Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Welcome to the working world....

So I officially started Work on Monday and had my second day today.  Monday was just induction day and company policy and stuff.  So far though Debenhams seems like a really nice place to work.

Got my uniform and my name badge, is it sad that i've always kinda wanted a name badge? haha.

It's just black trousers with my top and my fleece or just a black cardigan if i want.  Comfy and cosy.

So far everything is going good, everyone is really nice, and I'm in the home department and it's really nice and the people are lovely and willing to help me out, but there's actually so much to remember already, pin numbers for all the stock rooms and how to work things etc but i'll get there.

Today was till training today, my gosh talk about being threw in at the deep end, so much to remember in 4 hours ..... but hopefully they will put me on in quiet days and then i can go at my own pace and learn it and get it all right.

Tomorrow is my first actual shift. Eeek, i'm on 11-3 then i have a oyal mail interview at 3.45 talk about timing. Ahhh stress stress stree but i'll manage it somehow!!

anyway looking forward to working in debenham, so if you ever pop in to the Ek one drop by the home department and say Hello :)

Thursday, 25 October 2012

The lengths we go to, to make ourselves look good.

Hey Girlies,

I've been reading so many "my skin care routine posts" so i decided to put my skin on one of those posts, as i find they don't cover any of my personal issues.

I'll start with the basics, i turn 25 in exactly 13 days. I know 25 i hear you say, how is that possible.. haha.  No really though turning a quarter of a century old is quite scary, as i feel i have accomplished hardly anything in life.  But still there's plenty years to do everything i want.  But one thing that has never changed over the last 10 years is my skin, it's still "shite" so to put it bluntly.

Although it may seem drastic to say that about my skin, it's completely true, i have never been one of those people who was blessed with good skin, i have always suffered with bad skin.  It all started when i was 14, and bit personal but it was not due to puberty as i was a "late starter" and only at 17 did stuff start to come about, so all this it's her hormones/puberty business was absolute bullshit.  But that's an easy excuse for people to use.  I found that i stuck out like a sore thumb, with terrible red, blotchy and acne skin, especially on my face it was Horrendous.  Anyway i finally went to the doctors about it when i was 15 and they gave me tablets which i was on for around 2 years.... to start with they really helped, although my skin was still shockingly bad, it reduced the redness and stopped the almost daily breakouts and to be honest it was like a miracle to me, and back then when at 15 i was still a kid, wearing make-up wasn't really the done thing to school or anything so i was like nowhere to hide really.  I found that after about a year and half the tablets stopped working, to be honest they probably stopped working well before that but that's when i noticed it, and i went back the doctors but they said to let my skin be for a while and see what happened. 

Thankfully my skin appeared to actually be okay, and by okay i mean in the sense of it was drasically better than what it was but still a million miles away from "perfect", but for me "perfect" was never achieveable.

At 16/17 i was preparing for my school prom and was quite excited, but the night before i got the dreaed "spots" and found out i had chicken pox and was unable to attend my prom, gutted wasn't the word.  The chicken pox were awful i'm not even going to lie, they covered my face really badly, and i ended up in the doctors as they had spread down my throat and stuff and to be honest i looked horrible, once i got better some of my scabs had came off when i was sleeping and stuff and they left me scarred, i still have quite a lot of scars on my face from the chicken pox and one quite large one in the centre of my nose, but they are something that you learn to live with and to be honest things like that can't rule your life and there are people out there with permaneant disfigurements and they go about their daily life with a positive outlook.

Over the next 5 years my skin had it's good and its shockingly bad days but that's just how it goes.  I honestly thought that by now at nearly 25 my skin would have sorted itself out, but alas it hasn't therefore, i do believe i'll just be one of those people who will never have lovely smooth skin, i'll be the Cameron Diaz of the celebrity world.
At least by trying to keep my break-outs and blemishes at bay i'm trying to keep my skin under control, and my doctors are really helpful with me.  Although in years to come, i do think i will seek detmatalogical advice and see if i can have any treatments done, not to improve my appearance, but just to try and help with my scars and things, especially not i find, ifi i have a large spot, although they take ages to go away i find i get left with a dark mark or a scar now and i really don't want to suffer that because i have enough, but still i'm trying to keep my fingers off my face.  My skin won't dramatically fix itself, i know this, but still if i can do small things to help limit break-outs and just keep my skin looking decent then i will.

