Friday, 1 June 2012

Champneys Spa Indulgence Oriental Opulence Bubble Heaven

So as i said in my other champneys review i only came across this last year when me and mum were looking for a bath set for my Aunts 50th Birthday and the Champneys range was just newly introduced into Boots.  I had heard of the famous Champneys Spa's but had never been and had never tried any of their products.  So we came across this Champneys Bubble bath, this is the red bottle (there are 4 other colours), the red range known as oriental opulence is by far my favourite it just smells devine!!

This is the Product

The packaging is as gorgeous as the product.  It comes in a glass bottle 400ml with a screw top, the bottle is heavy duty and you can tell it's a high end product!!
The product comes right upto the top of the bottle so you definitely get your moneys worth for sure.  The bottle is a translucent red colour with gold floral design and writing, and you can see the inside contents so it's always visible ho wmuch is left as you can see form mines i only have about a third left.

The product itself looks like this, sorry about the not so great photo.

The product is a creamy colour and just oozes luxury, the liquid is thick and creamy and smells heavenly so much so you just want to indulge in it all day long.... it comes out the bottle really easily but it doesn't run out so you definitely never over use the product, to be quite honest you only need a a little dollop of the product because it's so good, pour under running hot water and it comes out in a drop then just give the bath water a swish and the bubbles just start to explode and they get more and more and more and it's great.
The product smells absolutely gorgeous and i would indulge in all day long if i could, and the product itself is so smooth and silky that it leaves your skin feeling exactly like that totally smooth almost silk like its just amazing.  I cannot rave about this bubble bath enough and i am definitely one of it's biggest fans behind me mum who likes to just sit and smell it haha.

It's a 400ml bottle and retails at £12 in boots, when i first bought it i thought the price was ridiculous for bubble bath but after the first use i was totally corrected and worth more far more than the money for sure!!
plus boots often do them on 3 for 2 which is a bargain and you'd be stocked up for a year for just £24!!!!

I've had this bottle about 7 months as you honestly hardly use any to get loads of bubbles and i don't use it if im just having a quick bath as i really like to just relax and indulge into the opulence of it.

Best bubble out by far.
totally worth the money
and an all round fab product.


i absolutely adore this product and to be honest i am loving the whole champneys range, so far i have found nothing i don't like.

P.s more champneys product reviews to come.

P.p.s this is what your bath looks like with just a droplet of oriental opulence

hope this was of some help when you are next looking for a bubble bath!! :]

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