Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Beauty Haul

Hii Girls, another short post on some beauty items i got recently, some from the illamasqua sale, some from Ebay, some from general high sreet shops and some from Alice over at Bright Town Girl when she done a little blog sale!! :)

I got a foundation from Illamasqua thanks to reading a post from The Beauty Fiend about her purchases from they're sale, so that's what made me go to their website and have a wee swatch, as i honestly didn't even know they had a sale on, totally not with it sometimes. So i opted for the Rich Foundation in shade 133 which is for light skin as by the time i got to their sale half the shades and stuff had already gone so i opted for this one as it was the lightest available, up until this point i had never even used Illamasqua so this was ll new to me.  My Best Kirsty over at The Style Khalessi had bought their white mixing foundation and had all good things to say about it so i thought ahh stuff it i shall give it a go!

First thing to mention was how cute the packaging was, when the postman rang my doorbell with this square package i was like what is this i haven't ordered anything this big haha, then i opened it and was really surprised, it was super cute and well wrapped top marks for that Illasmasqua!!

So this was the foundation I purchased.

It's a har plastic bottle and is a fairly decent size 30ml with a twist lid.  The bottle is sturdy and stands well.  I got it in the shade 133 and was from the rich foundation line which is more for medium to full coverage i got that because i have pretty terrible skin and thought this might be better for when i'm going out but only at night as i don't like lots of make-up on during the day.  I haven't tested it out yet but it looks good and is lighter than my everyday foundation whic is a bit dark anyway so all in all it looks to have been a pretty good purchase.  It usually retials at £21.50 but i got it for £10 in the sale which is a total bargain and specially if it works amazingly!!  I shall await this sale next year or at Christmas with baited breath!! :)

The Illasmaqua Loose powder i also got (from the blog sale) but included in the Illamasqua box as it's the same brand.

 That's what the loose powder looks like.  It's a 15g tub and comes with the puff too.  It's in the lightest shade LP 120 for fair skin and a slight pink tone which will help with my skin troubles!!  The powder itself retials at £19.50 but i managed to pick it up for £5 bargain!!  It says the powder is light and soft and fixes my make-up flawlessly so here's hoping i shall review once i have used it and let you know the verdict!

Now onto Ebay...This was just a completely random purchase that i came across as i was browsing but was intrigued about it as i had seen so many people go on about Ciate nail polishes that i thought i should try one so i went ahead and purchased this one.

 I purchased it from ebay for the absolute bargain price of £1 which for this brand of nail polish is really good.  It is a 13.5ml size bottle and is so super cute :)  I got the shade Jelly Bean which is almost like a magenta pink with a shimmer of blue when the light hits it, looks gorgeous in the bottle and i'm looking for to trying it out for myself. Review still to come!!

Next up was more of the blog sale items...Firsty was the No7 shine free primer.

I'd been thinking about trying the No7 primers for a while and when i seen this i thought why not!!  It is the shine free primer and promises to give more of a matte finish to your make-up.  I picked this up for £3.  Once I start using it i shall then review it on it's own.

Next up was this Barry M lip stick or lip paint as they call it. 

Over recent months i've got more into lipsticks and have been picking them up here and there, plus i use Barry M for other things like their nail polish and little eye dusts and things so i think the lipstick is a pretty safe bet and i'm looking forward to trying it out.  The shade is 144 and is called cerise pink on the website but i think its a really dark pink almost purple like it's a gorgeous colour and i can't wait to try it out on a night out!!  I picked this lip paint up for £1 bargain, they retail at £4.49 on the Barry M Website.  I shall review this once i've used it.

here's a phot of the colour

Next up is another lipstick also from the blog sale and is from Micheal Todd whom i can say i've honestly never even heard of, but i really like the whole nude/peach tones for lipsticks and have been looking for different ones and this fell directly into that category so i thought why not.  This is what it looks like and the colour of the lipstick.

The shade is listed as First Kiss and is a peachy gold tone, looks lovely and summery and i can't wait to try it out.  I picked this up for £1.

Next up was a blusher that i have seen in many reviews lately, the Revlon photoready cream blush.  I've used cream blush before and i like it, i know it's not everyones cup of tea and sometimes they can be so unpredictable as it's easy to put too much on but i like them and find them pretty easy and good to use so i purchased this one.

It's in the shade pinched and is a peachy coral colour blush.  Sometimes i get sick of using the same old pink tone blushes and i really like a nice peachy one as i think it can really change up your look so i opted for this one.  Plus i picked it up for just £2.50 bargain.  I know they are just a new product out here in the UK so if its good i look forward to trying more and different shades.

I also picked up some new flase eyelashes, just wee cheapy ones from the £1 shop, got two sets and glue and £1 and they are just as good as the more expensive ones.  I'n all honesty i'm not one for buying expensive false eyelashes as i get glue everywhere and i just peel them off at night and that's it so i'm not into paying £10 for some eyelashes when we all have them anyway..

Last thing i picked up was another rimmel primer, good wee primer for the money and does the job at the end of they day, currently on offer for £4.99 in boots instead of £6.99

that was my wee beauty haul, thanks for reading.

you girls used any these products?
rate them or hate them?


  1. You didn't half get some bargains! lol.


    1. being on job centre money means bargains are a must!! xx

  2. great bargains! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx