Friday, 6 July 2012

Beauty Haul

Bought some wee beauty items over the last few days, nothing major though just some wee bits and bobs so thought i'd share them with you guys :)

This one is a really light lilac shade and it's called 'Lucky Lilac'

This one is a black one with a glittery effect through it and it's called 'Beautifully Black'

This one is a purple colour with a shimmer effect and it's called 'Perky'

I got these 3 No7 Nail Polishes as i had some of those £5 off No7 vouchers to use.
I got the three of these for £6 instead of £21 which was a bargain really!! :)
I haven't used them yet but when i do i will inidividually review them, but going by the usual No7 nail polishes i expect they will be fine :)

This one is just a wee cheapy as i wanted to try out a glittery one.  It's Technic and is called 'Carnival' it was only £1 from bodycare so i don't know how good it will be but still it's pretty to look at and for £1 it's pretty much  bargain!

The first one on the left is a colour nail pen from Sally Hansen that i got from the pound shop. It's silver in colour and i thought it would do for on the go quickies plus it was a nice colour and again for £1 couldn't complain, i've never used these nail pens though so i don't know if they will be any good.

so that's the nails done. Next Lips.

This one is a juicy stick that i got from Bodycare, it was only £1 and i got it because i liked the colour and sometimes the price of these things are ridiculous specially if you don't like the colour on.  The colour is nice though and the ease of using this pen is super easy so that appealed to me.  It doesn't state a colour it just says JS8.  The colour is a darker nude shade i would say and the texture is more like a creamy texture than a lipstick one.

This one is again one of these juicy pens and is known as JS11 and is more of a bright pink colour.

This one was just a wee lipstick i picked up when i was in primark the other day and is a pale pink shade known as 2, it was only £1 so obviously i don't expect them to be absolutely amazing but still.  The colour is very subtle and i got it jus for an everyday look that won't be too much.

This one is from Rimmel and it is a lasting finish lipgloss.
it's in the shade  'Lustrous Nude' and i got it from the £1 shop, it's a plain colour gloss and one end with the glittery shimmer clear gloss at the other end to put on top it looks pretty and i'm looking forward to testing it out.

That's lips done, now onto the eyes.

This one is an eyebrow pencil from No7 and i got it for £2.25 instead of £7.25 as i had a £5 off No7 Voucher it's in the colour brown and has the pencil at one end with a smudger brush at the other end, looks good so hopefully i'll have beautiful brows from now on.

This is a Mascara, Volume Million lashes mascara in extra black i got this as my eyes have been terrible lately and i thought i needed a new one so i got this i've used the black one before and loved it as it gives full lashes and seperates them as well and it's generally a really good non clumpy mascara.

This one is a lasting drama eyeliner from maybelline, i've never got it before but i've heard good things about it and i've used gel eyeliner before and it's good so thought i'd give it a bash i've also heard good things about the l'oreal one so i'll give this a go and maybes try the l'oreal one.

That was my wee beauty haul, like i said when i start using these things i will give them each an individual review and see how they were, but for now that's all!

thanks :)

you guys use any these things?

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