Saturday, 30 June 2012

Primark Haul

had a wee Primark haul yesterday, only spent like £12 which is always good, so here's some of the things i got..
p.s there is also a wee new look purchase but didn't want to post aboutt hat on it's on.

the black and white stripe blazer my mum bought this for my graduation, it's light and floaty material and sits nice on, has two little pockets at the bottom with roll up cuffs :) it's a lovely little jacket/blazer and cost £15.

the little yellow sleeveless top and the blue one underneath were bought yesterday as they were on the sale rack and i already have one in white and black, they are light material with three little buttons that can be undone and have a drop hem so sit longer at the back :) and for £2 they were a bargain.

this was a little tee that was on the sale rack too and i already have these in numerous colours so i thought why not! plus i like the torquoise colour!! and again for £2 it was a bargain!!

i bought these for going on holiday or if it gets sunny again just for out my back, they are just little floaty shorts with an aztec print i thought they were really cute and for only £4 bargain!!

these are just little patterned bandeau tops that i bought for wearing under tops and tops with drop arms instead showing my bra off, they are tres cute and for 50p i was like definitely! i got a pink, red, green, orange and black one as there was no purple ones in my size!

Bought these just because really, i like earrings and they were a snippet at £2 for all those plus they were cute so i thought why not!!

this is my new look purchase!

i'd had my eye on these for a while not this colour but these were the only size 5's left soi thought why not they are summery and for £4 couldn't say no, just a cheaper version of toms.

:) that was my purchases for like under £20!

Friday, 29 June 2012

had a manic few days

Had my graduation on wednesday it was really good!!  except for the weather, the constant rain ruined the day a bit and my hair was lovely when i left and terrible in my photos haha but ahh well thats life eh?

Still can't quite believe i'm done though.
BSc Honours in Biomedical Science wooo! :)

yesterday i just chilled because i was shattered, finished reading the fifty shades trilogy, finished how i presumed it would, sex stuff got a bit repetitive though and i found myself flicking past the pages...i mean i get it he's a dom he like the pain pleasure need to keep going on...anyway they were good though looking to move onto something else now!!

yesterday was also a day of surprises in the sport world, Germany got knocked out of the Euros' go on Italy well done, sometimes i thnk people always just presume but look what happened last night...

then onto Wimbledon and Rafa Nadal when out first time he's gone out this early in 7 years!! ouch, he got beaten by Luckas Roscol who is like 100 something listed so no one really expected him to even bother nadal...but he didnt half thrash him ...go on....
so now it goes to will it be Andy Murrays year?
i'm still supporting Djokovic cozi always have but Andy Murray im always there for because im Scottish and so is he so i wish him well to the final and what makes it even more better is that him n Djokovic are best of pals makes me feel good supporting them both!!

and some people you just need to laugh don't you?

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Excited, Nervous..

for my graduation tomorrow, hope it stays dry!

Got my outfit sorted wearing small heels so i don't trip or fall haha.
got my nails painted make-up sorted just my hair to do and that's me ready to go!! :)

this is my outfit.

i'm curling my hair like the first picure but it will be less tight and more looe curls/ waves

and thats my dress, jacket and shoes to add some colour and just wee small ones so i can walk okay ithout worrying about falling/tripping.

Monday, 25 June 2012

not so productive day

went into town with my brother as he was going to Yorkhill and i was taking a dress back to h&m then i met katrina for a quick coffee at starbucks, my first time in starbucks and its not for me, im definitely still a costa person, so after an hour i went a wander round the shops and met my brother an hour later and came back home, had dinner and settled to read my book, but i got so engrosed in my book i didnt realise the time and it was half 9 before i knew it.

so i've not painted my nails or done my hair....Tomorrow is going to be a busy day getting prepared for graduation.

there were also birthdays galore today.

Happy Birthday to  Ryan, Christina and Claire!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

fifty shades of grey

everyone is obsessed with these books just now.

