Monday, 16 July 2012

Technic Juicy Stick Review.

so i done  a haul post on these a few weeks back and thought that now i have used them i would do a little review on them.

So here they are...

They are just a wee cheapy make (Technic) from the Bodyshop and are £1 each.  I just got them to see if they are any good as i think the Clinique ones are a bit pricey at £16, but obviously now that Revlon has brought out a similar thing (just kissable balm i think it is) i'd probably be more inclined to buy that one since it's for £6 just now!
Anyway these are called Technic Juicy Sticks, they don't have any shades on them they are just known as JS8 (top one in the photo) and JS11 (bottom one), but i would say the JS8 is like a mre natural nude shade but slightly darker than a peachy nude.  The Js11 is pink'ish one but slightly more subtle pink with a slight peachy tone.

They are really easy to apply and don't dry out your lips, it's just like having vaseline on your lips but more matt.  The pigment colour is actually alright, obviously it's not super bright, it's more of a subtle tone and doesn't look mega obvious, i'd say the colour lasts around 4 hours and will need a wee top up at some point throughout the day, but in general the ease of use is good and it does add a hint of colour to your lips, subtle enought to wear everyday.

here's a swatch of the colours

JS8 is the top and
JS11 is the bottom

the nude shade is really subtle when it's on and the pink one is really lovely on, not too bright but nice and pigmented enough to show you have a colour on your lips.

they stain your lips a wee bit and it has a tendenacy to run off the edges if you don't use a liner but even still it's not then end of the world.

this is what they look like on.
p.s sorry for the terrible photo, my phone doesn't do great photos and my camera has gne awol plus i have a pizza face spotty chin hence the hand cover up haha

this is the pink shade JS11.

this is the nude shade JS8

overall they are okay and for the money they do what they state they would so for an everyday wee cheapy thing they do the job!

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