Monday, 30 July 2012

Barr M Lip Paint Review.

Hii Girlies,

well i thought i would do a review on the Barry M lip paint that i purchased a few weeks back since i've used it and worn it out now.

So i purchased the Barr M lip paint in shade 144 which is listed as Cerise Pink, i would say it's more along the magenta shade but really its not a major because the shade itself is gorgeous!!

so this is the lip paint here

The colour is lovely and it actually does look quite dark when you first open it but once applied it actually is a lot lighter and is a really lovely wearable shade.  I probably wouldnt wear it out during the day as i think it could be a tad too much but i wore it on a night out and it was perfect definitely a more wearable night out shade!

i swatched it on my hand too before i applied it to my lips to see the difference.

and once i had applied it to my lips too:

as you can see from the photo it applies really well and the pigment of the colour really does come through.
The lipstick itself has a really soft and smooth texture and isn't at all glittery as their is no glitter or shimmer in the lipstick. I would also say it's defininitely moisturising as you lips do not dry out or any point do they feel dry so it's definitely nourishing to the lips.  This also helps the lipstick glide on and the staying power is quite remarkable.  The colour is highy pigmented and it definitely stains the lips and has lasting power, i only re applied it maybe every four hours, and i was drinking constantly and it hardly showed on the glasses which is also great.

Overall it was lovely and moisturising and i don't really have a complaint!
I'd definitely buy more of these and priced at £4.49 that is pretty reasonable!

thanks for reading...

you girlies got any favourite shades?


  1. looks great, i have never tried the lip paints but I am really tempted. I love coral shaded lipsticks :) x

  2. I love coral and nude shades for the daytime, but i like to jazz it up at night time!! :) x

  3. I love these lip paints, I have two and always swatch for more :) xx

    1. they are definitely on my radar now too! :) xx