But this is just to say doesn't matter your skin condition, you learn to live with it, i know i look like a gremlin without make-up on, but i don't care i can go make-up free days, i don't stress about going to the shop without a full face on, i think that's better for you, and plastering your skin with make-up clearly doesn't help with already bad skin.  And to be quite frank, if you can't go without make-up to your local shop then you need to stand back and take a look and life goes on and make-up doesn't make or break you, at least then if you have those free days and you feel good about yourself then when you have your make-up on that will only boost your confidence further! :) be happy and be happy with yourself.

Anyway sorry about that spiel.... here's my new wee routine i do after the bath! :)

I recently bought a face steamer to help just cleanse my pores, as my skin won't dramatically get better i know that so just keeping it clean is good enough for me.  So i decided to implement a new little routine.  Firstly if i have a bath then i will put my face mask on after 10 minutes in the bath as the steam acts like a natural pore opener, but if not i will steam my face for 10 minutes then apply my face mask, and follow the routine.

My bath routine consists of, bath, and after 10 minutes add on my facemask, leave to dry and rinse off, wash my face.
I think add a deep hair conditioning treatment to my hair at the end of my bath and i wrap it up in my towel into a turban and leave it on for 30 minutes, during that time i follow through with my after bath routine.

start the face steamer.... steam my face for 8 minutes and apply cleanser.....clean off and steam my face for a further 5 minutes, i then apply a face mask/cloth that i soak in toner and apply this for 15 minutes, i then steam my face with this on for 5 minutes, then peel the mask off, i then steam my face for a further 5 minutes and then chage to the nose steamer, to which i steam my nose for 7 minutes, after which i turn my steamer off, and moisturise my skin, and go was my deep conditioning hair treatment off.
And usually my skin looks glowy and as healthy as it can be, i try to do this 3 times a week then do my normal, cleanse/tone/moisturise and usualy and do a hot cloth cleanser on a sunday!

here's some awful photo's of my in my grove.

               Deep conditioning hair treatment on, hair turban on.  /   Face steamer set - up and warming up.

1. face mask in the packet - can get them from Ebay Here
2. Soak the mask in toner, or whatever you want to use, and it swells and unfolds.
3. the mask after it was peeled, off, ghostly looking thing.

 Top photo: me with the mask on, so attractive.. i know.
Second photo: starting to steam
Finished steaming, beware it does get hot..so you may need to pull your face out slightly.

 Nose steamer ^

Finished atricle, all moisturised up. Sexy. Ha.

Twist & Out - Instant nail polish remover.

Hey Girlies,

I've been seeing the bourjois nail polish remover thing everywhere on the blogisphere, but i usually just use paton's nail polish remover in either the liquid or the pads and i've been using it for years, absolute years and it's still only 69p absolute bargain if you ask me.
But i was up the street a few days back and decided to go a wander around my local Poundland.... and i found this wee beaut.  "Twist & Out" nail polish remover, and the tub is really similar to that of Bourjois, so i thought well for only £1 i'm not losing anything if it's crap and to be honest i did expect it to be absolute nonsense.
However it is not, it's actually really good!

So it looks like this.

It's pretty similar all round to the Bourjois one, it's the same size and does the same thing really.  Inside there is a sponge with a little slit and you push your finger in and twist until all the nail polish is removed, it is literally that simple.  It's genuis why has no-one came up with it sooner.  It saves the mess of using cotton pads etc, and to be honest it doesn't smell horrendous either and youf fingers don't drip or anything once you remove them from the sponge if anything they are dry in an instant.  Once your finished you just pop the lid back down and put it away.  It does work, and it's not at all difficult to use, i'd fefinitely recommend it to anyone, especially good when you are in a hurry.

This is how it worked:

Painted nails. ^

Dip in and twist, one finger at a time. ^

Ta Dah....All polish gone. ^
Defo worth a purchase girls, specially at £1 and especially if you change your nail polish a lot, saves you time, hassel and mess!
Little Gem :)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Employment Luck!!

Can't believe my luck today, after being so happy at having gotten a Christmas job at Debenhams, i now have another interview. Yey.  This time it's for the Royal Mail again only temporary to cover the Christmas period!

