Thursday, 31 May 2012

Soap & Glory Clean on Me

i started using this when i got it as part of a gift set as to be honest i'd never really stopped and looked at soap and glory stuff and it was always a bit more on the expensive side of things....

So i tried this clean on me bath/shower body wash and straight away i was in love with it, it comes in a skooshy bottle so you never waste any and you always just get the right amount.

it's a 500ml bottle which is actually a lot for a shower gel, and is known as a creamy clarifying shower gel, and that is exactly what it is.  It smells delish and its thick and creamy and also it contains moisturiser which is amazing as it leaves you skin feeling all smooth like you've literally just moisturised yourself when in actual fact you've just washed its amazing.

I usually use about 3 skoosh's on my luffa as i like to get a good lather and this gives a really good lather, the first time i used it i only used one skoosh and it didn't really do anything and i was a bit like why isn't this working but i soon realised my luffa was a bit bigger than the normal ones i use and it has to be really wet and he lather comes within seconds it's great, not much effort required at all.

Smells lovely, does a great job and leaves you with silky smooth skin?
perfect really!

also because it has a skoosh top it can be locked and opened so that you never lose any unwillingly.

it costs £5.50 from boots for a 500ml bottle which i thought was pretty steep but it's really not, for one you never use that much in the one go and it actually lasts ages i've had mines for about 3 months now and there is still like a quarter left which is amazing.  Plus boots always have it on the 3 for 2 summer deals so defo stock up along with the other soap and glory goodies.

i'm definitely a convert to Soap n Glory!!

sorry just realised i didn't add a photo...this is it

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