you are a far distant memory.

Then you get the ones that contact you like in secret...prime example tonight, a guy who i never really spoe to at school because he was a dude and pretty much went with every lassie he could and i never liked him like that at all never have and never will and he's messaging me like hey you whats happening lets hang out?
honestly 8 years on im still not going to sleep with you jeeezo.

Sorry these kind of people annoy me so much. Go get gossip somewhere else my life is boring and i'm still not a slag.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Pizza face....

Now i'm really not a fan of Pizza and i know that is like death to some people but i just don't love it and can quite happily live without it, however everyone else in my family love it, so the other night my mum decided to make her own pizzas but left me to make them and considering i don't even eat them i was like what?

She was like no you do it you have a better imagination and presentation so i set abut the task of making pizza.  Btw i did buy just plain pizza bases, so i made 5 or 6 different pizza's all with a sort of different topping and one that would sort of suit everyone.

I used tomato paste out a squeezy tube for the bases and then added a layer of grated cheddar cheese.

Then i used all different stuff and just general stuff that i had lying around the house.

*German Salami
*Italian Salami
*Parma Ham
*Tikka Chicken
*Mozzarella Cheese
*Parmesan Cheese
*Red Onion

between those i threw some combinations together added mozzarella to the top for the melted stringy cheese and added garlic oil to some and chilli oil to the others.

Apparently they went down well last night so hey i don't make too bad a chef and apparently all these watching of tv cooking shows is paying off.
I'll a good wife yet haha.

here's my finished products.

Overall these were so easy to make and you get a pack of 2 bases for only 62p and with everything else i spent no more than a £10 getting everything and i just put the extra pizzas in the freezer, total genuis dinner for such a small amount of money considering everything is getting more expensive i'm all for saving a bit of money where you can but still eating how you always have!

Lemon Lovin'

Hey Girlies!!

I do love Baking however lately i've noticed i've been doing it more and more when i've been a bit bored as it's fun and passes the time and also leaves you with lots of goodies to eat at the end of it!! :)

SO earlier tonight i decided that i would whip up some lemon tarts.
Me & my dad love all things acidic and citrus so we love a lemon tart and i decided to make them because baked goods are becoming such a luxury in the weekly shop. A Lemon tart is around £5 and considering me and my dad can easily eat a half each it's not justifiable for the money so i decided to try making it and to be honest it is so much easier than i thought it would be.

Lemons are pretty cheap now too, i bought a bag of five little fair trade ones for only 70p and they done my two lemon tarts and i just used extra lemon juice from a bottle as i like it tangy.

Anyway here's what i came up with tonight. :)

Sorry the photo os of them just out the oven and they are still in their wee cases that i made the pastry in..but once they are cool i'll dust them with icing sugar and refridgerate them.

I know that they don't really look much but they are actually really tasty plus once you dust them with icing sugar they become much more pretty!!

So i'll enjoy a slice of this later with some cream.

Saturday, 15 September 2012


2 tickets to the B.O.B gig Tomorrow night , thats Sunday the 16th at 02 ABC GLASGOW.
Each ticket is £15 so will take the face value unless you wish to put in a smaller offer.
can't make it along so someone else might as well get use of them.
can meet you in glasgow or surrounding area and exchange tickets for the money.

Friday, 14 September 2012


Hey Girlies,

So i popped into town yesterday to pick a few wee things that i needed, nothing major just bits and bobs.  So here's a wee swatch at what i got :)

I Always go through so many hankies, specially when i have the cold so i don't bother with buying really expensive ones, so i always just pick up a wee box every time that i am in poundland. So this was the me2u range and you get 60 3 ply tissues for £1 and the box is cute. 

This is something i always need, and i think personally plasters are quite expensive to buy and you only get like 20, so i found this in poundland.  I think this is a much better thing to use as you can cut it to your own and use as much as you need, and i use so many plasters for loads of things so this works for me and lasts me quite a while and for only £1 it's a bargain really.

