Sunday, 22 July 2012

busy busy

wee weekend.
Updated my Ebay with a few more bits and bobs.
Went to an Ann Summers party on friday for kirsty's cousin's birthday, hilarious!!
went to the pub after and had a good drink and a laugh, top night out!!
Saturday was a lazy movie day in with my brother and i fell asleep half way through date night!! Argh, love that film too, hilarious!

Today i was up and at em, tidied the loft up and got the rest of my ebay sorted, also cleaned up my room and watched the tour de france.

making dinner again tonight, made it last night too. Tonight it's chicken burgers chips and onion rings haha totes untraditional sunday dinner, but pfft sunday dinners can get so repetitive so i like to change it up, mum is out in the garden hence why dinner is up to me!!

Also gave my wee aunty a phone last night, she's doing good, my uncle not so much, but still what was to be expected really, still i'm dealing with it.

anyway enough ramblings from me.  I'll be off to get my dinner sorted and bath later!

hope you's had a top weekend bambino's

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