Monday, 23 July 2012

beetroot baking?

so today my mum decided to try something new and make a cake with beetroot, i was like what?
My dad grows his own beetroot and usually we just pick it and pickle it and eat it but my mum wanted to try something new...but a cake to be quite honest i wasn't convinced by where she was going with it.

So anyway we made this chocolate beetroot cake and it actually tasted lovely and you couldn't even tell that there was beetroot in it.  The cake was made using dark chocolate and in all honesty i would day that the beetroot just brought out the chocolate'ness of the dark chocolate as it was so rich too rich for me but i'm not a fan of dark chocolate anyway but still my mum was in heaven, served with some cream or clotted cream and she would have eaten the whole cake haha.

here's the cake!

p.s just let me know if you want the recipe!!


  1. One of my friends dad makes brownies with beetroot in them. I haven't tried them but felt the same as you about it lol.

    I have tried courgette and lemon cake though:

    Then a bastard squirrel came in and ruined it lol.


  2. Wow I would have never thought about putting beetroot in to a chocolate cake :) would be awesome to get the recipe.. me and my fiancé love to try new things :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for following.. it means a lot... I have now followed you back :)

  3. Aww thank you :)
    Aww no problem your blog is lovely!
    I'llput the recipe up for people to swatch! :) xx