Monday, 21 May 2012

plastic surgery

watching this programme called 'are my breasts safe' it's mostly about the PIP scandal and how implants can help and hinder people's lifes.

I'm in complete agreement that when your young big boobs are what every girl aspires too.  I know this all to well as i was a pretty slow developer actually i didn't get boobs until i was like 17, and at school this just wasn't cool, guys always trying to unclip your bra and specially in the girls changing rooms at school it was like you were being judged and i didn't appreciate this so i got changed in the shoer room where you could just shut the curtain and be on your own.

But i know myself big boobs was what everyone wanted and it seemed it was all that guys were interested in too, i can say this for sure if i had a spare £5000 when i was 18 i would have went and done it without a shadow of a doubt.  Thankfully though i'm much more wise now that i've grown up and although i don't have big boobs i'm only a wee B cup i don't actually care i'm only a size 6-8 therefore massive boobs would just look utterly ridiculous, so i've grown to love my wee bee stings so i have!!

Also most of my friends have massive boobs i'm pretty much the only flat chester on my team haha, but i see their massive jugs and sometimes im envious coz they can wear nice bras and low cut tops and look good in certain dresses/tops/bikinis etc.. but then came the realisation that big boobs aren't all they are cracked up to be either.  Firstly trying to find nice big bras isn't easy and they certainly don't come cheap, one of my friends whom is in the HH sizes has to get hers from one shop with not much choice and to be quite frank they look like a pretty version of a granny bra, the straps are huge and so thick and the the big 3 clip at the back is just crazy compared to my little flimsy things these are a trap!  i didn't realise all the problems that came with having big boobs, the whole cost, the back pain some girls, the sleezing of guys, stretch marks, early saggyness etc..

it came as quite a shock actually as you wonder why this is the dream for most girls when inactual fact the reality is nowehere near the dream.

safe to say i'll never touch my boobs with surgery (except the lump i need to get removed) and i certainly will just stick with my little boobs and i'll be happy with that!!

of course each to their own i know if ever i had to get my breat removed or that i would have reconstructive surgery without a second thought just because i couldnt be confident with nothing, i dont think big boobs makes you confident i just thing having something to wear a nice bra gives you your feminity...

i just think in the world today with the sheer media invasion and fashion pressure and glamour models everywhere you look with huge boobs its something thats seen as the norm when really its not as lots of girls have lovely small boobs that suit them and their frame.. i just think too much pressure and attention is put on women and the whole thing now that plastic surgery is so readily available sometimes doesn't help this matter!!

a cheap boob job and a holiday young girls will jump at this offer and often leads to them being half mutilated..

therefore i think that more information has to be provided at the start of consultations and all the risks need to be layed out there and then its not about just getting poeple and gettin the money it's also about fully informing the client as well as not putting their health at risk.

plastic surgery is also a debate topic but i stand as each to their own i'd never say no as you never know when you might need the help of it, i just don't like the whole ease of it that seems to be now, it's still major surgery and can in events kill you.

inform yourself firstly and take baby steps, never just say yes!!

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