Monday, 30 April 2012

having a slight meltdown.

i think my exam tomorrow may not go so well and here was me thinking this was the easier one.

ooohhhh mannnn :(

it needs to be tuesday at 5pm now so i can just relax and sleep.

decided if i fail its fine i will re-sit in November least then i'll be able to graduate with someone i like.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

study day

 Brain food!! ^

 cosy feet is a must >

 chemistry. yuck >

 cosy study clothes <3

wish i had a photographic memory!! ^ too much to learn!!

decisions decisions

what colour?

Saturday, 28 April 2012

major wants...

i'd love some of these like right now please!! :)

liz earle? pro-active?

anyone tried any liz earle stuff i was looking to maybes try the cleanser or something but it's not cheap cheap so i wndered if anyone would recommend it before i go buy?

also pro-active?
anyone used/ tried it?
any good it says its "clinically proven" but so is just about everything i've ever tried so i don't know if i fancy wasting £40 for it to do nothing...

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Wash

so i recently bought this everyday facial wash from boots only really because it was on offer and i had seen it advertised.

I have terrible skin, dry, prone to spot break-outs constantly and really senesitive and tbh i've spent quite a lot of money buying all these lotions and potions and still nothing works from the cheap to the expensive.

so this is the daily scrub, but there is also a facial wash too.

so firstly its pink which is cute right?
also it smells so nice!!
so i thought why not lets get it..

so it says on it:
An uplifting daily facial scrub with powerful MicroClear® technology and exfoliating micro-beads, the formula unclogs pores to clean deeply and help eliminate spots and blemishes. The refreshing scrub gently purifies the skin without overdrying, while a wave of pink grapefruit uplifts the senses with a burst of invigorating freshness.

i just splashed my face with some warm water and then massaged this in it has like little beads in it so don't scrub too hard or it gets a wee bit sore, and i usually just wet a little exfoliating sponge and rub it in too release all the lather, just in circular motions all over then just wash it off with warm does leave your skin feeling really clean and soft and i do again before i go to bed.

i've been using it for about two weeks now and althoug it hasn't made me look like a supermodel it hasn'tmade me look like a pizza either and it's actually not brought out any rashes or anything so for that fact alone i'm goign to keep with it for £4 it's a pretty good wee number and the bonus of it not irritating my face is even better!!


Friday, 27 April 2012


people need to stop with the WHITEY thing.
fucking hell your not "whitey'ing" your bring sick coz you were fucking steaming,
jesus fuck man people need to learn the context of words.

whitey = drugs
sick/spew = booze.

this is actually annoying me to major amounts...specially coz people i know are doing it.
stop Stop STOP it.
the size of some people's ego's that i know is ridiculous.

maybe i'm just a harsh judge of charcter but jeezo.

it's always the ugly ones.


so yeah today i went for my last session of laser hair removal.
oh well OUCH.
it was major sore this time.
it was my 6th session of a block and my underarms are amazing so i think they will be done, but my bikini line is still a bit like a patchwork quilt haha.  so i think i'm going to need more sessions hopefully only 2 or that and hopefully they won't be as sore, so be honest i was going in expecting it to be pretty damn  straightforward but i got a new woman and put the high temp on instead of my usual and proper pressed it into my skin i can honestly say it was bum clenching nippy....thankfully it was only 4 blasts and it was over and i couldn't have been more glad i was counting down the blasts.

but all in all its totally worth it definitely no pain no gain, and plus the fact it was only £100 was an absolute steal!! so the saving itself is proper worth it and once it's all done it's also going to be totally worth it, however i'm pretty sure my toosh is burnt so i'm off to have a cooler bath :)

p.s if you've got any questions about the laser i'll try answer them!! :)


is something i never eat just because i'm not a morning person and i definitely could not face food at like 7 in the morning.

but today since i only got up at half 10 i decided to have some breakfast some ready brek (don't judge its good) and a cuppa tea and it was quite smashin'

if only i could get up at this time everyday i think i may try and eat breakfast more
except those days when i'm out at half 7 i would just be sick i'm not even fully awake at that time never mind having to eat food.

well need to go get ready as i'm off to get  my laser session and i duno what else the day will bring.

have a good friday!! :]


Thursday, 26 April 2012

having a wee study break.

so painting my nails, since i'm leaving the house tomorrow ha.
also need to actually brush and straighten my hair.

