Wednesday, 30 May 2012

wee clothes haul

i bought just a few cheapy things over the past week and decided i would share what i bought :)
Here's my haul !

This is what i've bought in the last week, like i said i didn't have much money, but i haven't bought myself anything in ages so i treated myself to a few little bits and bobs :)

I'll show you the items individually...

This is white sheer blouse i got from Primark for £4, i bought it as the weather had been roasting and i didn't really have any "summer" clothes, so i bought this, it's lovely and light weight and  like that it's long and can be easily worn over leggings as it's nice and baggy, it is pretty sheer though so i still wore a little vest top under neath it just show i wasn't on show haha.

I also bought it in Black for £4

I bought this black sleeveless top from New Look for £3 in the sale.

it's a really nice top, cotton fabric and is long on so again it can be worn with leggings and for £3 in the sale it was a bargain really!!

I bought this little red top from Primark from £4
i already own 4 of these tops in black, burgundy, white and gold and they are great t-shirts, cute little colours and light material so perfect for summer!! they are transparent but not so much that you need to wear anything under it and it's longer at the back so again can be worn over leggings which fits in perfectly with my staple wardrobe haha :) and at this price it's a bargain!!

Turquoise skinny jeans New Look £5 in the sale!

love these!! they are made from soft touch material and are super skinny and fit perfectly and considering the price they were a total bargain!! i got them at this price because the button had fallen off but my dad has sewn it back on and they are as good as new plus i like the colur as a change to my usual blue/black/grey jeans, really comfy on and go with pretty much anything. Perfect bargain!

Zara Skinny Trousers

my mum actually bought me these as i loved them because they were different, red snake skin but they are jersey material and quite thick with black panels down the side of each leg and i loved them when i seen them on the mannequin, they were £15 which is pretty sweet for Zara, so comfy on and i love them!!


these were actually free haha as my aunt sent them over from Canada as i was looking for a pair of warm mittens for the winter but they were usually 10 dollars, they are so cosy and warm and i'm looking forward winter already so i can wear them!!

Primark Sandals £2 in the sale

i bought these as i only had one pair of sandals and they were sore to wear all day so i needed a new pair for when it was sweltering hot so i found these tucked at the back of the shelf in Primark, perfect fit and for £2 i snapped up that bargain!!

i also got some wee jewellery bits and some earrings but i haven't taken a phot of them but i can if you would like!!

thanks for reading!! :]

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