Friday, 29 June 2012

had a manic few days

Had my graduation on wednesday it was really good!!  except for the weather, the constant rain ruined the day a bit and my hair was lovely when i left and terrible in my photos haha but ahh well thats life eh?

Still can't quite believe i'm done though.
BSc Honours in Biomedical Science wooo! :)

yesterday i just chilled because i was shattered, finished reading the fifty shades trilogy, finished how i presumed it would, sex stuff got a bit repetitive though and i found myself flicking past the pages...i mean i get it he's a dom he like the pain pleasure need to keep going on...anyway they were good though looking to move onto something else now!!

yesterday was also a day of surprises in the sport world, Germany got knocked out of the Euros' go on Italy well done, sometimes i thnk people always just presume but look what happened last night...

then onto Wimbledon and Rafa Nadal when out first time he's gone out this early in 7 years!! ouch, he got beaten by Luckas Roscol who is like 100 something listed so no one really expected him to even bother nadal...but he didnt half thrash him ...go on....
so now it goes to will it be Andy Murrays year?
i'm still supporting Djokovic cozi always have but Andy Murray im always there for because im Scottish and so is he so i wish him well to the final and what makes it even more better is that him n Djokovic are best of pals makes me feel good supporting them both!!

and some people you just need to laugh don't you?

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