I've just finished the first and i'm about to start the second i'm not sure what i make of them yet...
Christian Grey is an enigma.

are you reading them?
do you want a christian grey in your life?

Don't really know how to do this but erm yeah...

I got the Liebster award!

Earlier this week I was awarded the Liebster Blog Award by the lovely Kirsty Baxter over at The Style Khalessi I haven't been able to find a direct definition or origin for the Liebster Award however, the Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. 
The Meaning; Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.
~+ The Rules +~
Each person must post 11 things about themselves
Answer the questions the tagger has set for you
Create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer
Choose 11 people and link them in your post
Go to their page and tell them
Remember, no tag backs
First things first, here are 11 interesting facts about myself:
✿ I don't have a middle name.
✿ I have lived in the same house on the same street for all my 24 years, 6 months and 24 days on this earth.
✿ I absolutely hate hate HATE bananas.
✿ I went fishing all the time when i was younger but i hate fish and i don't eat fish.
✿ I love tea, milky builders tea, drink at least 9 cups a day minimum.
✿ I've had laser eye surgery.
✿ I hate people cracking their fingers near me, it just makes me squirm.
✿ I only eat 4 fruits, Granny smith apple, grapes, pommegrants and limes.
✿ I know some completely useless information.
✿ I'm just about to graduate with my honours after 5 years at uni....
✿ I hate kitten heels. point?
Here are the questions which I have been asked to answer:
Would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
Probably not unless i was with someone who knew what they were doin but i probably end up zombified.  
You have 3 beauty products during the aforementioned apoclypse, what are they?
Nail polish, Mascara, Lip balm.

You also have 2 outfits, what are they?
 leggings, tee, flat boots, hoodie, leggings, tee, cardigan, boots.
Are you a cat or a dog person? Why?
cat, for the sole reason i got bitten off quite a big dog when i was younger and it scared me right off dogs, i go out my way to avoid them if i can in the street.
 Who is the most stylish woman right now? 
Kourtney Kardasian / Blake Lively. 
Who is one 'style icon' you really cant stand?
Lana del ray. does my heed in.  
Guilty pleasure?
90's dance tunes.  
What is the favourite thing about yourself?
my sense of humour i can always make myself laugh i like my own company.  
If one song was to be the theme tune of your life, what would it be?
erm...Bon Jovi, blaze if glory.  
Are you a spot or a stripe?
What sort of blog posts do you most enjoy?
variation, nothing too self obsessed.

Tag... You're it!

gave up on 11. 8 will need to do.

My questions for you are:
  • if you could posses any power, what would it be?
  • tea or coffee?
  • the place you wish to visit most?
  • your proudest moment?
  • if you cange one thing about you, what would it be?
  • favourite tv show?
  • if you could be re-named what name would you choose and why?
  • favourite colour?
  • silver or gold jewellery?
  • are you a conformist?
  • where do you see yourself in 10 years time?


is fast approaching, it's on Wednesday, i finally have everything sorted, got my dress, my bag, my jacket, my nail polish but struggling on what shoes to wear...

styling my hair tonight to see if it works....

Friday, 22 June 2012


don't know what colour to paint my nails.. needs to be something that goes with anything and also if i wear open toed shoes i need them the same. hmmm. decisions decisions

Full of the cold...

had a lingering cold for about a month odd now and i couldn't get rid of it but it wasn't coming to anything either, then two nights ago it hit me like a brick wall, all that way when you lie down it just completely blocks your nose and you like uhh uhh can't breathe, so i've had a ridiculously terrible sleep the past two nights and have been napping through the day as i find i sleep better during the day....

tonight i decided to try something new.. whenever i get the cold i swear by decongestant tablets, olbas oil on a cotton hankie and on my pillow, vicks on my chest and round my nose and a hot lemon toddy at night to sweat it out but i decided to try something new tis time

olbas oil for the bath....

this is it ^^

honestly it was great i didn'tknow what to expect but it was great i like the stuff anyway and i think you would kinda have too as it is quite strong, you don't need a lot in the bath and the aroma just circles it was great in the bath i really liked it!! i'll be smelling of menthol for days haha

hope my cold is gone by the weekend!!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

got my hair cut today!

feels good to have healthy hair again!! :)

went a bit curly with the rain

Friday, 15 June 2012

graduation stress.

