Monday, 10 September 2012


Hey Girles!

So today i need to go run some errands and post some Ebay parcels and then i'm meeting my bestie for a catch-up and a cuddle and a wee skoot about the shops! :)

The weather is again undecided in what season it is so i'm dressing for the case of rain but still being quite clamy.  I always get so annoyed when the weather is like this because you end up dressing for the rain and then the sun comes out or vice versa and it starts to pour with rain and i'm out in little open shoes, but i checked the weather and rain is on its way so i'm going prepared for it!!

So here's my wee outfit for today, just casual but practical and i tried to keep colour matched as much as i could!

also kept the accessories to a minimum and added a bit of brightness with my scarf haha :)

My outfit today consists of :

Grey Skinny Jeans.
White Vest Top.
Tequilla Star Dripping C Tee.
Black slip on ankle boots.
Red Hooded Zipper.
Leather Jacket.
Aztec Print Scarf.
Burgundy Satchel Bag.
Little Soldier Earrings.
Silver Cross Ring.

Have a great day lovelies! 


  1. you have a cute style!

    i nominated you for the liebster award :)

  2. Hey noir, the OOTD and yours jewelry are awsum :) im urs new follower i would appreciate if u follow me back

  3. I'm loving this look, that shirt is too cool and the scarf is so chic :)


  4. I really want a 'chanel' style top like that! Am definitely going to have a look on Tequila star now. I am following you, would love you to check out my blog. Naomi xx

    1. Aww it took me ages to get that one, they stopped selling that style now but i managed to get one from the left over stock! So try Tequilla Star Directly :)
      Followed you <3 x

  5. That's a lovely outfit! Really like the boots :) Just followed xx