Wednesday, 22 August 2012


So since i haven't signed up to the gym yet i got out my Wii and have been doing Wii fit for the past 4 days and it's actually really good, i honestly should have started doing this sooner.

I'm not overwieht but i have gained weight by just sitting about the house eating so i decided i would lose these pounds and just get fit and tone up, and to be quite frank i'm not a fan of sloggin for hours in the gym, i prefer to go have a full on hour class and even the Wii makes its all really fun.
I prefer the fun way to exercise so that you don't feel like your excerising and your having a good time, as when i go to the gym i'm bored within the hour or actual fact i'm bored after about 10 minutes of watching girls clad in a full face of make-up and tiny shorts prancing around adoring themselves in the mirror, and guys as orange as tango, making ridiculous noise and flexing themselves in the mirror then there is me, a sweaty red mess sans make-up huffin and puffin like a granny in the corner, that just puts me off the gym, so at least in your own home you can look as ridic as you want as it's only you who sees youself and you have no ridiculous people surrounding you and making you feel even more self conscious than you already do.  Plus when i go to the gym i spend more time watching the tvs that are built into the machines than actually doing any exercise.

So i took up the Wii, so far i have been doing an hour a day on the Wii Fit and an hour of Zumba for the Wii each day too, as well eating a bit more healthy than i usually do.

So 4 days ago i was 8st 6lbs and had a BMI of 19.57
Today i am almost down 8st 5, i'm about 3 wee bits over still, and my BMI is down to 19.20
so steady does it as they say.
since i have been doing it each day my muscles don't ache as much as after day one i could hardly lift my arm haha, but i'm all good again.

I have also purchased a work out DVD that i will do on a sunday just to change things up.

plus hopefully my zumba class starts up again soon and i'll get back to that!!

I'm eating healthier too and tring to cut out silly snacks, so instead of crisps i had a krisproll with some ham and cucumber :)

I don't believe in diets i honestly think they just hamper you, yes they work as a quick fix not a life long diet and nutritional plan.  My motto is moderation, everything in moderation.  It's so stupid to cut out treats, because it leads you to want them all the more, so have a treat all be it once day a week or just have a biscuit it's not going to put a pound on, you can eat what you want, you just do it in smaller portions and eat food that will keep you going, slow releasing carbs, yes carbs, they are not the end of the world.
Cut out carbs and you replace it with something else, thats what diets do, cut out one things and pile in loads of other bad things, there is no miracle cure and everything is bad for you these days, so suck it up eat what you like all be it in a sensible manner and do some light exercise everyday even if its half an hour, sitting down you can still exercise so try it.

This is just a silly post about me trying new exercise things, it's not a moan nor something i intend anyone to follow.


  1. Spot on about dieting :-) Do you have the wii fitness board? That's really good for exercising with, although uses up so many batteries! I think cycling and zumba are much more effective than running on a treadmill in the gym while looking at a tv screen!x

    1. I do have the board yeah, it's good! :)

      I go to a zumba class too it's fun, i use to love cycling then i fell away from it, thin i'll need to get back into it :)
      haha exactly!! :) x

  2. I've nominated you for a Liebster blog award :)

  3. I'm not over weight either but I get into ruts where I'm just sitting around and not doing much exercise. I kind of go through phases of exercising like wii fit or dance games etc or bike riding. I use to love swimming but always had to go on my own because no one I knew ever wants to go swimming so that kind of stopped but I would love to start it up again :) I agree that if you give up all treats you just want them more!

    Tanesha x

    1. Aww i know exactly what you mean. I get stuck in ruts all the time!

  4. I don't believe in diets, just eating healthily & plenty of exercise!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Happy Tuesday Hun xoxo


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