Friday, 22 June 2012

Full of the cold...

had a lingering cold for about a month odd now and i couldn't get rid of it but it wasn't coming to anything either, then two nights ago it hit me like a brick wall, all that way when you lie down it just completely blocks your nose and you like uhh uhh can't breathe, so i've had a ridiculously terrible sleep the past two nights and have been napping through the day as i find i sleep better during the day....

tonight i decided to try something new.. whenever i get the cold i swear by decongestant tablets, olbas oil on a cotton hankie and on my pillow, vicks on my chest and round my nose and a hot lemon toddy at night to sweat it out but i decided to try something new tis time

olbas oil for the bath....

this is it ^^

honestly it was great i didn'tknow what to expect but it was great i like the stuff anyway and i think you would kinda have too as it is quite strong, you don't need a lot in the bath and the aroma just circles it was great in the bath i really liked it!! i'll be smelling of menthol for days haha

hope my cold is gone by the weekend!!

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