Monday, 16 July 2012

New Look Haul

Hii Girls

this is just a small post about some things i got from New Look recently and some things from a while back.

I bought this dress from New Look about 3 weeks ago for my Graduation from Uni.
This is the dress below.
It was a black bodycon midi dress, with a scoop neck at the fron and little cap sleeves, it's actually a really lovely dress and is soft cotton material.  the dress itself sits perfect and isn't really see through and it tapers in at the bottom and sits just on the knee to below the knee although the bottom of the dress tapers in it's not that tight that you need to waddle in it as it's cotton material it still has good stretch in it so you can walk and step normally.  This is a quick swatch of what it looks like on

It was only £14.99 which i thought was a steel. It's also still available from New Look online as the shops apparently don't stock it.

More recent purchases were this headband and kind of follows on from the trend of the turban headbands.  This is it here below.

It's a funny colour as it's not quite brown it's like a dark sand colour, it's really nice thick material and has good stretch in it, you can decide how you want to wear it as sometimes i wear it high up and sometimes i pull it down so it covers more of my hair but it's quite a versatile little thing and i got it in the new look sale about 2 weeks ago for £1 absolute bargain!!

Next i bought two different tops.
The first one is this is one...

This top is from the organic cotton range at New Look and its an off white colour almost like light grey and lilac striped with a slightly scoop neck at the front and it has little cut out detail at the shoulders so that the top bits of your shoulders are on show and the sleeves go just don your arm slightly, it's a really cute little top and perfect for summer as it's nice and light.  It cost £4 in the sale.

The next top is this one below..

It is just cute that was the sole reason i bought it really, it's a light mint green colour and kinda reminds me slightly of the bink 182 logo but thats not why i bought it.  It's a drop hole arm top so you need to wear a little bandeau under it or if your cool showing your bra then you can also wear it that way.  The arm is marked with little gold studs all the way down the length of the drop with the little smiley motif on the front.  It's such a cute little top on and is so light and airy and is perfect for holidays and summer, again it was £3 in the sale, Bargain!!

This is just a picture to show the drop arm.

The last thing i bought was a little pair of shorts

These were little blue denim shorts with a black leopard print design, cute eh?
The material is actually really light and almost cotton like and not denim at all, they just give off the denim look really well, the front pockets aren't actually pockets and are just immitation pockets but there is two pockets at the back that are working pockets.  A word of warning though they come up really small made i got a size 8 and they are a neat fit to say so just a word of warning you may want to buy a size bigger as there isn't much stretch to give in them but they are really lovely little shorts.  They were £20 but i got them for £6 in the sale so bargain again!!

so all in all i got everything in the sale for £14!

That was my little New Look Haul for you girls!

you girls got any bargains recently?

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