Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bank Aide/NHS

this is just a post about work/job related stuff, sorry to be boring!!

I'm looking to get into the BankAide scheme so i can get some shifts in the hospital labs but i'm having absolutely no luck with getting anyone or anywhere i've e-mail bank several times and i just get dry replies with the whole "refer to NHS jobs"

aye i have done that i signed up to job alerts but nothing is coming up and so i wanted intot he bank scheme so i could build up some experience and some money too, i've also enquired about voluntary work and just general how to go about getting experience but no one is willing to help me out.

I have an honours degree in Biomedical Science but i need to do my training for a year before i get on the HPC and therefore i need experience or somewhere to do this portfolio thing  to become registered and fully qualified and start work in any area.  I've asked about and i understand that trainee positions for Biomeds are pretty rare now but jeezo man does no one remember how they started we all need a chance i'm looking for one, i've even applied for jobs below what i'm qualified for already and still i get knocked back i know jobs are scarce and it's a dog eat dog world but still some feedback or something would be appreciated.

Does anyone work in the health sector?

I think i'm going to have to look into work down England as they seem to have more jobs available on the NHS than what Scotland does..

I've even been up to wishaw and monklands hospital to enquire and the receptionist at wishaw just was an arse good job the plastic was between us or i'd have smashed her for her down right attitude.  Monklands were slightly more helpful but still they couldn't do much because you have to be NHS registered or on this stupid bank scheme to get into work nowadays whereas a few years ago i could have just went and asked.


someone gimme a job eh?

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