Monday, 23 July 2012

Despicable Me

Is actually one of my most favourite animated films, i only watched it like a year and half two years ago and fell in love with it straight away, it's actually hilarious!!

I bought it on dvd ages ago and i watched it so many times i burnt the disc haha or well i duno it just went black so i got a new one tonight from tesco!!

Sitting with my dad watching it while munching on doritos and dip.
we're both sitting howling with laughter all the way through, honestly i love that my dad has a childish humor like mines he's a wee animated film fan too.  Whereas my mum just doesn't get it she just tuts and walks away haha.

<3 it.

I love loads of other animated films though this is just my favourite can't wait for the second one hurry up next year!!!

you girlies got any favourite animated films?


  1. Its one of my faves too - such a happy wee film. I watched Wall-E for the first time the other night but I didn't like it that much. I watched a wee animated film today on lovefilm called azur and asmar - the princes' quest it was good.


  2. Haha this is awesome! Me and the boyfriend had a marathon night the other day where we watched all 3 ice age movies! I love animated films, they always throw humor in there for the adults that the kids won't understand :)

    Great blog,


  3. Ice Age is amazing too, iseen the 4th one the other week, think i loved it more than the kiddies!!

    Thank you <3


  4. just found your blog! i followed :)
    despicable me is such a cute movie. i love the minions!

  5. Aww Thanks!
    I know they are the cutest!!
    I'll check your blog out too.