I got two possible graduation outfits today they should hopefully be here by tomorrow and i hope they work.
one is just a plain pleated black dress
and the other is a white lace dress with black skirt and its my fav but i think it might just be a little too short.

I still need to get my hair cut, find somewhere to do my eyebrows, and decide if im getting my nails done or if im just going to paint them.

decide what i'm doing with my hair, get all my make-up sorted.
get my outfit completley sorted and my shoes and bag and jacket..
organise my lunch/dinner and everything flipping else.

12 days to go.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

had a cinema day yesterday

it was needed to catch up on the films me and kirst had missed since i had been ridic busy with uni.

So we seen Snow White & the Huntsman, Prometheus and Avengers....we did plan on going to see a zombie one too but our bums were so numb and our tummys getting a bit rumbly so we decided to leave it and catch it another time instead!

Snow White & The Huntsman was really good!! I don't know if that's the actual story or not but it was really good, Charlize Theron played the Queen really good, as to be honest i had my doubts about her from the start but it all worked!  Defo a go See!!

Then came Prometheus great cast but i duno the film was just "interesting" was the only word i could describe it with, the visual effects and stuff is amazing but i just duno the film was good don't get me wrong i was just left a bit confused with it...but you should go see it but beware there isn't that many aliens in it ... i was expecting more!

Avengers was next up, again good looking cast hadn't heard a bad review either but in all honesty im not the biggest superhero movie fan... plus id never seen Iron Man so didnt know what to expect really but to say it was really good too! effects and stuff was goooood! again a go see

all in all great day with my besty and absolute babes in every film what more can one ask for? a new bum perhaps?

whats your movie suggestions?

ps babe swatch?

Monday, 11 June 2012


just finally completed level 133 of piperoll
spent 3 days  trying to work it out.
clearly ive got too much time on ma hands!

raging today.

canny even shift my ragin'ness.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

can anyone help?

i'm on the hunt for a nude shade of eyeshadow or something that just looks really natural its for my graduation as i just want to sweep a natural colour over my eyelid just to take the tired and vein look away but i dont want it to look really noticeable as i just want to have my eyelashes n that nothing major.

but i don't want to waste money buying something that looks okay but doesnt work.

any suggestions?


i love when people get into a bidding war on ebay. keep going your making me monies!!


P.s here's a wee swatch of stuff i have for sale on ebay!

Friday, 8 June 2012


I have pure got into Tennis in the past 3 years, totally gutted i didn't get tickets to Wimbledon this year!!

Been watching the french open, even though i hate it because it's on clay and it's just so not professional like wimbledon but meh i still like to watch it

I love Novak Djokovic <3 and today he made it through to the final against Rafael Nadal. always a good match, 5 setter for sure looking forward to watching that on Sunday!!

then Wimbledon is back in 3Weeks!!


Thursday, 7 June 2012


so i recently had £5 off No7 vouchers to use and i bought some nail polishes but there wasn't really any new colours and i had most of what was there so i kinda took one that wasn't really me.

that is it here and it's called I'm Exquisite.

it's like a gold/sandy colour so i got it to try out for the summer coz i like light colours and sometimes one that look like nothing is there..

so that was it, it honestly isn't a colour i would go for normally but i do have a lot of gold jewellery and accessories so i gave it a bash and its safe to say its lovely i really reall really like it!!

this is what it looks like on..

that photo is after two coats ^^ i definitely would say it needs two coast to make it vibrant and high gloss.
the nail polish itself is lovely and goes on with ease, the brush is large and flat which helps with the ease of application and the colour itself is full within the two coats, the nail polish itself dries extremley quickly and all in all it's just a really nice nail polish and gives a really nice colour :)

i got it for jut £2 which was a steal really but they usually cost £7 from boots and it is a 10ml bottle.

