Sunday, 9 September 2012

August Empties

Hey Girlies!

Finally getting around to writing up my August Empties post, but i honestly haven't used up very much this month, mostly because i haven't done much this month so i've got only a few wee things.

I only used up 5 products this month and only because i only opened a load of new products at the beginning of last month so i've not finished those yet and also because i haven't done much this month i haven't used up much make-up or anything.

1 - Vaseline with aloe vera, i always have a vaseline with me and with the crazy weather in scotland it's been really needed as my lips have been all over the place so i love using vaseline to keep moisture there :) and i have already re purchased a new little pot of it :)

2 - Boots own brand body spray, i use this for everyday use and most of the time i end up spraying it around my room like air freshner haha, but with the clamy weather over the last few weeks ive been using this more and more and find i've just been carrying it in my bed to keep topped up and cool.  I'll re-purchase another one when i'm next in boots.

3 - Rimmel primer this has actually lasted me ages and there is a tiny bit left that i can use along with my new one when im next getting make-up on, i like it though it definitely works as a cheaper primer and as i said i have picked another one up.

4 - Neutrogena moisturiser, finished this about 2 weeks ago as it hardly lasted me any time but i won't re-purchase it as i really didn't like it at all, but i done a review on it here if you wanna see.

5 - lastly was aussie leave in conditioner, really like the product and it's lasted me for ages and i always use it after i've washed my hair as i find it really helps with de tangling and keeping it smelling nice! shall possibly re purchase.

That's all my empties, short and sweet im afraid.


  1. I barely find myself finishing much over the summer too! I love aussie products and always buy them to take when i go on holiday! :D
    Becky xx

    1. I know i feel like i have hardly used anything these last few months.
      I kno they are good :) x