Thursday, 31 January 2013

50 facts tag - Get to know me

Hey Lovelies,

So i've seen more and more people doing this little "get to know you" tag so i thought i would do it in my way and share some information so you can get to know me a bit better :)

  1. I have no middle name.
  2. I've lived in the same house for everyday of my life (& had the same bedroom, the biggest one)
  3. I had laser eye surgery when i was 7
  4. I've never dyed my hair.
  5. I absolutely hate bananas
  6. I don't cope well with heights.
  7. I hate rollercoasters, and going upside down.
  8. I much prefer silver jewellery to Gold.
  9. I've been on the organ donor list since i was 7 because my brother was ill when he was young.
  10. I love love love tea. - 2 sugar and plenty milk!
  11. I studied Biomedical Science at university.
  12. I'm pale and i don't tan and i never have or will.
  13. I love Tigers, Penguins and tutrles! 
  14. I enjoy being a tourist on holiday
  15. I will eventually own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.
  16. I have quite a big family.
  17. Lasagne is one of my most favourite foods.
  18. I like the colours pink, purple, grey and black.
  19. I got my ears pierced only 7 years ago
  20. I have really sensitive skin
  21. I love boots, i wear them for as much of the year as i can.
  22. I love winter its by far my favourite season, not a fan of the sun.
  23. I love Granny smith apples
  24. I love dressing up, Halloween is the best!
  25. I love fireworks, sparklers are my favourite thing ever.
  26. I love writing lists. Lists and to-do lists are everywhere..
  27. I love the cinema and films. best.
  28. I love cucumbers, i'd eat them like an apple.
  29. Petrol is the best smell ever. Best free habit ever. 
  30. I am pretty immature
  31. I think i'm hilarious
  32. I have a boys sense of humor.
  33. I'm always on time or early.
  34. I love reading, specially since Mercury my kindle came along :)
  35. I've never broken a bone.
  36. I have a younger brother.
  37. Hate needles.
  38. I've known my best pal for 10 years and she's the absolute best.
  39. 7 is my lucky number, i like 13 too as my mum was born on the 13th, So its lucky for me.
  40. I hate all things sea related including fish don't eat any of it.
  41. Vodka is my favourite alcohol drink.
  42. I still live at home.
  43. I like to bake every now and again
  44. I don't like salt or pepper.
  45. I love eating pickles.
  46. Hate change
  47. I love anything acidic. Especially vinegar.
  48. I'm a scorpio
  49. i sleep with earplugs and an eye mask, all the time. Weirdo.
  50. My fingernails never really grown because they grown inwards and not upwards so i get ingrown nails if i don't keep on top of them.
So yeah there is some wee facts!! :)
if any of you have done this tag link me below as i like being nosey and looking at other people's

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder Review

Hey Girlies!

So I decidd that i would review an absolute favourite of mines and well i guess you would call it my old faithful when it comes to pressed powder.
So Rimmel stay matte powder has been around for years, and i can honestly say i've been using it for years as i've never found an alternative.

Being pale, or at least paler than the average girl, make-up colour match has always been one of those annoyingly hard things to get right.  And to be quite frank i only really got properly into make-up a few years ago.  But Rimmel is one of those brands that is well known, well recognised and has been around for a good while now and its definitely stood the test of time as it's still going strong.

So about the powder.  Rimmel make it and they have a few shades 4/5 i think, so i went for the lightest shade which is 001 - transparent.  This shade is actually quite hard to come by as for one, there is never many of them available on the shelf and when there is they seem to sell out really fast, so i usually stock up when they are on offer. Biggers Boots stores have them, but i found that other places have started to bring into their stores now too and not always places you would think. I have seen the transparent one more in Asda and also Wilkinson's stores for the same price, so i know that these little places will have it so if Boots don't i know i can nip there and get them, a little secret i'll share with you guys, always look in the unexpected places!

So that is the powder, now don't get me wrong, it's not the most sophisticated  looking powder but in the end it does what it says on the lid.  The packaging is just plastic, very plain and very simple, but don't get me wrong, the lid isn't the most secure of lids becuase it can come off uite easily, especially when it's in your bag!! so a little note, if you plan on carrying it about in your bag and are like me and carry everything but the kitchen sink in your bag, put it in the zipped compartment or put it in your little make-up bag because it can also break-up if the lid comes off.  So yes the packaging could be improved for the safety aspect, but you get what you pay for in this sense and the price is amazing. it's only £3.99 which is an absolute bargain, and even better is that it actually works!! LOVE IT!!

Now i'm one of those people who is easily swayed with new products, if they say they will work wonders then i'm pretty inclined to buy it because i have pretty awful skin even at 25 my skin is still bloody terrible, its like really? Also i have tried soooooo many powders, high end and low end and the cheapest of the cheap and i can honestly say i've found nothing to match this wee beauty.  I also like the fact it's compressed, because i just cannot get to grips with loose powder and i find that even though i have little dry patches on my face this powder doesn't accentuate them as much as the loose powder would, so again that is such a bonus.
The powder itself is a really good colour match and it definitely works. it says its reduces shine and it does, it says it works for 5 hours, but i can say even after about 8 hours, my make-up was still in place! so yey! it also has good coverage and is definitely build a able in the sense you can put on as much as you like, but i find less is more when it comes to it as i don't want to look "powdery".  It's also good if you have oily skin as it can help to combat that!.