are you in gold tones?
whats your favourite?

love <3


Finally managed to get a doctor's appointment today and managed to get my toe seen too.

i've been in agony with my toe for about 4 days now as i had an ingrown nail about a week ago and this is something i started to get when i was 18 an di was told it's one of things.. once you get it, it never really goes away so i suffered quite badly with them but i'd been going good and hadn't had any problems for well over a year probably nearing two...then bang it arrived on my big toe on my left foot, and i know it sounds like nothing and i use to just laugh when people told me they had a sore toe but oh my god it's agony, and honestly unless you've suffered with it you have no idea of how sore it can be.

i knew i was getting an ingrown nail as i could feel but to be honest you just need to let it grown up and once it's at the surface you can grab it and haul it out or cut it out and sometimes it can be pretty painless to an extent if it just grows straight up but about 3 days ago i banged my sore toe off the end of my bed post and it was sore but it always is when you basically kick a pole but i never thought anything of it, until the next day my toe was completely swollen and started to go purple, and it got so sore i couldnt even walk on it so ive been limping about for 3 days and now i cant get socks on or put shoes on properly because its too painful its honestly ridiculous that a toe can actually cause so much pain, in the last 5/6 years i've had terrible troubles with my feet, from having the nail removed and all the rest of it.

even when sleeping i cant put my foot under the covers as when the nail is growing its really sensitive and when the cover goes over my toe it just send seering pain.

so when i staved my toe i bashed my ingrown nail to the side and it started growing inside the skin and caused me ridiculous amounts of pain definitely one of the worst ingrown nails ive had to deal with... i cant even touch the nail, last night i was forced to stick a needle in and burst the bruised blood to relieve some pain it was actualy agony, but it did relieve some pain.

phoning the doctors today i resigned myself to another day of pain as receptionists are so stupid and wont go say to the doctor so he could just re issue a previous prescription for the same thing but this other receptionist this mornign must have heard the pain in my voice and gave me a 5minute emergency appt. so pleased!!

doc said it was proper bad and gave me strong ibuprofen to help wit the swelling and said did i want like a cortizne injection but not as stong and it would act like a pain reliever in my foot and osrt of numb it like an anaesthesia didnt even think twice yes yes yes please i absolutely fucking hate needles but anythign to take the pain away

so i waited on the nurse a whole 20minutes and she told me what to expect...the needle wasnt actaully that massive and she injected at the not so sore side of my toe and honestly within 5 minutes it was great and numby i was like i love this stuff, even managed to get my sock onso i could hobble out, she said it would only last about 4 hours max but i dont care its been great!! :)

currently whacking the pain killers and keeping my sock on as if i take it off i might not get it back on lol.

feels great being in less pian.
honestly don't know how i would cope with actualy real major pain.

Monday, 4 June 2012

loving the jubilee

these stupid fucking people who are all i hate the monarchy go away. you's are all happily taking the holiday.

god some people do my fucking head in with the drivell they talk.

Kourtney Kardashian

is fast becoming me wee style crush, even when heavily pregnant she still manages to look effortlessly gorgeous.

tried to buy a shirt and a pair of shoes from her ebay closet but got outbid , i didn't have the money to buy it anyway but thats besides the point thats what overdrafts are for innit ha.

here's some of my favourites from her :]

i like how she can go all out glam, then just go cool and casual in leggings my kinda style, and she just looks effortlessly chic and gorgeous even when pregnant she looks amazing!!



Productive Day

filled out my job seekers stuff. blah.

also applied for two proper grown up jobs!!
scary stuff.

just a lab assistant which is under what i do and have a degree for but stuff it, i just need a foot in the door

and a heamatology/blood bank/ pathology lab worker :]
exciting hope i at least get an interview specially the haem one i proper enjoyed the blood stuff!! :)

sitting watch KUWTK right now then i'm going to go make myself some dinner!!

p.s how gorgeous is kourt? 

my toe is killing me today, all swollen and yucky thanks nails!!
think i'm going to need to go have a bath or soak it then burst it and let all the dead neutrophils out (pus) haha scientific term there!!

bids on my ebay stuff already!! :]

Sunday, 3 June 2012


it's happening all over again.


had french onion soup with toasted mozzarella :]
was right yum.

then ceasar salad with a bowl of croutons

going for ice- cream now :)

love a wee cheeky three course!

even better when its a half healthy one!!


was such a fun day!

