Friday, 7 September 2012


Hy Girlies,

thought i'd share what i wore out today.  I had som errands to run in town today and the doctors to go to this morning, and it was a horrible day outside, raining but that kind of smirry rain that just soaks you completely and it was windy and just yucky, typical Scottish wather so i thought i'd keep my outfit simple and cosy but also practical.

*Check Shirt - Primark (so cosy)
*White vest top - H&M
*Black leggings - H&M

*Earrings (little plastic apple) - Primark (Haul Here)
*Silver Cross Ring - Dorothy Perkins 

*Flat Boots (Riding Boot style) - Primark

* Black Leather Hooded Jacket  - Primark
* Grey Zebra Print Snood - Primark
*Black & White Zebra print Satchel - H&M

That was my outfit for today for running my errands and keeping me slightly dry.
I love Zebra print just incase that isn't obvious ha :)

Have a good day lovelies! :)