Sunday, 1 July 2012

June Empties...

First time I've done this but thought i would give it a go.

I don't go through that much in a month but here's what i remembered to keep this month, the rest I've thrown out.

I used a can of Batiste Dry shampoo, this was the tropical one (150ml) i use this dry shampoo quite a lot as sometimes it's just the fringey bits of my hair that get a bit yucky so i just skoosh this over it instead of wahsin it every other day plus it gives my hair some volume which is great!! already re-purchased but i got the cherry one that smells devine!

I also used a can of Boots firm hold hairspray, this only cost like £1 and i've never really used hairspray much until more recently where i find it keeps my wee strays hairs at bay so i happen to be using it more and more and i have already re-purchased another can, coz i find it doesn't cause my hair to go sticky or anything which is a bonus but i find £5 for a can of hairspray a bit much considering i don't use it all the time so this works for me.

I also finished my Gucci Rush perfume which i love!! It's such a summery scent and i always have a bottle for summer but i finished this just sta the start of June so have moved on but i'll definitely get another one for spring/summer next year!!

I also finished my Johnsons day cream moisturiser for dry skin and have already re-purchased i've been using this for about a year with the night one and they are good i like that it doesnt leave your face sticky you can put it on and it absorbs quickly and you don't need to wait about for it to dry! £5 is a steal for it too and you usually get 2 for £5 in boots when they are on offer.

Got through another packet of boots cleansing wipes which i do regularly, as i usually use at least one a day and more if i have eye make-up to take off, i love them, wouldn't go past them.

The baby wipes i use also just for like wiping my brushes and taking off nail polish and things so i dont get though a packet as fast but they work for the things like that.

wee tin of vaseline with aloe vera, i get through vaseline quite regularly as i always carry it with me and specially with this crazy weather i find i wear it more and more and top it up more and more throughout the day, i love it though and have already got more tins waiting.  This one is my fav though.

The blush was from the Avon and was from Cynthia Rowley i think it was on special and honestly its lasted me about 6 months it's been great and a really nice pink shade plus it comes in a great wee compact with mirror and brush that is actually good.  So i'll need to go hunt down another blush that i'll like.

The mascara is No7 and i got it when i had £5 off No7 voucher as i had run out and i think £12 for a mascara is ridic.  This one is nice it goes a clumpy if you put on two coats without letting the first one dry but the brush is good, it's not quite finished, but my eyes have been getting really sore and mascara is all i  have been wearing so throwing it out and getting a new one as ive been using it for about 3 months or so.

Thats all my empties that i remembered to keep...

I also had a bottle of Aussie Lucious Long shampoo and conditioner and a leave in conditoner and a bottle of Dove deodorant and a bottle of Boots pink bodyspray but i didnt keep the bottles coz i forgot..

seems like ive got through loads this month but it was more a case of everything was at the ends and it all ran out in june haha

<3 Loz.

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