Went into town with Kirsty since we haven't really had a day like that in so long but now that i'm done with uni and stuff gots more time to get back to being a good pal!!

so i picked her up and we drove into town parked up and went and got her some new piercings as it has been so long since she last got one!!  but since were mega lazy haha we got the bus down to Nirvana... was so weird being back in the place as i think its about a year odd since we were last there but it hasn't changed a bit, we walked in and sorted out an appointment, and just as we were about to go out pops you know who, seemingly ecstatic to see Kirsty as she was equally surprised to see him, its one of those moments where you can just see it all happening in slow motion i love being a best pal and a third wheel in the piercing shop!!

alas we said cheerio and popped off for lunch much to the deflation of the piercer.

we stopped into McD's for chips and juice and gabbed away about totaly nonsense and also ho wmuch piercer hasn't changed but how much hotter he's got, seven years has worked wonders for him it really has and thats even coming from me!?

During our eating we came to the conclusion this year is probably attack of the clones!
seemingly it's coming to be exactly that even in the film haha.
we were enjoying our chippies then to the dismay of us this child started screeching. yuck, our faces just oozed bemusement haha, but we just gave a glance over to the mother in the facial expression of "shut ur child up please" but we decided it was getting to childy in there so we juked and went a wander into TJ Hughes to see if we could get some cheap perfume, but that did not happen either since john lewis took it over it's definitely hiked the prices up a bit now, i mean £10 for a wee travel bottle of paris hilton? no way. no even any offers anymore, our cheap perfume days are well and truly over...

so it was appointment time and we cruised back to nirvana like giggling schoolgirls and just sat and chated to him and laughed and then kirst went into the wee room to get pierced i never go in with her coz i like her just to have her time and get what she likes im more than happy to wait outside and catch all the gossip and the latest, such a gossip i know but it works kirst gets the inside i get the outside swapsies and the gossip is covered. she got scaffolding but it has to be pierced in two seperate piercings just now....
jeezo her poor wee ear was purple when she came out .. definitely been too long since she had a piercing!

so we paid and had a good chat with him about life and how long it had been..we said bye.

on the walk/bus ride back uptp top of town we chatted about the inside gossip and then devastating news.

once back we hopped over to the cinema but it was a silly new timetable they have going on and so no movies were really on but what to expect when your expecting was just starting so we opted for it, with judgement i might add expecting it to pretty much be shit haha.

we sat down and honestly it was hilarious, so much better than either of us were expecting, it was rated a 12A but it should have been a 15 for sure as it was quite racy in places and they kept talking about circumcision... it was quite dirty inuendos too but seemingly only me and kirst found these funny as we were the only ones whom laughed, various mentions of boobs, vaginas and general racy stuff.
then all of a sudden and literally out of nowhere Joe Manganiello pops up half naked doing pull ups...well that lead to me and kirst going outloud "huh" looking at each other and just swooning. or as kirst puts it "jizzin'" :] such a babe!! so that was a total unexpected bonus for sure, it also has some other good looking guys the guy from glee? the teach he gets alomost naked too, chace crawford :] ooft babe, and some other guys hwom i dont know their names.
honestly thought absolutely hilarious film laughed from start to finish....
we waited for the credits to end as the lights hadn't came on but the guys came in to clean so we had to go so duno if anythign happens after the credits we presumed the wee young van couple are pregnant as it was bad news for them!!
defo a GO See!!

after that we drove home and stopped in at the fort for a costa but apparently it's not into opening till 10pm on the weekends so we caught nothing on time as everything was closing so we got back in the car raved to a 90s song and went home!!

