Monday, 2 July 2012

Becoming such a girl

I've a proper productive day today, went through my wardrobe and all my shelfs and threw out 4 bags of stuff, honestly i have so much stuff i just never see because it's at the bottom of my shelf or if its at the back of my wardrobe....

I also went through all my body/bath/ hair stuff and threw stuff out that i had opened but no used in a while etc...even had a quick swatch of my make up bag and threw some stuff out as sometimes i open stuff and only use them sometimes then don't for ages so i threw them out as my eyes are getting better and i definitely think i  irritated them with old mascara...

after that i straightened my hair and painted my nails..

i'm starting to become such a girl these days haha, not that i haven't always been but more so just that i straighten my hair and actually look at what i put on my face and hair and stuff, i also just start to make more of an effort, here's hoping it pays off, and i start to look more like an almost 25yo.

I also did some online window shopping... RI sale starts tomorrow and im going to IKEA with my mum so im going to pop back into glasgow and check out that sale as well as H&M and ZARA as there's a jacket from ZARA im dying to get my hands on!!

also seen the most gorgeous dress in topshop even though its browny which is disgusting but its nice and its long i honestly think im proper starting to grow up, feels so weird.

wish someone would give me a job.

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