Tomorrow is my last session of laser hair removal well last of a block of 6 but i'll need to go back for more on my bikini line as i think my underarms will be totes fabulous by tomorrow!!
no more shaving ever amazing.

however not so amazing is fixing down there.. hmmm hope it doesn't get costly or take ages there is always a wee blip in these things i suppose though.

still at £100 i cannot moan so i'm not going to well not much.

after that tomorrow i'll be back home to study and study all weekend!! exam tuesday then on weds i need to go put in a scf form for uni and also register for my graduation and look at graduation stuff to see what im going to do.
need to get friends birthday present organised also and have some lunches, go to te cinema at some point and do a stupid pointless bloody poster.

then the exam result wait is on.
totes failing one at least!

awk well i've always had re-sits not point changing habits of a lifetime is there :)

anyway i'mm off for a cuppa tea and some brain food - cakes :)

p.s people who try to figure out what im up to by snooping away ye go.
wee snitch.

13 essays

thats what ive wrote today and i still have more to do!! argh so much learn and i'm never going to be able to do it.

eeesh i'll be soooo glad when uni is finally over forever honestly cannot deal with this level of stress for much longer i'm dying a bit inside everyday.
honestly became such a recluse this last month.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


i'm in two minds on whether or not to go to my uni Graduation.
I know it seems like such a big thing and i probably should go, its just that i've never been big on being in for the attention and showing off to everyone its just not me.  Also the sole reason i don't want to go is my friends have all failed an exam and won't graduate until November but so far i haven't and if i don't fail the ones i'm studying for just now then i'm going to graduate in June and i'll be doing on my lonesome, i know i wouldn't be sitting with them anyway but at least they would have been there and we could have had a chat and got photos taken and stuff but i can't really do that now!!

so i'm undecided on what to do.
plus its going to cost a fair bit of money to get all the graduation stuff sorted and not to sound stingy but i don't have a job and my mum and dad are not in the financial situation to just pay for it so like its money im putting out for a whole 3 hour ceremony in which for a whole 2 minutes i'll walk up and get a certfificate whereas if i don't go i save the money and still get the certificate.

argh. totally duno what to do.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Having a bit of an off day today.

studying is really not going so well.
just don't have the motivation to want to study today... my exam is still a week away thankfully so hopefully i'll get back on it later today or tomorrow.

my heart is also beating seriously faster than usual, duno if its just me or if it really is going much faster haha.
here's hoping i don't just die.

now decided to watch dispicable me and have some tea toast and hoops :)
best combo.
doesn't matter how many times i see this movie it still gets me in stitches!! :)

Monday, 23 April 2012

Inside Nature's Giants

I <3 this tv show.
i'm like proper inti watching animal documentaries, specially the david attenborough ones... that was until i found out he used fake stuff...
but this show is honestly amazing.
even if your squemish or whatever its not even that bad its just so interesting...
i caught up on the kangaroo earlier and it was crazy like unbelievable...
here's some intresting facts for you..
the female kangaroo has 3 vaginas!!!
the male kangaroo has his scrotum before his penis..
a baby kangaroo is born within 28 days of mating and is the size of a jellybean and is still an embryo and it climbs its mums fur to get to the pouch where it doesn't surface again until 4 months later when it's a proper wee Joey!!

honestly enthralled with this show!! :]

productive day

had quite a productive day today.
got up and posted my E-bay parcels
then did some studying got 4 essay plans done.
took a break for lunch and decided to make a lemon tart too! :)
it turned out pretty nice, but alas the proof is in the tasting so hopefully it tastes as good as it looks!!

made a stir fry for dinner too as my mum was planting.
oh btw my mum and dad are into growing flowers and vegetables so i get abandoned this time of year for the plants!!

here's some photo's of my day!! :]
hope you had a good Monday too!!

dinner and pudding :) yum.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hiii :)

decided that i would make a blog, i have a tumblr already but in all honesty it's getting a bit annoying what with all this "i'm so fat/skinny" stuff and porn everywhere and i don't really need to see or read about any that i have my own problems to deal with nevermind anyone elses.

I'm busy studying for my final exams at uni EVER!!
can't believe i'm nearly done i'm so happy that i've almost done it, studying has been hard though i have to admit it, i've just sort of lost a bit of motivation. But i'm keeping going!!! :)

anyway i'll up date thi when i can with some more intresting stuff until then i bid you adiou! :)