Wednesday, 30 May 2012

boots haul

so today i popped up the street ti get some things i needed and since i have a fair whack of points on my boots card i didn't spend anything just used my points and spent my vouchers too.

here's what i purchased!

Boots cleansing wipes (2x normal and 1 cucumber , i opened my other lue packet hence why its not in the photo)

Boots exfoliating sponge to go with my face wash

Johnsons day cream for dry skin

Batiste dry shampoo, cherry scented.

Cocoa butter

boots volume mousse

No7 creamy cleanser

Vaseline with aloe vera

I've used these boots wipes for about 4 years now and i wouldn't go past them they work a treat i usually stick to the frangrance free wipes but there wasn't 3 packets of them so i got the cucumber ones which are just as good, i started using these because the price of wipes was getting a bit ridiculous and some of the brand name ones broke me skin out so i thought i'd give the boots ones a go and i honestly don't have a complaint, they are soft and not rough they don't break my skin out they stay moist (sorry to use that word i hate it but its the only way to describe them) and they don't dry out when you open the packet, they take my make up as good as make-up remover so all in all they work perfectly for me and at £2 a packet or get them 3 for £3 like i did it's a bargain really!!

I've been using this boots exfoliating sponge for about 2 years now and i use it with my facewash in the morning just to envigorate my skin, when you first use it it does feel a bit rough but after a few uses it starts to ease off but i don't scrub my face mega hard i just lightly exfoliate it in circles to rub my facewash in and that's only when i use it as i think it would be too rough to use just on its own.  it doesn work as it leaves your skin feeling so smooth and it literally feels like you have scrubbed the awful yucky dead skin away!

Johnsons day cream i use the one for dry skin but there is one for normal an one for combination skin too.  I only started using this about a year ago as it was just new out and was on offer in boots and i needed new moisturiser creams. i use both the day/night creams and they come in little glass tubs with screw on lids and they are 50mls and you actually get such a lot of use out of them, they tubs say day and night so you don't get confused the day cream is a nice consistency and is not runny but not tick either and you don't need lots i just dot it on and rub it in and a little goes a long way, it also smells lovely, it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and sometmes if i dont have any primer left i just put this on and my make up on top and it works fine. it was 3 for 2 so i bought  2 of the day creams and the night cream as well since i was getting one free but i only showed one as i opened the other two.

Batiste dry shampoo, love this stuff it's a lifesaver in a can as my hair can get quite greasy at the front coz i touch it daily to sweep it out my face but the rest is totes clean and sometimes i cant be bothered to was it all as my hair is pretty long, so i usually just give it a skoosh with this and ta dah.. it looks as good as the rest which is great!! i'd only use this for two days max though as your hair starts to look a bit limp and sometimes if you don't brush the dry shampoo out right there is wee white flakes, it also gives your hair some volume as mines lacks that completely so if you spray this in and backcomb it a bit it does give it a bit of volume!! plus it smells lovely!! :]

cocoa butter has always been a favourite of mines as it smells great and goes on with ease and does what it says on the tin, it moisturises, i usually use it on my legs when i get out the bath as i find the sun makes the skin on my legs quite dry so i usually always have this in my cupboard as a standby and use it on any wee dry patches that i have and it works a treat, love it!!

boots volume mousse, i usually just use the boots one as its only a quid and tobe honest as good a job as the other brand name versions, i got the volume one for a change as i use it usually when i wash my hair as it keeps it wavy and curly with a bit of volume and it doesn't make my hair sticky and it doesn't make it that rock solid way that some do and you don't need to re-wash your hair again as it literally wears away as the day goes on and can just brush it out its perfect for just a days hair do :)

No7 creamy cleanser is something i came round to about 2 years ago and its lovely, a big bottle and cleanser is lovely, creamy not runny and smells nice too, doesnt feel too thikc or anything on the skin and doesnt soak in straight away.. plus it has a skoosh nozzle that can be opened and locked so you only use the right amount which is great as then it lasts you longer!!, it is a bit pricey at £8 but it is No7 and  i used a £5 off No7 voucher so i got it for £3 which i think is a bargain!!

vaseline is just a staple for a girl really i like the aloe vera one and it does for just keeping my lips moisturised in this hot weather.

overall i got 12 products, and used the 3 for 2 on the johnsons creams.
used the £5 off No7 on the cleanser
and got 3 for £3 on the wipes

so i spent.
£3 on the wipes
£3 on the No7 cleanser
£8.16 on the johnsons creams
£2.99 on the batiste
£1.93 on the exfoliating sponge
£3.77 for the cocoa butter
£1.02 on the mousse
£1.80 vaseline

overall : £25.67
i used my double points voucher and my spend £25 so i got a whole load of points back.
not bad for a free spend!! :]


  1. I stocked up on the wipes too! Left them in my mums car though haha. I got 3 cucumber ones, total bargain compared to other wipes! xxxxxxxx

  2. i know wee bargain at £3!! plus the way i go through them :) xxxxxxxx