Saturday, 30 June 2012

Primark Haul

had a wee Primark haul yesterday, only spent like £12 which is always good, so here's some of the things i got..
p.s there is also a wee new look purchase but didn't want to post aboutt hat on it's on.

the black and white stripe blazer my mum bought this for my graduation, it's light and floaty material and sits nice on, has two little pockets at the bottom with roll up cuffs :) it's a lovely little jacket/blazer and cost £15.

the little yellow sleeveless top and the blue one underneath were bought yesterday as they were on the sale rack and i already have one in white and black, they are light material with three little buttons that can be undone and have a drop hem so sit longer at the back :) and for £2 they were a bargain.

this was a little tee that was on the sale rack too and i already have these in numerous colours so i thought why not! plus i like the torquoise colour!! and again for £2 it was a bargain!!

i bought these for going on holiday or if it gets sunny again just for out my back, they are just little floaty shorts with an aztec print i thought they were really cute and for only £4 bargain!!

these are just little patterned bandeau tops that i bought for wearing under tops and tops with drop arms instead showing my bra off, they are tres cute and for 50p i was like definitely! i got a pink, red, green, orange and black one as there was no purple ones in my size!

Bought these just because really, i like earrings and they were a snippet at £2 for all those plus they were cute so i thought why not!!

this is my new look purchase!

i'd had my eye on these for a while not this colour but these were the only size 5's left soi thought why not they are summery and for £4 couldn't say no, just a cheaper version of toms.

:) that was my purchases for like under £20!


  1. Really nice earrings :)

    Ina :*

  2. yeah they are cute :) plus all those for £2 was a steal!