Actually cannot believe my luck as last year i applied for everything going and got absolutely nowhere with it.  But now i have an interview for Next Wednesday! I know i already have my job at debenhams, butit's only 16 hours which is 4 hours/over 4 days and to be honest with birthday and christmas coming up i could use more, so i thought why not just go to the interview.  The royal mail interview is for night work and this would be perfect as it wouldn't interfere with my job at debenhams and i could use the extra money to get my family and best friend much nicer presents!! :)

so happy to have another interview, fingers crossed it goes well and i soon will have two jobs and some extra pennies!



Saturday, 20 October 2012


Hey Girlies!

Selling some items on Ebay, they finish tomorrow, so go have a wee swatch and see if you's fancy anything.

Check it out here
I got some proper good bargain off Ebay in the last few days!

Although...i really don't like the new change of the logo and layout, jeezo why fix it when it's not broke. Leave it be Ebay, i don't like change!! 

anyway go give me some monies for christmas presents!


Hey Girlies!!

Thought i'd have a quick catch up with the blogisphere.
Been slightly awol recently, so thought i'd you all a wee update on what was happening.

So anyway what have you's all been up to anything exciting??

I've a had slightly mixed time of it lately.

The end of september was pretty disasterous, my cousin's partner had a sudden cardiac arrest and he didn't make it, it was a total shock, honestly never seen it coming what so ever, so that was my september weekend stuffed, i just lay in my bed for a week and spoke to no one and honestly i just felt lost i honestly don't know how my cousin coped, anyay had to travel down to Manchester for the funeral and it was honestly heartbreaking. But the funeral was lovely, really lovely and i hope she gets on okay and i hope she comes up here soon!!  :)  SO i done the driving to give my dad a break and it was quite an experience, spcially with all the artic lorries, they guys just don't care!

After returning home i kinda stayed home for another week just to get myself together, then it's just been a mish mash of stuff.  Been hanging out with my best friend and helping her with uni work, also been at the job centre as well.

On a totally brighter note i got a job! yey. Debenhams for christams, but honestly i would have taken anything just to get out of the job centre, the place is a joke!

Then i went to see Kevin Bridges with my brother at the SECC Glasgow and he was hilarious, absolutely hilarious, honestly never laughed so much in the space of 2 hours, some of his jokes were just so true like i done the same things at school it was so funny!

Also done some more baking too! Cupcakes & Shortbread haha.

so yeah been a total mixed bag, anyway here's some snaps of my time out from the blogisphere.

Also started my Christmas shopping, almost got my mum's sorted, got her big things anyway, looking forward to my first wage so i can get more in, although i need inspiration, totally don't know what to get for my dad or Kirsty, Dilema!!

Also as a quick note, my best friend Kirsty over at The Style Khalessi, is starting up a bookclub blog so if you like books then check out her book blog (The Bloggers Library)

Collective Haul.

Hey Girlies,

Seems likes ages ago since i last posted, which it was haha, but i'm back with some posts before i start working!!

So anyway thought i'd share with you some of the things i've picked up in a little collective haul of everything.  This is just stuff i;ve picked up and that my mum has bought for me in like the last 3 weeks! :)

First up my mum bought me a new quilt for my bed :) oh man it's so warm and cosy and i love it already, so brighten up the terribly dreary eather i put a nice bright bed cover on it :).  I got the quilt for £15 and for silent night that's pretty sweet!!  

Kirsty picked this up for me from Body care, i think they were on offer for like 2 for £2 or something.  It smells soooooo nice, i've half used it already and shall defo re-purchase next time i'm at a bodycare! :)

This was a mask sheet thing i got 10 from ebay for £1.25 and i use them for like soaking in toner and for putting my face mask on, they are actually really good.  Although you look a bit like a ghost they do work well.

I also bought this facial steamer, i got this for when i'm using my face masks, becuase instead of only using them in the bath, i can just steam my face and that will open my pores up and i can use my face masks that way too! get more use out of them.  this was £10 from Argos. Bargain.

More face wipes! they never go wrong and i go through them like they are going out of fashion, they were on offer in boots on 3 for £3 so i just picked up 3 packs.

Bought this mud pack, instead of buying the individual pack, for £1 each i bought the bigger pack for only £5 and i'll get quite a few uses out of this so it's definitely worth the money.

