Sunday, 9 September 2012

Aussie Luscious Long Hair Care Range

Hey Girlies,

I've been a fan of Aussie for a long time and I've been using their hair care range for a good few years now and i was so pleased when they brought out the luscious long range as i've always had long hair and trying to get a hair care range for long hair only was quite a task, so once their range came out i switched to it immediately so i've been using it for at least 2 years now.

The Aussie philosophy is "There's more to life than hair, but it's a good place to start!"  which is very true, i love my hair dearly but obviously there is indeed more to life than just hair but still it's always good when your hair is looking good and healthy and is in tip top condition.

I know the Aussie range is pretty big but as i said i only use the luscious long range, and i find it really difficult to find this range outwith Boots.  I've tried numerous other shops but the luscious long range is a really hard one to come by they usually have all other ones bar that one and it gets really annoying after a while.  I know Boots have it but sometimes it's never on offer when i need it and i know that Aussie isn't the most expensive but it's not the cheapest either and at almost £4.50 for a small 250ml bottle buying 4 of those just doesn't work for me so i usually wait for it to be on offer and that the problem with me only being able to get it from one shop as if its not on offer then i need to pay through the roof to get what i usually always use.
Then i noticed about 6 months ago that in boots they had launched larger bottles of Aussie for just £5 and i was like oh man this is amazing i'm so going to stock up, then bang again another blot they don't do the luscious long in the larger bottles. Seriously? i mean come on? why do it for every other one but not that one? whats the deal, i was so annoyed that i got my wee rant on to the lady in Boots i don't think she really took on board what i was saying but still i was proper furious to say the least.  I've also checked other stores as well no and they still don't stock it either and it seriously gets on my wick, in sayng that though over the last few weeks i have noticed the odd bottle in Superdrug but the full range is never available at the one time.  And so that is just one reason i've started to get a bit annoyed with Aussie, i also e-mailed Aussie themselves but they declined to e-mail me back so who knows if they actually took my point on board as i know many girls who use Aussie and many who have long hair so why should us girls who have long hair be getting the harsh treatment when all we want is to keep our hair looking it's best!!!!

So anyway moving on i thought i would review each product in the luscious long range that i have been using and why i think it's time for a change unfortunately.

So i use the Aussie Luscious Long Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave in Conditioner and also The 3 minute miracle treatment.

First up the Shampoo

 So the Shampoo comes in a 300ml bottle size which actually isn't that large in comaprison to a lot of other shampoo's.  The shampoo itself is a blue colour has a satin like feel to it it's shiny and smells lovely i can't fault it in any way in that sense.  I usually use quite a lot of it though as although it does form a lather i feel it can take quite a lot of the product to get the lather, especially on the top of my hair i usually use about 4 handfuls and that finally makes a good lather that i can massage i also use another 4 handfuls for the underside of my hair and the length which is actually quite a lot when you look at it, the bottle itself only lasts me about 10 hair washes at max and sometimes it's way less than this it totally depeneds on how much i need to use until i feel my hair is clean.  I find that i need to absolutely soak my hair so that its like ringing wet for the lather to form better, as if i just stick under the shower and get it wet it takes ages and i find myself throwing more water on to try and drum up a lather which is a totaly pain in the ass.  The shampoo itself does work though and after about 5 minutes on i rinse it off and ifmy hair feels good and clean i move on and if not i use a lot less shampoo and rub it in my hands and do another quick lather up.  However lately the shampoo has been causing me some serious problems, it's been causing my hair to seriously tangle and not just the odd knot but serious chunks of hair getting completely messed up and in all honesty it's starting to drive me crazy as i always feel like i need to take 5 minutes and completely comb through my hair before i can even think about conditioner.  I also find the shampoo to be quite drying, i don't know if it's because i'm using more of it or if it's just not working for me anymore.  Don't get me wrong though i felt the shampoo was always slightly drying even when i first used it but the conditioner always made up for it so i thought it was just how it worked but lately it's just proving a task.  So i think i need to move on and try something new as i just don't think Aussie is doing the job is use too.

Next up is the Conditioner

The conditioner is in a smaller 250ml bottle and it's also a blue colour but it's more thick and luxurious.  I find the conditoner good, it smells delightful as do all Aussie products and it definitely helps to nourish my hair, but i feel that i use loads of it to try and coat my hair as it seem to just absorb instantly and my hair still feels dry but i think thats because the shampoo was drying my hair out and my hair was using more of the conditoner than normal, but overall it's good, the only thing i dislike is it doesn't lather very much at all and sometimes im like where have i conditioned? and also i try to avoid puttin on my top part at my scalp as it can cause that part of my hair to grease rather quickly which i try to avoid at all cost.  But it definitely helps with the dryness of the shampoo.  I always use this after the shampoo, except on the occasions when i use the miracel treatment as then i just use the leave in conditoner.  I don't find it helps with frizz or anything though as my hair is still afro like once it dries.

The Leave in Conditioner

Now this i do love again it's only a 250ml bottle but it has a spray nozzle and i do love it, i use this always after i wash my hair even if i have used the conditioner i still spray this on, It smells lovely and it works.  I find it really helps with detangling my hair as well as keeping it protected from the heat and stuff and i also find it really good with controlling my frizzy bits.  This i will continue to use.

Lastly the 3 Minute Miracle Treatment

This too i really also like.  It is again a small 250ml bottle but i feel this does last.  It smells gorgeous and i find it does what it says it does.  i use this every second time i wash my hair to keep it in tip top condition and i leave it on my hair for the 3 minutes and wrap my hair in a turban to keep the heat in which i feel aids the working of the treatment, i then only use the leave in conditioner as i feel like im not washing the goodness away.  This always leaves my hair silky and smooth and much less tangled.  It definitely does nourish and moisturise the hair for sure and i will continue to use this even if i use other shampoo and conditoner brands.

over all i think this range just isn't working for me anymore but i will still use the leave in conditioner and the miracle treatment just to keep my hair good but i am going to try out some new shampoo and conditioner brands, anyone know any good ones for long hair?


  1. I absolutely swear by the leave in conditioner!

    For longer hair I prefer Lee Stafford or Charles Worthington...but then again i don't live at home any more and cant afford to nick my mam's expensive stuff! So surprisingly, poundland offer Alberto Balsam and BodyCare do really cheap offerings of Aussie and the like and other really awesome shampoos and conditioners :D


    1. The leave in conditioner is amazing!!

      Aww really? i've never even thought about lee stafford but i might try it!
      aww i know haha hair care is getting so expensive! xx

  2. Replies
    1. it is good! think i just need a change! :) x

    2. Think its just the smell, it's heavenly isn't is, thanks for the follow, have followed you back x

    3. The smell is amazing!
      I'd keep using it just for the smell haha.
      Aww Thank you! :)
      no problem at all :) xx