Monday, 14 May 2012

hair dilema.

so, i need my hair cut.. it hasn't been cut in like 8 months or something and it's not terrible but it does need a good trim!!

so like i can't decide what to go, i'm currently rocking the long middle parting a la kim kardashian all be it no where near as pretty, but i can't decide if i should keep this look or get my full fringe cut back in, i liked my fringe as i feel like you can throw your har up in a bun and not look like a 7 year old... as aparently i look young for my age i don't see it but whatevs

also need to find a cheap/reasonably priced hair dressers that does a good job before i can get anything done.

so this is my just out the bath hair

 this is my just middle parting slightly styled ^^

 fringed, all be it not a fixed fringe, haha just in out the windy weather!! ^^
my longer fringe sort of starting to wear it to the side! ^^

canny decide what i want..

1 comment:

  1. hahaha you look like a wain in photo 3!
    Where you gonna get it cut? xxxxxxxxxxx