Monday, 13 August 2012

Shopping Haul

Hey Girlies,

so i thought i'd share some of the stuff that i have purchased over the last few weeks with you's.
It's not much because the job centre doesn't pay me much so i have to be much more money savvy than i am usually as i still have bills to pay!!

so anyway here's some snaps of what i have been buying!! :)
some good bargains!!

sorry about the terrible photos, my BB takes terrible photies.

Firstly i got some new skinny jeans from Primark, i had been looking for new jeans for the inter coming and stuff, and i seen these new supersoft ones i thought i would give them a go as i feel that when you wear leggings for so long having to go back to jeans feels so strange as they can feel really restrictive but these were supersoft and didn't even feel like jeans but looked liked them if you know what i mean.  I also go this charcoal grey colour for a change because i always stick to black and blue and i've always liked grey plus grey also goes with anything so i got these ones, they were £11 which not being too stingy i thought was pricey for primark but going by topshop etc they were a steal.

Next up Disco pants in black, had been longing for a pair of these so went and got them and i love them, i have already done a post on these here if you want to read more about them.

I think this was last seaon A/W at topshop but i don't care about whats trendy when.  I had seen these in the topshop winter sale last year but didn't think they were worth the £20 asking price as to be fair you could spit peas through it, it's just like spider webbing in a jumper... so i hung on and low and behold it popped up on Ebay so i got it for £1.50 hello bargain, and it's cute on and its navy blue but i like thats its a bit different to everyday black and i look forward to wearing it soon!!

These were a shirt i had longed and longed for and i couldn't find them in any Primarks near me so i gave up on getting my hand on one, but again old faithful Ebay came up with them!!

The one on the left which is the one length is actually navy blue and white but it looks really good with the gold accent buttons and stuff it's so nice on and although its sheer you could get away with nothing under it but i'd probs put on a vest top or a bandeau, i got it on ebay brand new for £3 which is a bargain!

The one on the right is a dip hem version of the same shirt but in black and white stripes.
it's much more casual and is the same sheer material, i got that from ebay too brand new for £2 another top bargain honestly couldn't believe my luck when i came across them i love finding stuff like that on ebay so now i know if i hang on long enough i will eventually get it on ebay! Hooray.

This was just a random presumptious buy haha, since i know i need to get a job i thought this could go in my interview clothes haha but it was a nice shirt and is nice on and it was on the £1 rail in primark so i couldn't really say no to it now could I?

This was another shirt from the reduced rack in Primark, sorry i just pulled it out the bag hence why it is so crumpled, its a nice deep red/burgundy colour and i already own one of these shirts and they are just comfy for those days when you want to be baggy and comfy and just layer up perfect! so easy to dress up or down! it was £3 :)

 These were little gutties i picked up from Primark as my other ones are well done. I got red for a change of colour and navy blue instead of black, they are uber comfy and just pretty little things and for just £3 each they were well worth it.


Again i picked these up in Primark just because they were awfy cute and because they were zebra print and i do love zebra print, they were only £3 so i got them, they are comfy comfy too which always helps!

picked this bag up to from Primark because it was on sale and because it had  enough room for all my stuff and i got in tan because i decided i own enough black and if i was wearing all black then this would be a nice accent colour to break it up,

 haha it seems like i only went to primark but i did pop into a few other places!

Lush was my next stop.
i adoreeeeee this stuff, smells amazing!!! and works a treat, i only got a small bottle because my mum was buying me it and the bigger bottle was a bit pricey so i got two things for the price of a big bottle, this was like £3 or something and it'll do me, can't wait to use it and get all nice smelling and glittery.

Next up i got some lip tint

this was a snow fairy lip tint and i had never seen it before but my mum got i when she went to the till, it smells soooooo good and is pink in colour and gives your lips a slight colour so cute!! thats if i can keep on my lips for long enough without licking it back off haha.

 My last stop was H&M but i don't have photos of what i got so i'll take them off the website.

 Black leggings was my first stop as all my others were starting to get a bit yucky so i stopped off and picked up a new pair, i got the thicker than normal ones since autumn is coming and they were £7.99

the top is really nice, and the material is light and airy, and i like that it has little 3/4 length sleeves and more of a dip hem at the back, it was £10 the most i spent was on this top haha but its nice and i will purchase the other ones too because they are also cute!

so that was my clothing haul!!

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