I needed some new candles for when i'm just chilling or in the bath and these one are easier because they in a little jar and they hold the flame longer and don't blow out as easy.  This one is spring blossom scented and it smells really lovely and summery and it was reduced to 75p, you can pick them up in Primark.

I picked this candle up too while i was there as these were the only two scents available.  This one is Sweet Vanilla and smells just lovely.  Again it was only 75p you can pick them up for Primark.

Nail polish remover is something i always need, so i always keep it stocked up incase i run out of the pads that i usually use.  I have been using this nail polish remover for absolute years and wouldn't go past it, i now usually use the pads version but i like to have a bottle spare incase i run out.  It's only available in Bodycare for 69p. Bargain as it lasts ages!.

This is a leave in conditioner from Boot's own range and is sweet almond and cocount and smells lovely.  I've run out of my Aussie one and this is just an alternative until the Aussie comes on deals again.  It was £1.39 for this one.

These were a total random buy.  As i found them on the clearance rack in Boots, and to be honest i haven't even heard of the range so i was intrigued.  They are rich body lotions and they smell just lovely, so i got them since winter is coming in and i sometimes find my skin dries out easily so these will come in handy for that.  These ones are Cranberry and Avacado scented and they smell lovely there is also a yellow version but i didn't like the smell haha.  These retail at £4.99 a bottle (250ml) but i picked them up for £1.24 Bargain :)

That was my little haul this time, good few wee bargains and i got everything for under £10.  

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Autumn Sparkle - NOTW

Hey Girlies,

Thought i would add some sparkle to my autumn nails this year to jazz them up a bit.
I just kept it simple though with a nude nail and added some glitter and sparkle for a little bit of jazziness.

So i started by applying a layer of a nude colour just to give a base and a slight natural autumn colour.

 I only done one layer of the nude colour as i didn't want it to be really obvious i just wanted a slight colour but mostly the sparkle to stand out.  I used one of Fearne Cotton's nail polishes from last season called "Taupe"

Once this was dry i applied one coat of the plain silver glitter from the rebel at debenhams range, then once dried i layed that again with a layer of Technic "Carnival" which has lots of glitter and sparkly bits in lots of different colour.

Once i applied all this it looked like this!

I done this just for some difference and when it catches the light it sparkles so much and in so many colours and its so pretty and brightens up these dull morning that are happening most days now! plus its easy to do and just adds some sparkle to everday! :) you can never have enough sparkle....

This is the polishes i used to achieve this look....

Monday, 10 September 2012


Hey Girles!

So today i need to go run some errands and post some Ebay parcels and then i'm meeting my bestie for a catch-up and a cuddle and a wee skoot about the shops! :)

The weather is again undecided in what season it is so i'm dressing for the case of rain but still being quite clamy.  I always get so annoyed when the weather is like this because you end up dressing for the rain and then the sun comes out or vice versa and it starts to pour with rain and i'm out in little open shoes, but i checked the weather and rain is on its way so i'm going prepared for it!!

So here's my wee outfit for today, just casual but practical and i tried to keep colour matched as much as i could!

also kept the accessories to a minimum and added a bit of brightness with my scarf haha :)

My outfit today consists of :

Grey Skinny Jeans.
White Vest Top.
Tequilla Star Dripping C Tee.
Black slip on ankle boots.
Red Hooded Zipper.
Leather Jacket.
Aztec Print Scarf.
Burgundy Satchel Bag.
Little Soldier Earrings.
Silver Cross Ring.

Have a great day lovelies! 

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Aussie Luscious Long Hair Care Range

Hey Girlies,

I've been a fan of Aussie for a long time and I've been using their hair care range for a good few years now and i was so pleased when they brought out the luscious long range as i've always had long hair and trying to get a hair care range for long hair only was quite a task, so once their range came out i switched to it immediately so i've been using it for at least 2 years now.

The Aussie philosophy is "There's more to life than hair, but it's a good place to start!"  which is very true, i love my hair dearly but obviously there is indeed more to life than just hair but still it's always good when your hair is looking good and healthy and is in tip top condition.