The powder comes in a 14g tub and is £3.99 Bargain!

I just apply the powder with a basic powder brush as i literally just sweep it over my face as i don't put loads on. 

So thats my beest beauty buy. It has been a staple part of my make-up bag for a while now and will continue be in the future!
what's your favourite powder?

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

What's in my Bathroom!?

Hey Girlies,

So i have seen lots of people posting about what's in their bathroom/shower's etc, so i thought i'd get in on the act too and show what is in mines too!

So here's a wee look at what i currently have in my bathroom.

The contents of my bathroom change quite regularly but here is what i currently have clogging up my bathroom cupboards!

  • Boots Pink exfoliating gloves - really rough and great for giving your skin the once over and leaves it feeling great and totally clean.
  • Neutrogena Pink grapefruit, daily face wash - been using this for a good while now and i find it works for me so i've stuck with it, plus it smells loooooovely. + wee facial sponge to exfoliate.
  • Gok's Bubble essence - this is just been opened as i used the last of my lush bubble bar.  It smells alright but nothing major, so once its used i wouldn't re-purchase.
  • Gok's warming hand and foot scrub, again this is just new as i run out of my Soap & Glory scrub.  This is actually really good, as soon as you put it on your skin its proper makes it warm, shall review this soon!
  • superdrug's own brand shampoo/conditioner - for normal/fine hair, cherry & pink grapefruit, i picked this up as i found Aussie wasn't working for me any longer and this was on offer and to be honest it's been lovely for £1.50 and it smells just lovely.
  • Aussie 3 minute miracle treatment - this is one of Aussie's wonder products and i still use it once every two weeks to just totally cleanse my hair & i still love this product.
  • Ted Baker body scrub - this is just new as again i had run out of my Soap & Glory body scrub, this one is actually really nice and less harsh than s&g and it smells lovely.
  • Boots deep cleansing Mudd mask - i got this mudd pack as buying the single packs is costly so i just got the pack for £5 and ive used it about 7 times already and there is still a good lot left! :)
  • Soap & Glory clean on me - i love love LOVE! this body wash, ive been on this same bottle for about 4 months and it lasts forever plus it smells devine.
  • Champneys bubble bath - love it smells gorgeous and leaves you skin silky smooth. just Gorgeous.
  • Herbal Essences - split end remedy mask - had this ages keeps my split ends at bay plus keeps my hair tug free!

So that is currently what i have in my Bathroom but like i said the body wash shampoo/conditioner and bubble bath changes pretty regularly.

 p.s here's a wee cheeky gorgeous shot of my face - HAHA Not. (facemask face)

Friday, 11 January 2013

Magnetic nail polish / NOTD

Hey Girlies,

So i know that i'm probably well late with this trend on the Blogisphere but well i've never really been a follower of trends so to speak.

So about a week ago i was having a browse around Primark and i came across this magnetic nail polish, and i had seen these floating about months before this from Nails Inc and also by Barry M and they looked really smart but i just thought they were a bit pricey for what is esentially a nail polish with a little wavy line design.

So anyway once i seen this wee number in Primark i thought i'd give it a bash for the sake of £2 i was going to lose that much if it was totally awful.

So this was what it looked like:

The packaging is pretty simple, it just came in a little black box and pretty much said what it done on the box, simple and effective.

The colour itself i really liked, as it was intense metallic grey colour and i found that the magnetic nail colours were only available in like 3 colours and at the time Primark only had this grey one, a navy blue one and a burgundy coloured one, to my surprise i really liked all 3 colours but i have always been a fan of grey and i own some grey nail polishes already so i stuck with what i knew and went for the Grey one.

This is the colour...

So this is the colour up close, and i would say it's like a slate grey colour but it has a really nice metallic sheen shine to it when the light hits it.  It also has like a shimmer through it, The bottle itself is a 7ml bottle which is a good size, and the brush is really good and the colour itself is also really good.  It applies well and isn't runny or streaky or anything and 2 coats and it's totally lovely and perfect.

However the down side, is the magnetic aspect. I found this totally failed, the magent is located on the top of the lid and once you apply the colour it says to hold the magnet over the colour for 15 seconds and it should take the pattern.... but i didn't find that i found it quite annoying and fidly, firstly it looks like it's just sort of went streaky, and also its hard to tell how close to hold the lid and sometimes you end up diggining into the polish which is seriously annoying. So yes although its sold as a magnetic polish it fails completely on that for me. BUT as just a grey metallic nail polish it is utterly gorgeous and ive decided to froget the magnet and use it solely as a nail polish! :)

here's the results. p.s sorry about the scraggy nails i haven't cleaned around where the excess polish went, and also i added a wee splash of colour with a pigmented sparkly MUA polish.

