Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Sorry this is just a little rant post.

You know i duno if any of you girls have had this problem but it's a regular occurance in my life.

I have a best pal called Kirsty (Her blog is here check it out.) We've been pals for 10 years now and i met her at school. And we're some of the very few people who have remained friends since school finish and people always question it, even those people who never even took the time to say hey to us. And why? they are the ones who have 3 wains and look terrible. Go live your life and leave us to our own and stop being a nosey person and being so obvious about it, we don't like you and no we don't want to talk or "Catch-up".

But lately more and more so people from school have been adding me on facebook and twitter and it's like, we never spoke word at school, like not a word for 6 years why the hell are you adding me?  Obviously it was for a snoop because both are private and i'm just like no i'm not going to accept you as you've never spoke to me for years at school so why now?
And then you get the people who you hated and they hated you and then they are all like send you a message and all hey how are you etc etc.
Go away you fool, i'm not interested in speaking to you.
Honestly why do these people feel the need to try and be friends now, well news to you it's not going to happen i've got my pals and they are the best and you are a far distant memory.

Then you get the ones that contact you like in secret...prime example tonight, a guy who i never really spoe to at school because he was a dude and pretty much went with every lassie he could and i never liked him like that at all never have and never will and he's messaging me like hey you whats happening lets hang out?
honestly 8 years on im still not going to sleep with you jeeezo.

Sorry these kind of people annoy me so much. Go get gossip somewhere else my life is boring and i'm still not a slag.


  1. Replies
    1. haha thanks! some people just annoy me so much!

  2. I know! I've had this as well people adding me when I never even spoke to them. It's just nosiness but people want to know everything nowadays what with all this social media, sometimes I think we're better off without it!

    1. I know it's a nightmare. I hate facebook for that sole reason! x

  3. I'm off facebook! lol, not just fb, I remember this girl that was a right cow to me at school and when I was at college, she came up to me when I was talking to my friend and said hi you alright and tried to make conversation with me. I can't stand fake people that are desperate for attention from anyone, sorry for the rant, I can relate to you lol.

    1. I know exactly what you mean, I hate that they thing they can just talk to you like you's have been besties.
      Fakeness is ripping out them.
      Erm hiya Block and delete.

  4. Breeeeeathe! :)
    I know what you mean though.
    Speaking of rant, I ranted about the funniest thing the other day on Facebook...also about people being nosey. This one person at work specifically. It was because I had a small bottle of bubbles (from a friend's wedding) that I had left on my desk and he asked what's that but like in an accusing tone like it's something suspicious and criminal to have that on my desk (yes, very random item to keep on my work desk I know haha) lol. Anyways, I had my little rant to let it all out so it's good you got to rant ;) and I do get what you're saying. I wish people could mind their own business! They're just looking for something to gossip about!

    1. people will gossip about anything!
      they really need to go and get a life haha. x

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