I know the Aussie range is pretty big but as i said i only use the luscious long range, and i find it really difficult to find this range outwith Boots.  I've tried numerous other shops but the luscious long range is a really hard one to come by they usually have all other ones bar that one and it gets really annoying after a while.  I know Boots have it but sometimes it's never on offer when i need it and i know that Aussie isn't the most expensive but it's not the cheapest either and at almost £4.50 for a small 250ml bottle buying 4 of those just doesn't work for me so i usually wait for it to be on offer and that the problem with me only being able to get it from one shop as if its not on offer then i need to pay through the roof to get what i usually always use.
Then i noticed about 6 months ago that in boots they had launched larger bottles of Aussie for just £5 and i was like oh man this is amazing i'm so going to stock up, then bang again another blot they don't do the luscious long in the larger bottles. Seriously? i mean come on? why do it for every other one but not that one? whats the deal, i was so annoyed that i got my wee rant on to the lady in Boots i don't think she really took on board what i was saying but still i was proper furious to say the least.  I've also checked other stores as well no and they still don't stock it either and it seriously gets on my wick, in sayng that though over the last few weeks i have noticed the odd bottle in Superdrug but the full range is never available at the one time.  And so that is just one reason i've started to get a bit annoyed with Aussie, i also e-mailed Aussie themselves but they declined to e-mail me back so who knows if they actually took my point on board as i know many girls who use Aussie and many who have long hair so why should us girls who have long hair be getting the harsh treatment when all we want is to keep our hair looking it's best!!!!

So anyway moving on i thought i would review each product in the luscious long range that i have been using and why i think it's time for a change unfortunately.

So i use the Aussie Luscious Long Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave in Conditioner and also The 3 minute miracle treatment.

First up the Shampoo

 So the Shampoo comes in a 300ml bottle size which actually isn't that large in comaprison to a lot of other shampoo's.  The shampoo itself is a blue colour has a satin like feel to it it's shiny and smells lovely i can't fault it in any way in that sense.  I usually use quite a lot of it though as although it does form a lather i feel it can take quite a lot of the product to get the lather, especially on the top of my hair i usually use about 4 handfuls and that finally makes a good lather that i can massage i also use another 4 handfuls for the underside of my hair and the length which is actually quite a lot when you look at it, the bottle itself only lasts me about 10 hair washes at max and sometimes it's way less than this it totally depeneds on how much i need to use until i feel my hair is clean.  I find that i need to absolutely soak my hair so that its like ringing wet for the lather to form better, as if i just stick under the shower and get it wet it takes ages and i find myself throwing more water on to try and drum up a lather which is a totaly pain in the ass.  The shampoo itself does work though and after about 5 minutes on i rinse it off and ifmy hair feels good and clean i move on and if not i use a lot less shampoo and rub it in my hands and do another quick lather up.  However lately the shampoo has been causing me some serious problems, it's been causing my hair to seriously tangle and not just the odd knot but serious chunks of hair getting completely messed up and in all honesty it's starting to drive me crazy as i always feel like i need to take 5 minutes and completely comb through my hair before i can even think about conditioner.  I also find the shampoo to be quite drying, i don't know if it's because i'm using more of it or if it's just not working for me anymore.  Don't get me wrong though i felt the shampoo was always slightly drying even when i first used it but the conditioner always made up for it so i thought it was just how it worked but lately it's just proving a task.  So i think i need to move on and try something new as i just don't think Aussie is doing the job is use too.

Next up is the Conditioner

The conditioner is in a smaller 250ml bottle and it's also a blue colour but it's more thick and luxurious.  I find the conditoner good, it smells delightful as do all Aussie products and it definitely helps to nourish my hair, but i feel that i use loads of it to try and coat my hair as it seem to just absorb instantly and my hair still feels dry but i think thats because the shampoo was drying my hair out and my hair was using more of the conditoner than normal, but overall it's good, the only thing i dislike is it doesn't lather very much at all and sometimes im like where have i conditioned? and also i try to avoid puttin on my top part at my scalp as it can cause that part of my hair to grease rather quickly which i try to avoid at all cost.  But it definitely helps with the dryness of the shampoo.  I always use this after the shampoo, except on the occasions when i use the miracel treatment as then i just use the leave in conditoner.  I don't find it helps with frizz or anything though as my hair is still afro like once it dries.