Great day! never laughed so much
love my kirsty <3


had free insertion this weekend since its the jubilee.
just listed 70items

took me forever

make me some monies ebay

and see this new royal mail parcel service thing? wtf cannot work it out so i've probably done myself right outta money on the p&p.

Friday, 1 June 2012

best news

Kirsty is getting the wee rescue greyhound!! :]

best news, i know she misses Goldy outrageous amounts and that she misses just the compny and love Goldy gave her for all they years she was here, so i hope that Blu will help her out and bring back some of the dog love and companionship that i know she misses!!

so happy they are getting her!
looking forward to meeting her! :]


Good Friday

p.s sunshine is out too :]

Champneys Spa Indulgence Oriental Opulence Bubble Heaven

So as i said in my other champneys review i only came across this last year when me and mum were looking for a bath set for my Aunts 50th Birthday and the Champneys range was just newly introduced into Boots.  I had heard of the famous Champneys Spa's but had never been and had never tried any of their products.  So we came across this Champneys Bubble bath, this is the red bottle (there are 4 other colours), the red range known as oriental opulence is by far my favourite it just smells devine!!

This is the Product

The packaging is as gorgeous as the product.  It comes in a glass bottle 400ml with a screw top, the bottle is heavy duty and you can tell it's a high end product!!
The product comes right upto the top of the bottle so you definitely get your moneys worth for sure.  The bottle is a translucent red colour with gold floral design and writing, and you can see the inside contents so it's always visible ho wmuch is left as you can see form mines i only have about a third left.

The product itself looks like this, sorry about the not so great photo.

The product is a creamy colour and just oozes luxury, the liquid is thick and creamy and smells heavenly so much so you just want to indulge in it all day long.... it comes out the bottle really easily but it doesn't run out so you definitely never over use the product, to be quite honest you only need a a little dollop of the product because it's so good, pour under running hot water and it comes out in a drop then just give the bath water a swish and the bubbles just start to explode and they get more and more and more and it's great.
The product smells absolutely gorgeous and i would indulge in all day long if i could, and the product itself is so smooth and silky that it leaves your skin feeling exactly like that totally smooth almost silk like its just amazing.  I cannot rave about this bubble bath enough and i am definitely one of it's biggest fans behind me mum who likes to just sit and smell it haha.

It's a 400ml bottle and retails at £12 in boots, when i first bought it i thought the price was ridiculous for bubble bath but after the first use i was totally corrected and worth more far more than the money for sure!!
plus boots often do them on 3 for 2 which is a bargain and you'd be stocked up for a year for just £24!!!!

I've had this bottle about 7 months as you honestly hardly use any to get loads of bubbles and i don't use it if im just having a quick bath as i really like to just relax and indulge into the opulence of it.

Best bubble out by far.
totally worth the money
and an all round fab product.


i absolutely adore this product and to be honest i am loving the whole champneys range, so far i have found nothing i don't like.

P.s more champneys product reviews to come.

P.p.s this is what your bath looks like with just a droplet of oriental opulence

hope this was of some help when you are next looking for a bubble bath!! :]

Girls night

so i went to a girls night event last night with kirsty a our pal Vicki was selling some of her custom made jewellery, it was in the electric bar and was a really good wee night, we had a look at the other stalls and got some bits and bobs of what everyone was selling got some food and drink and had some chat.

There was also a raffle stall so i bought some raffles, as i usually have pretty good luck with the raffles, and there was one prize i had to get for my mum....

and i won both my raffles! Wooo !!! and i got the prize i wanted for my mum...

this is it  -  its a flying saucer sweetie tree, my mum's face lit up when i brought it in haha.

it's really pretty though, and it looks alomost too good to eat but not my mum haha.

here she is with her tree :) pleased as punch!!

i also won a free voucher for a massage which i'll probably get round to using at some point but if not im going to take kirsty before she hits uni for a hard year :)

good night, i love raffles!! :)