So that is my Nail look for this week!

Have a good Friday Lovelies.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Avon-Colourtrend Doll Pink Lipstick Review.

Hey Girlies,

So i thought i would finally review this lipstick that i bought about 5 months ago as i finally wore it for the first time on New Years Eve.

It's an Avon Colourtrend lipstick, and the colourtrend is like the more teenager and cheaper range in the Avon, but i like it and i've bought quite a bit of colourtrend before but this was my first lipstick purchase!
It's in the shade Doll Pink which is like a really nice vibrant pink colour, the packaging is really simple but sleak and i like it because it has a little see through transparent section so you can see the colour exactly which is always good, especially if you have a few of the same which i do.

So the basics are:

  • Its from Avon-Colourtrend.
  • Its Doll Pink
  • It cost £1.25 ( Usually £3.75)
  • It's highly pigmented and vibrant
  • Glides on easily.
  • Smooth, moisturising and definitly not drying.
  • Has amazing staying power ( it really does stain)

Here's some photo's of the lipstick.

 As i said the packaging is really sleek and simple! Plain white with just the pink accent of colour with the brand, and the colour is on the bottom of the lipstick, i really like the simplicity of it. 
The colour is really nice and high pigmented too, it goes on really vibrantly and it really doesn't loose it's colour. 

It has really good staying power as i just used a lip brush to line the colour around my lips and then used the lipstick to fill it in, and i only re-applied it twice throughout the whole night and even then it didn't need it i just done it as their was photo op's haha. It does proper stain as well as i still had the colour on my lips the next morning, haha so it definitely gives good colour and for the price its really good!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

IKEA Goodies..

Hey Lovelies,

So yesterday i went a little day-trip into IKEA with my mum as we both needed some new stuff and plus then we get to have food to, which is awesome from IKEA!

So i picked up some good things for actually really cheap prices. I got some bits for going to Rome and also some new storage boxes as i cleared out my shelves and needed some new storage options.
So here's a wee swatch at what i got!

First up i stocked up on candles, i'm not usually a candle person but i like them for when i'm in the bath and stuff and these ones are really good!

 The candles in the large glass jars are only 95p, which is an absolute steal! Plus once they are finished, you can use the jar as a tealight holder. I got a few different ones too, as each colour represents a different scent. Bargain.
Tealights were next, soley because they were the christmas range and i got them for 75p another total bargain, and i like using them for the bath too and also for inside my candle holders and stuff, plus they smell of wild berries, which is lovely!

Lastly i got this little tealight holder, such a wee cutie and you can hold normal candles in it too. It was only 50p. So i got 4, bargain!

This was a load of little travel goodies that i picked up, as i thought they would come in handy for Rome, plus they were another total bargain.First up i got a pack of 3 small luffah's. The three pack was only £1 and i liked that they came in a pack of summery girl colours and a pack of 3 mens colours, so cute, plus they are smaller than normal ones so they will be easy pack but still great!
Next up i got some plastic travel bottles, again another load of cute colours and they are exactly 100ml which is what your allowed for travel and they are just convenient and cute!
Lastly i picked up this wash bag, Its lovely, so many different pockets and puches and a zip the full way round as well asa wire frame so you can open it out and it sits up, and this was only £2.

Got these little storage boxes too!
The first lot are almost building block like and they stack on top of each other too which is great, plus they have lids which just flip open. They are actually a really good size and i'm going to put my nail polishes into one and my lipsticks into one as well. Then i can stack them in my shelves. They were £1 for the three pack.

I also got these larger pull out storage boxes too, which were £5 for the 2 pack which was really good! i'm going to put all my brushes and stuff into one of these and then all my eye palettes into the otherand keep everything together, such an easy storage option!

 New Bedsheets! Just had to get them, the first one was down to £12 and it comes with the duvet cover and
four pillowcases and is nice and clean and summery with pink and one green stripe across the middle, super cute and super comfy.

The second one was for my brother, as although it's the alphabet i didn't actually realise it was until i got up close to it and i thought it was cute! plus his room is so dark so i thought this would lighten it up a bit! it was £10 for the duvet cover and 2 x pillowcases.

Lastly was one more for myself, super cute and i love purple. It was £15 for the duvet cover and four pillowcases!

Lastly two random buys!
A pack of 3 different sized scissors, i had scissors and i lost them and you'd be amazed at how much i use scissors so i thought this was a good buy for three pairs.  £1 for them all, plus they are nice and colourful instead of the usual black.

Lastly was a cute mirror, its a mirror but goes out like a maze in a pink colour from light pink to dark pink and the design is lots of little dots that make it look like a solid block of colour, so cute and this is going inside my wardrobe to reflect some light in my dark shelves. it was £3.

So that was my IKEA buys! :)
Do you girlies like ikea? anything i should look out for next time?