Sunday, 3 June 2012


was such a fun day!

Went into town with Kirsty since we haven't really had a day like that in so long but now that i'm done with uni and stuff gots more time to get back to being a good pal!!

so i picked her up and we drove into town parked up and went and got her some new piercings as it has been so long since she last got one!!  but since were mega lazy haha we got the bus down to Nirvana... was so weird being back in the place as i think its about a year odd since we were last there but it hasn't changed a bit, we walked in and sorted out an appointment, and just as we were about to go out pops you know who, seemingly ecstatic to see Kirsty as she was equally surprised to see him, its one of those moments where you can just see it all happening in slow motion i love being a best pal and a third wheel in the piercing shop!!

alas we said cheerio and popped off for lunch much to the deflation of the piercer.

we stopped into McD's for chips and juice and gabbed away about totaly nonsense and also ho wmuch piercer hasn't changed but how much hotter he's got, seven years has worked wonders for him it really has and thats even coming from me!?

During our eating we came to the conclusion this year is probably attack of the clones!
seemingly it's coming to be exactly that even in the film haha.
we were enjoying our chippies then to the dismay of us this child started screeching. yuck, our faces just oozed bemusement haha, but we just gave a glance over to the mother in the facial expression of "shut ur child up please" but we decided it was getting to childy in there so we juked and went a wander into TJ Hughes to see if we could get some cheap perfume, but that did not happen either since john lewis took it over it's definitely hiked the prices up a bit now, i mean £10 for a wee travel bottle of paris hilton? no way. no even any offers anymore, our cheap perfume days are well and truly over...

so it was appointment time and we cruised back to nirvana like giggling schoolgirls and just sat and chated to him and laughed and then kirst went into the wee room to get pierced i never go in with her coz i like her just to have her time and get what she likes im more than happy to wait outside and catch all the gossip and the latest, such a gossip i know but it works kirst gets the inside i get the outside swapsies and the gossip is covered. she got scaffolding but it has to be pierced in two seperate piercings just now....
jeezo her poor wee ear was purple when she came out .. definitely been too long since she had a piercing!

so we paid and had a good chat with him about life and how long it had been..we said bye.

on the walk/bus ride back uptp top of town we chatted about the inside gossip and then devastating news.

once back we hopped over to the cinema but it was a silly new timetable they have going on and so no movies were really on but what to expect when your expecting was just starting so we opted for it, with judgement i might add expecting it to pretty much be shit haha.

we sat down and honestly it was hilarious, so much better than either of us were expecting, it was rated a 12A but it should have been a 15 for sure as it was quite racy in places and they kept talking about circumcision... it was quite dirty inuendos too but seemingly only me and kirst found these funny as we were the only ones whom laughed, various mentions of boobs, vaginas and general racy stuff.
then all of a sudden and literally out of nowhere Joe Manganiello pops up half naked doing pull ups...well that lead to me and kirst going outloud "huh" looking at each other and just swooning. or as kirst puts it "jizzin'" :] such a babe!! so that was a total unexpected bonus for sure, it also has some other good looking guys the guy from glee? the teach he gets alomost naked too, chace crawford :] ooft babe, and some other guys hwom i dont know their names.
honestly thought absolutely hilarious film laughed from start to finish....
we waited for the credits to end as the lights hadn't came on but the guys came in to clean so we had to go so duno if anythign happens after the credits we presumed the wee young van couple are pregnant as it was bad news for them!!
defo a GO See!!

after that we drove home and stopped in at the fort for a costa but apparently it's not into opening till 10pm on the weekends so we caught nothing on time as everything was closing so we got back in the car raved to a 90s song and went home!!

Great day! never laughed so much
love my kirsty <3

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