Monday, 20 August 2012

Visibly Clear Oil Free Moisturiser Review

Hey Lovelies,

So in my last haul i purchased this moisturiser.

I bought it as it was on offer and also because i have the facial wash and scrub that i've been using and they have been working, so i thought i'll get the moisturiser and keep it all from the same brand. Hmmm yeah i'm not loving it at all so far.
The packaging is pretty and sleek and pink and cute but thats where it ends.
Firstly the box seems huge but the bottle is actually tiny and in all honesty i was totally disappointed, i was just a bit like really £5 for this? so anyway it's a 50ml bottle with a screw on lid.  The tube itself is okay but when the cream is running out you really need to proper squeeze it to get some out.

So it states that it hydrates and refreshes the skin and helps to keep skin clear and soft.
Well firstly the texture is okay but honestly i think it's more like a primer thats the kinda texture it has it comes out white but when you apply it, it goes like clear and invisible and i feel you need a lot of it only because when you dot it on and i dot all over my face by the time you get back  its like really hard to rub in and had become alomost like dry and i hated that, once i managed to rub it in it was okay but nothing amazing, it only started to feel good once i had left it for a few minutes and then applied my actual moisturiser over it then it felt like it kept my skin soft, but i really didn't like it as a moisturiser itself it just felt like it dried way to quick, it was to clear i couldnt remember where i had dotted it and it smelled nice but like yoghurt? if you know what i mean ..yeah it was weird.

I honestly do not rate it and ithought by using it after using the wash it would work wonders but it actually didn't, and it left me a bit bemused if im honest.
i won't repurchase it as i;m halfway through it already and i've only had it over a week, which is ridic.
plus its not the cheapest at £4.99, specially when you need to use as much of it in one go.

whats your girls favourite moisturiser?