The Leave in Conditioner

Now this i do love again it's only a 250ml bottle but it has a spray nozzle and i do love it, i use this always after i wash my hair even if i have used the conditioner i still spray this on, It smells lovely and it works.  I find it really helps with detangling my hair as well as keeping it protected from the heat and stuff and i also find it really good with controlling my frizzy bits.  This i will continue to use.

Lastly the 3 Minute Miracle Treatment

This too i really also like.  It is again a small 250ml bottle but i feel this does last.  It smells gorgeous and i find it does what it says it does.  i use this every second time i wash my hair to keep it in tip top condition and i leave it on my hair for the 3 minutes and wrap my hair in a turban to keep the heat in which i feel aids the working of the treatment, i then only use the leave in conditioner as i feel like im not washing the goodness away.  This always leaves my hair silky and smooth and much less tangled.  It definitely does nourish and moisturise the hair for sure and i will continue to use this even if i use other shampoo and conditoner brands.

over all i think this range just isn't working for me anymore but i will still use the leave in conditioner and the miracle treatment just to keep my hair good but i am going to try out some new shampoo and conditioner brands, anyone know any good ones for long hair?

August Empties

Hey Girlies!

Finally getting around to writing up my August Empties post, but i honestly haven't used up very much this month, mostly because i haven't done much this month so i've got only a few wee things.

I only used up 5 products this month and only because i only opened a load of new products at the beginning of last month so i've not finished those yet and also because i haven't done much this month i haven't used up much make-up or anything.

1 - Vaseline with aloe vera, i always have a vaseline with me and with the crazy weather in scotland it's been really needed as my lips have been all over the place so i love using vaseline to keep moisture there :) and i have already re purchased a new little pot of it :)

2 - Boots own brand body spray, i use this for everyday use and most of the time i end up spraying it around my room like air freshner haha, but with the clamy weather over the last few weeks ive been using this more and more and find i've just been carrying it in my bed to keep topped up and cool.  I'll re-purchase another one when i'm next in boots.

3 - Rimmel primer this has actually lasted me ages and there is a tiny bit left that i can use along with my new one when im next getting make-up on, i like it though it definitely works as a cheaper primer and as i said i have picked another one up.

4 - Neutrogena moisturiser, finished this about 2 weeks ago as it hardly lasted me any time but i won't re-purchase it as i really didn't like it at all, but i done a review on it here if you wanna see.

5 - lastly was aussie leave in conditioner, really like the product and it's lasted me for ages and i always use it after i've washed my hair as i find it really helps with de tangling and keeping it smelling nice! shall possibly re purchase.

That's all my empties, short and sweet im afraid.

Friday, 7 September 2012

trying to get employed

Who knew trying to get a job was so difficult.  I am so willing to work it's maddening when you see people at the job centre who are that high they can't see 5 feet infront of them and those who really have no intention of finding a job never mind actually going to work.
Blahhh. I'm in such a blah place with employment, there's hardly any jobs in my field and the odd one that does pop up it's in England pretty much 9 times out of 10.  Then the whole one job pops up for Scotland that hundreds people will apply for, it just makes you wonder why people go though uni to end up in Asda.

Hope i get a job soon.
money is becoming a rarity on the job centre and i know that they'll soon be pushing me into a job i really don't want just so that they don't need to pay me anymore, now for one i'm not moaning i'm glad they provide the service they do as with no money i could do nothing but it just annoys me how so many people abuse the system and have no intention of finding work and just go for the sake of getting another benefit when people like me and hundreds of others are just stuck in a grey place and have actually went out of school and done something to allow us to go and get a better career, but we still end up in a call centre or something. 
Sorry this is turning out to be a wee rant, and a moan but still sometimes you just need to scream and get it out.

