Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Beauty Haul

Hey Lovelies,

So i bought some new beauty stuff in the last week there mostly because it was all on offer, so here's a wee quick swatch at what i got.

Firstly I stopped off at Boots to pick up some stuff, and most of what i got was on offer.

So the visibly clear Pink Grapefruit microclear stuff was on 2 for £5 so I decided to try the cream wash and there was one of the oil free mositurisers left so ipicked that up too, as i already have the scrub face wash.  The fact that were on 2 for £5 was a pretty good deal as usually they are about £5 each so i saved a good bit by buying them on the deal.  Once i try them out i'll get a wee review done on them.

Next up i picked up the Johnsons face care night cream, i had been needing this for ages, but it was £5 just for one tub and i usualy wait until the deal is on so i can get 2 for £5, but i had been waiting ages and the deal was never on so i gave up and was all set to just go pay £5 for it as i still had a spare tub of the day cream, But low and behold my day got better, when i went into boots, there was a reduction on the night creams from £5 to £2.43 Woohooo!! only thing was there was only 1 but stuff it one would do for now so i grabbed it.  I've been using this moisturiser for a good while now and it works for me but i always buy the one for dry skin just so my skin gets the moisture it needs. Bargain.

Next up in Boots i got some Champneys stuff as i needed a new body wash, and i got a wee bubble bath just because it's lovely.  The champneys deal was on 3 for 2 which is amazing.  So i picked up 1 shower gel, and 2 bubble baths.

I love the champneys products, especially this Oriental Opulence range, smells absolutely devine.  Anyway i've already done a review on the bubble bath so you can check them out Here.

Next up from boots i picked up some new facemasks.  I usually always stick to the Mudd facemask, as i've tried some of the other ones but they just break my skin right out which is not desireable.  So I actually wanted to purchase the larger pack of the Mudd but there was none so instead i picked up 3 of the individual picks, as i get two uses from each packet, maybe because i'm just stingy i don't know.

Next up i needed some new face powder, and i was hoping there would be a deal on but there wasn't so i only got what i needed.  I always use the Rimmel stay matte powder in Translucent and it works for me.  It was £3.99 which really isn't that bad.

that was all i bought in Boots then just before i went to pay i thought i would go and have a quick little look at the clearance rack and i found some goodies!!
I got some Trevor Sorbie items for an absolute bargain price.

 The green bottle is Trevor Sorbie beautifylly moisturised super smoother, i think this is now out of shops as the guy said what i got was just what was left of the old stock so i think a new range is out now.
The pink one was a heat defence spray.

They are usualy about £4/5 each but i got the Green/blue bottle for 65p and the pink for 50p honestly couldn't believe my luck! Bargain.

so i got all that was left, i got 3 of the blue/green bottles and 4 of the pink. i got them all for like £6 instead of £20 hello super savers!!

That was my boots haul.

Next up i had a wee visit to the pound shop where i got some moisturiser and some cotton buds and some new face pads.

cotton buds i use for lots of thing so i always just pick them up.
The moisturiser i got because it was a good size for £1 and it smells lovely, plus it's just to put on when i get out the bath and sometimes palmers is getting quite expensive.

The Aapril pads were a random purchase, as they are little cotton face pads with a normal smooth side and a textured side, i use them for my face wash sometimes instead of my exfoliating sponge as i find it a bit harsh to use everyday.
My last 4 purchases were some random little things.
First up some earrings from Primark, random buy but they were only 50p
i thought they were cute and i am not uually one for dangly earrings but i like that they have the stud then the dangly bit and for 50p i thought why the hell not.

Onto Bodycare where i then  got some kirby grips because well a girl can never have enough, i honestly don't know where my kirby grips go, one minute i have a drawer full then the next minute i can't even find one.  these were only 85p so i snapped them up and will get more soon.

 I also picked up some nail polish remover pads as they are just so easy and quick and for £1 bargain, these were also from bodycare

And last up a little MUA purchase from Superdrug, i had seen everyone going about MUA on my blog then my best friend over at the Style Khalessi got some and said it was all good for £1 so i decided to go and give it a try out, but there wasn't much left so i just got one lipstick to try. It is in shade 3 and looks to be a nice vibrant pink

that was my little haul, i shall review once i have used each item.


  1. I love the Rimmel Stay Matte! Nice haul!


  2. Oooo you got loads! love those mud mask and the face wash is meant to be really good :D


    1. The mudd masks are awesome! :)
      i hope so! don't need any more spots haha xx

  3. Very nice blog! :)
    Thank you for the follow! Will gladly follow you back now :)
    Keep Well x


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  5. I love Trevor Sorbie products! I think the two you have posted must be the only one's I haven't tried! Really nice blog, I look forward to reading more updates from you :-)

    Ava x


    1. aww really? i've never used nay of his range but these are amazing!! just my luck.
      aww thank you xx

  6. I adore the I Love... range. I'm using the Coconut and Cream body butter at the moment and it's so beautiful. The Strawberry & milkshake and the Mango & Papaya are fantastic too.

    1. they are so nice!! :) i love smelling good enought to eat! :) x