This is just like a cheap version of Zovirax lol.  I got it because i cut my lip right at the corner on a piece of paper and it just started to crack and wasn't getting better so i bought this for £1 from bodycare to help dry it and heal it up, it does work, all be it.. it takes abit longer, but at £6 for a small tube zovirax just wasn't an option.  But this done the trick!

This is this nail polish thing that everyone is going on about, and this is the £1 shop version, i've no idea if it works as i haven't used it yet, but i shall review it and let you know.

This as a pack of little dotting tools that i bought off ebay.  It's 5 little tools with different sized balls at the bottom that leave a small or large dot.  I got the set for £1.36 which is a gooooodie.

This is a No7 nail polish that i picked up with a boots voucher, but beware it's all changed, the bottles are different, and the voucher is only £3 off now instead of 5 but they have brought the price of the nail polish down to £5.50 instead of £8 so you still get your nail polish for £2.50. Lovely colour and as good as the No7 stuff always is.

Picked these tights from Primark, they were each £1, the first ones (left) nude ith little darker nude spots.  The other ones are black and in the middle they have little nude bits ith black bows.  They are cute and i love tights!

This cardigan i picked up from Primark on the sale rack, it's black with a pink diamond chain like design, super cute and super cosy!! :) i got it for £4 instead of £14 Yey. Bargain.

This was just a "work" outfit pick up lol. Black trousers from primark, they were only £5 and they will totally do the business.

Plain white vest top, who doesn't need one of those?
haha, i find that when you buy a white vest top and wear it a few times, after a few washes it's not white anymore, so this was only £2 and i needed another one but i also was looking for a longer one.

also picked up this super cute bag, it's a good size and is studded with silver studs and it can be a clutch bag or it can be an over the body bag as the strap is totally removable!  this was only £6 and i'll use it for both everyday/work/and nights out!
total best all rounder type bag.

 I've been eyeing this up for ages!!!!! And then today i found it on the sale rack, it was without the belt so i got more money off the sale price, haha yey!  It's a little playsuit with little white rabbits all over it, has a little peter pan collar and the collar is connected by a little chain and has two little pockets, it's honestly the cutest wee thing, and i'll rock it up with tights and that'll be that.  It was originally £15, down to £5 but i got it for £3 because the belt as missing. bargain!!

This is my absolute Favourite little dress.  Found it in the sale rack, tucked aay in amongst lots of other clothes, and it was a total gem of a find, i love love LOVE it.  The colour is so nice and i think the little polka dot collar and pockets just sets it off competely, it's so nice and i love shift dresses. So Cute!!!  This was only £5 :) best purchase soooooo far!

These 3 are new leggings.
First ones (top left)  i got these from the new look sale, they are lovely, they are like a metallic sheen material with an all over animal print, they are navy blue and really different and pretty they also have a high waist. They ere £20, down to £9 and i got 20% off using a code thingy so i got them for just over £7, really good price, and i really like them :).

The second ones (top right) were a random purchase from Tesco, seen them on the sale rack and i'm loving the burgundy colour trend right now so these were perfect plus they are thick material perfect for winter. £5.

and lastly << These are just another everyday pair of black thick leggings from H&M. £7

These were purchased only last week as i already have the grey ones.  These are the ultra soft jeans, they are almost like jeggings but a bit better, they were £11 but cmpared to £40 odd from topshop they were a pretty good bargain.  they are super comfy as well. So hopefully they will bring out more colours and i'll be picking up some more!

this was just a little crop top from Primark, £2 and i'll wear it over a long vest top or with my disco pants!! :)

just a wee top from h&m for £6, i love grey and i love that all the grey tones are coming back out again, this is just an everyday top!

Another wee H&M purchase, i got this again as a sort of everyday top, but i also like the sleeves are longer too and the longer hem line at the back is good too! longer tops are needed for winter coming in. £10

Another casual grey top (haha can you see a pattern emerging), it was a sale purchase from Dorothy Perkins!, just plain and has little buttons on the shoulders.  Plus longer sleeves are a must for winter so here's my winter wardrobe starting.  £5 

little transparent cream shirt, has long sleeves but they can be tied up or left long.  really nice little shirt, perfect for causl but also for dressing up too! Primark £6.

Sorry girlies i just realised how long this is haha, apologies!