Thursday, 6 September 2012


Hey Girlies,

So since Autumn is well on the way well in Scotland it is anyway, it's been really cold and windy lately and with the dark nights coming in.  I'm starting to find myself more inclined to use darker colours on my nails now instead of my brights and pastels, as i find my nail polishes kinda go with my mood and the seasons, sometimes totally unintentionally.

So for this weeks nail i decided to just stick to what i know and go for a subtle nude autumn nail that will go with absolutely anything.

I used two shades to create the colour i wanted as one of the shades was really light and one was a bit darker than i wanted to i mixed them up to create the inbetween shade that i wanted.

This was the two nail polishes that i used.
I used one from Fearne Cotton's range from last season, and a 17 polish also from last season.

Firstly was the 17 polish, and this was a new shade just out last autumn season, and is called Forever, it's a really cute shade and is a dark beige sort of taupe colour and goes completeley opaque within two coats but i usually apply 3 just for the full effect of the colour, but it applies well and doesn't streak too much.

 Next up was the polish from Fearne Cotton's range and this shade was again from last seasons shade range and is called Taupe.  It is a much lighter shade almost a light beige in comparison to the 17 shade.  It also goes completely opaque within the two coats but again i usually apply 3 coats just to get the full effect.  The brush is good and the polish applies well and smoothly.

So to the get the look i wanted i used 3 coats and mixed them up and i done a base coat of fearne cottons shade then the 17 and another coat of fearne cottons colour and this gave me a nice subtle shade as i didn't want it too dark or too light so this gave me a good middle shade, and looks subtle but stillgives the nail a nice hue :)

p.s sorry for the terrible photos. BB again.


  1. I cant wait to try a nude nail, they seem to be all the rage right now~

    1. I only bought my first nude colour last year! i'm all new to it as well, but it works so well and is so easy to do! x

  2. These lacquiers look nice! : )

    1. they are really pretty when applied! :) x

  3. I love these sorts of shades! I love taupy, browns and greys for autumn! I have so many i bet i could do a different one on each finger :P going to check out that 17 one though! Thank you for the follow! <3
    Becky xx

    1. Aww i know me too!
      I've stocked up on my Autumnal colours! Can#t wait to get wearing them! :) xx