Thursday, 7 June 2012


so i recently had £5 off No7 vouchers to use and i bought some nail polishes but there wasn't really any new colours and i had most of what was there so i kinda took one that wasn't really me.

that is it here and it's called I'm Exquisite.

it's like a gold/sandy colour so i got it to try out for the summer coz i like light colours and sometimes one that look like nothing is there..

so that was it, it honestly isn't a colour i would go for normally but i do have a lot of gold jewellery and accessories so i gave it a bash and its safe to say its lovely i really reall really like it!!

this is what it looks like on..

that photo is after two coats ^^ i definitely would say it needs two coast to make it vibrant and high gloss.
the nail polish itself is lovely and goes on with ease, the brush is large and flat which helps with the ease of application and the colour itself is full within the two coats, the nail polish itself dries extremley quickly and all in all it's just a really nice nail polish and gives a really nice colour :)

i got it for jut £2 which was a steal really but they usually cost £7 from boots and it is a 10ml bottle.

are you in gold tones?
whats your favourite?

love <3

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