Sunday, 5 August 2012

Another Liebster Award.

Hey Lovelies,

So i received another Liebster award from Ellie Rose over at Rose et Belle, but since i have just done a Liebster award i thought i would just answer the questions that Ellie set and say thank so very much for nominating my blog for the award! :)

so here are the questions from Ellie

1- If you could only have one makeup item what would it be and why?  Probably Mascara as i think it makes you look more normal and awake and alive when you have no other make-up on.
2- Who/What inspired you to start blogging?
It was just something that came about really, my friend had started doing it and i had seen it all happening on tumblr and just thought i'm going to do that too.
3- What is your favourite place clothes shop? 
Hmm, It's Primark, New look and H&M can't decide on only one.
4- What is your favourite sport to watch in the Olympics? 
5- If you designed your own fragrance what would you call it? 
Noir, i just like the word, i think it applies to many things. Or seven, just because its a number i've always liked and was the day i was born.
6- What is your favourite type of shoe? 
oh man, i love Wedges, but ankle boots i love too.
7- Tell me your hair care secret/tip? 
wash the shampoo out in warm water and the conditoner out in colder water, leaves no residue and gets it all out.
8- Lipstick or Lipgloss? 
lipstick, glass can be too messy and sticky.
9- If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?  
I'd just be a bit taller.
10- Who is your celebrity style crush?
blake lively is gorgeous total girl crush

Thanks again to Ellie for the nomination !!



  1. Yay aww great post aha ;D xox

    1. Thank-you :)
      Your questions were awesome to answer! thank you! :) xx

    2. no worries! thankyou xox

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    1. Thanks!
      yeah course i'll go follow you through gfc <3 x

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