Here's to all us who want a job getting some decent employment soon!! :)
Need some new clothes and shoes and a holiday with my bestie :)


How much does my face cost?

Hey Lovelies,

So i've seen the whole "how much does your face cost/is worth" thing going round for a while so i thought i'd finally jump on that bandwagon and do a post on it as well.
My everyday face is pretty easy and i don't expect it to cost that much, i don't wear loads everday as i can't be bothered to get up early and do my make-up so i put on the essentials only.

So here's my everyday face!

sorry terrible photo and terrible lighting, but that's my everyday face and bath hair haha.

So i use these products :

*Rimmel fix & perfect - £4.99
*Benefit Erase Paste (1) - £19.50
*Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid - £7.99
*L'oreal blush Minerals - £8.19 ( i didn't pay that i only paid £1)
*Rimmel stay matte powder - £3.99
*Revlon photoready blush - £7.99 (i only paid £2)
*Vaseline - £1.99
*L'oreal volume million lashes - £10.99
* No7 amazing eyes - £7.00
*simple corrector eye pen - £1.50

that's how i create my face each day just as a casual basic everyday look which is easy and non complicated.
The total cost comes too: £74.13
I actually thought it would be less than that which it owuld be really as i got a few things really cheap but overall thats not so bad as this all lasts me quite a while so i get a good few faces out of all this!


Hy Girlies,

thought i'd share what i wore out today.  I had som errands to run in town today and the doctors to go to this morning, and it was a horrible day outside, raining but that kind of smirry rain that just soaks you completely and it was windy and just yucky, typical Scottish wather so i thought i'd keep my outfit simple and cosy but also practical.

*Check Shirt - Primark (so cosy)
*White vest top - H&M
*Black leggings - H&M

*Earrings (little plastic apple) - Primark (Haul Here)
*Silver Cross Ring - Dorothy Perkins 

*Flat Boots (Riding Boot style) - Primark

* Black Leather Hooded Jacket  - Primark
* Grey Zebra Print Snood - Primark
*Black & White Zebra print Satchel - H&M

That was my outfit for today for running my errands and keeping me slightly dry.
I love Zebra print just incase that isn't obvious ha :)

Have a good day lovelies! :)

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Blog Button.

Hey Girlies,

So i finally got around to making myself a blog button and after much editing here and there it works.

So if any of you want to put my button on your blog i would thoroughly appreciate that and just let me know and i will display yours on mines too!! :)


Hey Girlies,

So since Autumn is well on the way well in Scotland it is anyway, it's been really cold and windy lately and with the dark nights coming in.  I'm starting to find myself more inclined to use darker colours on my nails now instead of my brights and pastels, as i find my nail polishes kinda go with my mood and the seasons, sometimes totally unintentionally.

So for this weeks nail i decided to just stick to what i know and go for a subtle nude autumn nail that will go with absolutely anything.

I used two shades to create the colour i wanted as one of the shades was really light and one was a bit darker than i wanted to i mixed them up to create the inbetween shade that i wanted.

This was the two nail polishes that i used.
I used one from Fearne Cotton's range from last season, and a 17 polish also from last season.

Firstly was the 17 polish, and this was a new shade just out last autumn season, and is called Forever, it's a really cute shade and is a dark beige sort of taupe colour and goes completeley opaque within two coats but i usually apply 3 just for the full effect of the colour, but it applies well and doesn't streak too much.

 Next up was the polish from Fearne Cotton's range and this shade was again from last seasons shade range and is called Taupe.  It is a much lighter shade almost a light beige in comparison to the 17 shade.  It also goes completely opaque within the two coats but again i usually apply 3 coats just to get the full effect.  The brush is good and the polish applies well and smoothly.

So to the get the look i wanted i used 3 coats and mixed them up and i done a base coat of fearne cottons shade then the 17 and another coat of fearne cottons colour and this gave me a nice subtle shade as i didn't want it too dark or too light so this gave me a good middle shade, and looks subtle but stillgives the nail a nice hue :)

p.s sorry for the terrible photos. BB again.