Thursday, 7 June 2012


Finally managed to get a doctor's appointment today and managed to get my toe seen too.

i've been in agony with my toe for about 4 days now as i had an ingrown nail about a week ago and this is something i started to get when i was 18 an di was told it's one of things.. once you get it, it never really goes away so i suffered quite badly with them but i'd been going good and hadn't had any problems for well over a year probably nearing two...then bang it arrived on my big toe on my left foot, and i know it sounds like nothing and i use to just laugh when people told me they had a sore toe but oh my god it's agony, and honestly unless you've suffered with it you have no idea of how sore it can be.

i knew i was getting an ingrown nail as i could feel but to be honest you just need to let it grown up and once it's at the surface you can grab it and haul it out or cut it out and sometimes it can be pretty painless to an extent if it just grows straight up but about 3 days ago i banged my sore toe off the end of my bed post and it was sore but it always is when you basically kick a pole but i never thought anything of it, until the next day my toe was completely swollen and started to go purple, and it got so sore i couldnt even walk on it so ive been limping about for 3 days and now i cant get socks on or put shoes on properly because its too painful its honestly ridiculous that a toe can actually cause so much pain, in the last 5/6 years i've had terrible troubles with my feet, from having the nail removed and all the rest of it.

even when sleeping i cant put my foot under the covers as when the nail is growing its really sensitive and when the cover goes over my toe it just send seering pain.

so when i staved my toe i bashed my ingrown nail to the side and it started growing inside the skin and caused me ridiculous amounts of pain definitely one of the worst ingrown nails ive had to deal with... i cant even touch the nail, last night i was forced to stick a needle in and burst the bruised blood to relieve some pain it was actualy agony, but it did relieve some pain.

phoning the doctors today i resigned myself to another day of pain as receptionists are so stupid and wont go say to the doctor so he could just re issue a previous prescription for the same thing but this other receptionist this mornign must have heard the pain in my voice and gave me a 5minute emergency appt. so pleased!!

doc said it was proper bad and gave me strong ibuprofen to help wit the swelling and said did i want like a cortizne injection but not as stong and it would act like a pain reliever in my foot and osrt of numb it like an anaesthesia didnt even think twice yes yes yes please i absolutely fucking hate needles but anythign to take the pain away

so i waited on the nurse a whole 20minutes and she told me what to expect...the needle wasnt actaully that massive and she injected at the not so sore side of my toe and honestly within 5 minutes it was great and numby i was like i love this stuff, even managed to get my sock onso i could hobble out, she said it would only last about 4 hours max but i dont care its been great!! :)

currently whacking the pain killers and keeping my sock on as if i take it off i might not get it back on lol.

feels great being in less pian.
honestly don't know how i would cope with actualy real major pain.


  1. Glad you eventually got an appt hen! They gonna give you another injection or 2 till it heals? xxxxxxx

  2. She didn't really say but i said i'd phone back up if it was really sore again and she said that was fine so hopefully since it's the nurse if i need it then she'll be more available!! :) aww man such relief haha. it should be wearing off in the next hour! xxxxxxxxx